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Garments and Textile Fabric Abbreviations

Garments and Textile Fabric Abbreviations

Garments and Textile Fabric Abbreviations:

Garments and fabric abbreviations related to the apparel industry are listed in this writing. Accessories abbreviation of fashion industry also described here-

ISO – International Organization of Standardization

SOP –-- Standard Operating Procedure;

QSP –-- Quality System Procedure;

QM –-- Quality Manual;

MR –-- Management Representative;

WARP –-- World Wide Responsible for Apparel Production;

HRD –-- Human Resource Department;

R & D –-- Research and Development;

PPC –-- Production Planning and Control;

SMV –-- Standard Minutes Value;

DSS –-- Decision Support System;

MRP –-- Manufacturing Resource Planning;

SNLS –-- Single Needle Lockstitch Machine;

TNLS –-- Twin Needle Lockstitch Machine;

FOA –-- Feed of the Arm;

O/L –-- Over Lock Machine;

Floating –-- Skip Stitch ;

BGMC –-- Bangladesh Garments Marketing Corporation ;

BGMEA – --Bangladesh Garments Manufactures & Exporters   ; 

TP –-- Tarpaulin Paper;

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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