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Write Garment Dry & Wet Processing Job Responsibilities

Garment Dry & Wet Processing Job Responsibilities
Garment Dry & Wet Processing Job

I am submitting herewith my resume for your perusal and consideration for the post in Garment washing as a manager in your organization.

I am Assistant manager of wet processing – Textile Garmenting, currently employed in the Finish engineer with Levi Strauss & Co. I have 18+ years in leadership roles with prestigious manufacturing-exporting companies in textiles-garmenting industry. Self-motivated, result oriented and hardworking professional with demonstrated success in manpower management, resource allocation/ optimization, customer relationship management.

Proven ability to build successful partnerships at various organizational levels, demonstrate good judgment with the ability to make timely and sound decisions. Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work independently with minimal supervision, as well as contributing and collaborating as productive team member. Customer- focused and an effective communicator with proven ability to understand and convey complex information in clear and concise manner.

Key Professional Skills include:

· Developing washes in denim and non-denim garments with dry and wet process.

· Individual capabilities/ capacity to develop new wash/ optics based on latest fashion trend at laundry.

· Best wash cost negotiation skills,· Provide training to develop/ enhance laundry wash skills.

· Knowledge of restricted substantial chemicals with regards to environmental sustainability.· Team Leadership

· Build talents at vendor’s team.

For your convenience, I have attached my resume for your review. Realizing the limitations of the written page, I would welcome the opportunity to participate in a personal interview to answer any of your questions and better present my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Mashiur Rahman


Career Goal: To attain highest degree of efficiency in the field of Garment Dry & Wet Processing in sync with latest fashion Trends and technology which would benefit my role in the organization and individually

Technical Experience
Over 19years of experience in Textile Processing with 10yrs of in-depth knowledge and experience in Garment Division as “Wet Processing Technician” handling the premium brands like,

a. Retail – Levi’s, Lee, Arrow, Wrangler etc.,

b. Europe market – Lee, Arrow, Wrangler.

c. US Market - Arizona, Levis Strauss & CO., etc
Hands on experience in dyeing and processing of Cotton & its Blends, Wool & its Blends, Silk & its blends.
Hands on Experience in the wash finish categories like Basics, Premium, Supra Premium includes High end finishes, Garment Over dyes, etc
Handled development and bulk execution of all categories of products like Denims, Non-denims, Outerwear, Woven tops, Over-dye programs etc.

Job Profile: Asst. Manager – Wet & Dry Processing

Responsibilities: Development and Bulk execution of Men’s and Women’s line finishes for Levi’s India Requirements for both Denim and Non Denims

· Co-ordinate with the design team to understand the Finish Brief.

· Be a part of the mill week to analyze the selections, make recommendations of fabrics which would give the best results and scope for new developments.

· Continuously develop new finishes in alignment with the global trends and using my knowledge and offer options to brand for adoption.

· Analyze the requirements of the Finishes to be developed.

· Risk analysis of the finishes to be developed in relation to the Finish and the fabric assigned for the finish.

· Analyze the laundry capabilities and capacity to develop and deliver the finishes during development and bulk.

· Analyze the cost effectiveness of the vendor along with the capacity.

· Plan and block the laundry capacities for development as per the required line.

· Allocate the finish development respectively and develop the required finishes to meet the requirement.

· Document the development process to enable smooth bulk execution.

· Monitor the development to ensure the product meets the LS&Co standards in terms of aesthetics, performance and RSL needs.

· Complete the development tests, analyze the results and make modifications to suit all the above needs.

· Complete the risk analysis process post development tests to establish requirements to meet the standards, in case of difficult products establish the achievable standards and flag off variables.

· In case of finishes where a wide range is inevitable establish the same during development itself and sign off to avoid bottlenecks during bulk execution.

· Post order receipt, work in alignment with the Sourcing Team partners on allocation of orders based on capability and capacity.

· Negotiate the best costs for all finishes using scientific methods and negotiation skills.

· Monitor the bulk execution to ensure supply of right products at the right time with agreed lead time for the garment units to deliver the goods to Levi’s as per commitments.

· Work continuously on the initiatives like developing sustainable products, usage of sustainable chemicals to finish Levi’s products etc..

· Continuously explore the new developments in the industry to upscale the capabilities of the laundries.

· Periodically meet the chemical suppliers to understand the new products to,

o Explore new innovations which can value add to our products in terms of aesthetics and performance,

o Review the supplier’s latest collections to adopt new developments like detailing to suit to the local market needs.

o Which would provide economical and safe solutions,

o This would give consistent bulk replication.

