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What is Non Conforming Material Report?

This is total garments solutions of non conforming material report and procedure.


Non conforming material report is shown here in detail. Any item, part or product with one or more characteristics which depart from the requirements in the specification ,safety ,legality, regularity & quality or other approved product description. Nonconformity refers to a failure to comply with requirement .A requirement is a need, expectation, or obligation; it can be stated or implied by an organization, its customer, or other interested parties. There are many types of requirement .some of these include quality requirement ,customer requirement ,management requirement ,product requirement and legal requirement .whenever any organization fails to meet one of these requirement ,nonconformity occurs.


What is Chemical Management System ?

What is Chemical Management System

Chemical Management System

The Auto chemical management system Approach refers to a number of practical measures that enterprises can undertake on their own to improve their productivity, obtain cost savings and improve organizational procedures as well as workplace safety and environmental performance. Thus, this is a chemical management system tool for cost management, environmental and occupational hygiene management and organizational change. When these areas are adequately taken into consideration, a “triple win” can be achieved and a successful process of continuous improvement in the company can be established.

What is Safe Chemical Handling Procedure and Policy?

What is Safe Chemical Handling Procedure and Policy

Safe Chemical Handling

To ensure the proper storage and safe chemical handling procedure during the unloading and use. Applies to the Chemicals ETP Plant in Auto Textiles Ltd. Store Officer, Storekeeper and Helper. The store helper under the supervision of Store Officer shall stuck all chemicals & Dyes upon receiving in Dyes & Chemicals store. Evaluation of chemical is mandatory for the factories.


What is Registration Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals

What is Registration Evaluation & Authorisation of Chemicals
In addition to the substances listed in a new European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use came into force on 1st of June 2007 called REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals). REACH is about identifying the chemicals/substances used in an article that is imported into the EU and registering them with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) if we import over a certain amount of this chemical/substance per year. Everybody should flow Safe Chemical Handling Procedure