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What is a Pattern Blocks Template?

Pattern Blocks Template

Pattern Blocks Template:

A pattern to serve as a base for new styles, in order to keep the fit, balance and “stuk” for each concept of Pattern Blocks Template. A well developed shape, confirmed by each concept. A pattern without or with few details. It is not a finished style. 

When to use?

Development samples together with the estimation m-list, or together with a picture/sketch


  • To secure a good fitting garment for the costumer, and enable us to compare Pattern Blocks Template
  • To receive development samples with a more correct fit, and enable us to take a better decision regarding style and fitting.
  •  To shorten the lead time, but keeping the quality of the fit.
  • To give all involved a greater understanding of our fitting, regardless of continuous staff changes
  • Pattern Blocks Template Information

How to use?

  • The pattern maker of each concept is responsible for the pattern blocks template, and will indicate on the system
  • The technician at PO is responsible for forwarding the correct pattern blocks templateto the supplier, for each request.
  • The hang tag on the sample must indicate which Concept Block has been used.
  • It is very important to have the body measurements in mind when making new styles from the pattern blocks template. Always contact the pattern maker if any doubts

Collar Marking Pattern

At collar joint to keep 100% even both shoulder point, below rules should be followed for collar marking pattern. Collar marking pattern length = (full collar length / 4) – 1/8 (both nose side edge to inside band)

As an example,

If collar length is 48 cm then collar marking point will be as below

Collar marking pattern length = (48 / 4) – 1/8
                                                = 12 – 3 mm [as 1/8 = 3 mm]
                                                =11.7 cm
1/8 short marking pattern from collar due to looseness for joining collar.

Note: - At collar joint body should be 2mm-3 mm bigger from body at joining.

Another rule

After front fitting, from band edge to shoulder point have to measure & from this measurement 3 mm have to less for collar marking pattern.

Sleeve Placket Pattern

 From spec at first have to take finish measurement. Below issue should follow for sleeve placket pattern :-

1 cm allowance for cuff joint in length & 1 cm for box fold by iron = total 2 cm extra in length.
Width = placket width * 2 + both side sewing inlay 16 mm.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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