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Polyester Lab Dyeing Procedure

Polyester Lab Dyeing Procedure

Polyester Lab Dyeing Procedure

M/C pot should be wash two days in a week (Monday & Thursday), with Caustic and Hydrose(4 g/l), and should be done it in every morning shift.

What is CU Inspections & Certifications?

CU Inspections & Certifications
CU Inspections & Certifications

The product specification indicates the exact com­position of a prod­uct. After approval of the product specification by CU Inspections & Certifications, the product will be a part of your renewed scope certifi­cate. In order to change the scope certificate, always return your original scope certificate! Incom­plete, not readable or not signed product specifications will be returned to you.
Each product requires a product specification. For final products consisting of only one input material and other logical groups of com­bined input materials, prod­uct spec­ifi­ca­tion may be used.
Possible products are products that cover the processing, manufacturing, packaging, labelling, Trading and distribution of all products made with organically grown raw materials. The final products may include, but are not limited to fibre products, yarns, fabrics and clothes.


What is Thermocracking Test Method?

What is Thermocracking Test Method

Thermocracking Test Method

A dyeing prone to thermocracking is aftertreated with a fixative then heat treated and its water fastness tested.  The dye-fibre linkage of reactive dyes can be partially hydrolyzed by the action of heat (thermocracking), resulting in impaired wet fastness properties. Heat can have this action, for example, during thermofixation of dyeings. The detrimental effect of thermocracking can be eliminated by aftertreatment with a cationic fixing agent(Reactive).


What is Non Conforming Material Report?

This is total garments solutions of non conforming material report and procedure.


Non conforming material report is shown here in detail. Any item, part or product with one or more characteristics which depart from the requirements in the specification ,safety ,legality, regularity & quality or other approved product description. Nonconformity refers to a failure to comply with requirement .A requirement is a need, expectation, or obligation; it can be stated or implied by an organization, its customer, or other interested parties. There are many types of requirement .some of these include quality requirement ,customer requirement ,management requirement ,product requirement and legal requirement .whenever any organization fails to meet one of these requirement ,nonconformity occurs.