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Logistics/Shipment Chargebacks Process Schedule

Chargeback Process

Color Image shipment chargeback process policy provides for the recovery of costs incurred due to our vendors’ failure to meet requirements. Our goal is not to assess charges but, simply to transact business consistency with our requirements, to strengthen the operational integration between Color Image and its vendor partners, and to provide an excellent experience to our mutual customers.

Documents ($200/document with any of the violation below)

  • Incorrect pricing on commercial invoice
  • Incorrect quantity on packing list
  • Incorrect information on 10+4 ISF form
  • Incorrect description of goods
  • Incorrect information on the packing list/commercial invoice (bill of lading #, container#, invoice#, PO#, etc)
  • Missing information on commercial invoice
  • Missing information on packing list
  • Missing information on 10+4 ISF form
  • Shipped over or under 5% of PO Qty without prior approval
  • Product substitution without prior approval
  • Products shipped early or late without prior approval
  • Packing list quantity that does not match what was received
  • Failure to send 10+4 ISF form 48 hours prior to sailing date

Routing ($200/violation with any of the violation below)

  • Shipment shipped without approval
  • Shipment shipped with unauthorized freight forwarder/carrier
  • Routing request/estimated loading plan not forwarded at least 5 days prior to PO plan ship date for approval
  • Unauthorized PO shipped
  • Failure to send original documents on time to the designated location prior to shipment’s arrival
  • Container size not approved or wrong method of shipping
  • Late VISA/contradictory documents

Chargeback Fee:

Failed to send 10+4 (isf) form for sea shipments 48 hrs prior to vessel sailing date will result in chargeback fee $200 charge back.  If the shipment is not able to load onto the vessel because of 10+4 isf filing delay, up to $4000/shipment penalty will be issued based on us custom charges.

Color Image/Ingrid and Isabel will issue another charge back based on the damages incurred by the ISF 10+4 filing delay.*** 
  • 10% for Buyer/Distributor products
  • 30% for ALO Retail products  
  • 30% for others Buyer/Distributor products

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