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Calculation of Yarns English Count

English Count

English count indicates how many hanks of 840 yards length weigh one pound. That means if count 40 Ne, Than it means 40 hanks(bundle) of 840 yards will give 1 pound weigh.

(Note: So, for gaining 1 pound weigh, 840 yards long how many yarn bundle we will in need, this require number of bundle is the English count of this yarn.)

Different Count Yarn
Why calculation: Most of us are fear from count calculation. But we should have common sense of calculation to be good textile personnel.

Let’s try to solve following problem of English count

On one cone there are 9800 m yarns which weigh 490 gm. What is the English count of this yarn?

We know,

For Ne(English count),

Calculation of Yarn English Count

So, Here count 12 Ne means, 12 bundle of yarn with 840 yards length will be required to get 1 pound weigh.

So, wish it was helpful for you to understand English count properly. If you like it doesn’t forget to put down your valuable comments.

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