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Dyeing Software Update Sedomaster from 5.x to 6.1

Update Sedomaster from 5.x to 6.1

This document is intended as a completion of the installation document. So please read the installation document first. The new version Sedomaster will be installed on a new PC (check specs) with W2K server installed. Use the old Sedomaster PC name on this new server. This will make it easier when other systems are connected. Before installing the software check Dcomcnfg : Default Security : and set “full access” for everyone. We sale all types of software very low price 

Different Steps for the upgrade :

  1. Current version 6.1 must be installed on a Laptop (pervasive must also be installed).
  2. Delete the files in the directory logdata, machines, loadable (do not delete the directories)
  3. Copy old SM from customer to the Laptop
  4. Create empty DB with enterprise manager
  5. Check setting for ODBC/UDL (also create SMDateBtr for ODBC)
  6. Convert data via SMCFG (check source directory and date)
  7. Meanwhile, install new Sedomaster version on new server
  8. Backup DB and copy to new server
  9. Restore DB on new server
  10. Copy data from logdate, machines, loadable directories (do not create a new \Data directory !)
  11. Export data from recipe system and import into Sedomaster (import can take a long time)
  12. Check treatments in editor and export data to recipe system via SMCFG
  13. Copy the link directory from the old server (is not converted

Update of Workstation (on original Sedomaster workstation PC)

  1. Log in as Barco
  2. Save local Floor layouts and bitmaps
  3. Uninstall Sedomaster / Pervasive (M: still mapped and connected to the old server)
  4. Delete “Barco” registry entries
  5. Install SM on Clients
  6. Check Dcomcnfg settings

After the installation of the software, following items must be checked :

  • Shared Parameters :
Check “SM_Report Path” (enter UNC path, needed for the workstations)
Check “Recipe System xxx Path” for the correct directory (default \Program files)
  • Set “SQL Server Agent” start up type to “automatic” and start the service, needed for the backup job.
  • Set a memory limit of 128 Mb (if 512 are installed) for the SQL server (via enterprise manager)
  • Planboard : set the refresh rate to 900 sec.
  • Copy old version of VSFlex7l.OCX and register this file.
  • Copy the language files to the server
  • Check the connections.udl file and set the logon user to “sa”
  • Dcomcnfg : Default Security : “full access” for everyone.
  • Check Dcomcnfg settings for Barco entries (also on the Workstation !!)

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