· Explore new ways of finishing to achieve more consistent products which are cost effective.

Significant Achievements

· Quality control Process

o Periodically reviewed and evaluated the Quality systems at the laundries and identify potential areas of improvement

o Developed corrective action plans for weak areas.

o Worked with the Laundries to upscale the needs and implement the CAP for improvement of quality.

o Regularly monitored and documented the progress.

· Standard Operating Process

o Developed Standard operating process for Finish development, documentation and bulk execution.

o Presented the same to Laundry and align them to the SOP.

o Implemented the same rigorously to give predictable and consistent results

· Machine Maintenance

o Generated SOP for periodical machine maintenance.

o Aligned the Laundries to periodically calibrate the equipments and machines to have right quality output from the available infrastructure.

o Monitored the same which is giving more stable and consistent products.

Previous Jobs
Period – March 2005 to June 2005

Organization: Auto

A well established multinational company with expertise in garment wet processing and handling brands like Diesel, Replay, Next, Lee, Wrangler, Levi’s etc.

Job Profile: Technical manager

Washes Handled - Softener, enzyme, stone, High end distressed look, vintage dirty look, New trend detailing Like, natural crumple, crushing, different tacking and tying, staining darning, fusing embroidery on damages, scrapping, PP spraying in multi area, dusterring wiping, localized resin with color application, pigment color spots, poly mould application nicking, body damages, whiskering, garment tinting with natural and eccofriendly dyes, wrinkle free, water repellent finish, among other washes.

Responsibilities –
Creating & developing new styles in washed garments, according to the tastes and preferences of different buyers for different seasons.
Co-ordination with Merchandising & design department to bring out the best washes in the styles liked by the buyers.
Production planning according to the buyer’s shipment date.
Updating the latest technology in washing of garments and introducing the same into bulk in order to facilitate better quality and higher productivity at minimum cost.
Controlling the quality and cost of the washing.

Period: January 2003 to February 2005

Organization: Auto

Manufacturers & exporters of readymade garments specialized in bottom-wear. Catering mainly to the US & European market, the company manufactures all types of denim and non-denim styles involving special washes.

Job Profile: Laundry In charge

Finishes Handled - Softener, enzyme, stone, distressed look, dirty look, tying effect, sandblasting, whiskering, garment tinting, and wrinkle free, water repellent finish, among other washes.

Key Responsibilities:
Creating & developing new styles in washed garments, according to the tastes and preferences of different buyers.
Co-ordination with Merchandising & design department to bring out the best washes in the styles liked by the buyers.
Production planning according to the shipment requirement.
Updating the latest technology in washing of garments and introducing the same into bulk in order to facilitate better quality and higher productivity at minimum cost.
Co-ordination with stitching, quality & finishing departments, to achieve the required consistency in quality and productivity.

Period – January 2000 to January 2003

Organization: Auto

Leading fabric & garment manufacturers in the world and owners of renowned brands like Arrow, Lee, Wrangler, Flying Machine, Newport, Bayland, Excallibur, Ruggers, among others.

Job Profile – Production Officer – Washing department,

Handling all type of washes (softener, enzyme stone, bleach)washes including wrinkle free & water repellent finishes, sandblasting, Tinting & garment dyeing.

Key Responsibilities:

Creating new washes Key Responsibilities:
Creating & developing new wash styles for new markets.
Co-ordination with Stitching, quality & finishing department.
Production planning with respect to shipment dates
Costing of different wash styles.

Period: June 1995 to January 2000

Organization: Auto

100% EOU Company, manufacturing dress materials and furnishing fabrics of Cotton, Silk & blends with latest rapier looms of dobby & jacquard fabric and exporting mainly to USA & European Countries.

Job Profile – Production Supervisor (Dyeing) & Lab In charge

Handling yarn dyeing of cotton & silk fabrics, testing of dry & wet rub, wash fastness, light fastness, acid & alkaline perspiration test as well as fiber analysis.

Key Responsibilities –
Achieving the required shade of yarn & fabric in accordance with the buyer’s standard.
Achieving color fastness in accordance with buyer’s requirement.
Co-ordination with preparatory & weaving department

Technical Qualification

Technical qualification in Textile chemistry with specialization in Management of Textiles, Chemical Processing of Textiles includes various kinds of Dyeing & Printing, Testing of Textiles, Textile Designs and Coloration.

Date of Birth – Jan 28, 1978

Place: Mashiur Rahman

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman Email:

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