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Application for Awareness Training of Fire Drill

Application for Awareness Training of Fire Drill

Description of Fire Drill:

At first one fire fighter (electrician) who is the responsible for fire alarm switch operation, rang the fire alarm just at 12.30.00 pm. After ranging the alarm all workers, staffs and guests run and go out from the factory floor by using nearest Gates and assemble in the safe assembly area toward the factory. The Fire Fighting teams help to other to evacuate easily and safely from the factory also take preparation for further actions as per their responsibilities. They checked into the factory and ensured that nobody has presented or injured inside the factory premises during the fire drill. Md. Mashiur Islam , Fire Safety Officer was present with the close co-operatives of those personnel who are the responsible of Fire Extinguish team, Fire Rescue team & First Aid team.

Check List

  • All fire alarm switch and fire alarm bells were working properly.
  • All exit doors were opened outward and free from obstacle.
  • All aisles and routes were free form obstacle.
  • All emergency light and exit light were lighting properly.
  • All fire hose reel/pipe were under pressured.
  • All fire extinguishers were placed with under pressured and blocked free.
  • Did the fire fighter respond as per fire fighting procedure?
  • Did all evacuation team act in response as per evacuation procedure?
  • Did the security react as per procedure?
  • Have any worker found caring their belongings (shoe, Tiffin box etc) and going to canteen or toilet?
  • Did any employee move slowly to come out in duration of the drill?
  • Did all workers evacuate the building?
  • Did office staff evacuate the building?
  • Did all cleaner evacuate the building?
  • Did all sample staff evacuate the building?
  • Did all child of child care center evacuate the center?
  • Did all employees and staffs assemble properly (line wise) in the safe assembly area?
  • Fire Drill and Fire Prevention Policy

An Application of Fire Drill

28 August 2015

The Director
XYZ Textile

Through: The Manager, Department of HRD. Subject - “Create Your Awareness”

Subject: Awareness Training.

Dear Sir

With due respect I would like to inform you that on behalf of the Compliance Department I would like to organize a Training Program (“Film Show”) based on H&M Fire Drill Movie on Saturday 01 September 2015 at 11 AM at the Meeting Hall of 7th Floor. The movie is completely related to awareness and will be very much effective for the participants. Besides it is one of the buyer requirements to show the film everyone. It will be continued for 40-50 minutes and both Staff and Worker can participate in this training program.

So I would earnestly request you to permit Compliance Team and advocate some personnel to organize the program successfully.


Md. Rahma
Sr. Executive, Compliance

Note: Contents: “Exhibition and Training on H&M Fire Safety Movie”. Organized By: Department of Compliance and HRD. Date: 01 September 2015. Duration of Training : 50 minutes, Starting Date: 01 September 2015. Inauguration Tim : 11:00 AM

Fire Dril Policy

Applicable for: This policy is applicable for al premises that are owned by Auto Group including of factories and offices.

Objective: To help people understand what precaution they need to take in order to avoid suffering an outbreak of fire and also to make people aware about the way that emergencies need to be taken care of if any emergency take place and also to make people aware about how to remain prepared all time and to do fire drill in order to test their level of preparedness n regular and periodic basis

Basis: Fire is one of the greatest hazard that can happen in any building of any kind and it is also one of the most destructive of the various kinds of calamities that could affect a work place; therefore, utmost caution has to be maintain so that the fire does not take place and the best measures need to be adopted in order to protect people from such fire hazard. That’s why a detailed policy needs to be in place to face such kind of situations

Policies: Policies for fire prevention –

  • The company will not allow anyone to smoke cigarette, pipe, cigar anything of the sort within the company premises
  • The company will not allow the bringing in of flammable material into the company by any staff or workers until and unless it is for specific purpose of contributing into production in any way and that also would have to be with the proper authorization and needs to be procured through the procurement division f the company
  • Firefighting equipment will be kept in place according to the ratio of 1 fire extinguishers per 600 square feet as per present law of the land and may be increased or decreased depending on how the law of the land changes
  • In addition to fire extinguishers, company will also keep adequate number of hose reels, firefighting buckets, fire beaters and other kinds of firefighting equipment and accessories as it is required by the law
  • All offices and factories will be fitted with smoke detectors at strategic locations so that it is possible to detect fire at its incipience stage
  • There will be regular checking of all electric equipment, wiring, circuits and anything that need for some repair works will be identified and company will not hesitate to sanction the necessary funds and facilities that would be needed to make the necessary rectification and repair works
  • Regular training workshop would be held, where people would be made aware about various causes of fire in factories,; and also they would e make aware about how to act in ways that can help to reduce the chance of incident of fire
  • In most cases the company will use such materials which are less flammable
  • There will be extra water reservoir for fire fighting
  • Fire Training is one part of C TPat Trainig
  • The company will perform one fire drill in each of its factories and in head office per month
  • Every time a fire drill takes place everyone who are present in the building, even the other companies may be sharing the premises will have to participate in the drill
  • If fire drill cannot be arranged on a specific month in that case there will be 2 fire drills on the following month
  • Specific responsibilities will be assigned to specific people in the factories and in the offices
  • There will be pre imposed meeting before and after a fire drill for mentally refreshing the responsibilities before the actual drill takes place
  • Company will also arrange unannounced fire drill as well

Regulations & Procedures: Regulations & procedures for fire prevention –
  • Maintenance will do regular check and make repair report
  • Compliance will check those reports and will also try to match the report with the reality at random basis in order to see whether any wrong information has been provided
  • Purchase department will purchase all materials and items which are required
  • There will be regular awareness training
  • All electric equipment and wiring will have registers where progress report on their conditions will be cataloged
  • Regulations & procedures for fire drill –
  • For unannounced fire drill the date will not be announced but the things that need to be done during a fire drill will be conducted and within 2 to 3 weeks of that the actual drill will take place.
  • HR and Compliance Departments will have secret meeting with the top management and will decide about the fire drill and will turn on all the fire alarms
  • After that all workers are required to perform according to their training which they were provided earlier and they will perform their specific tasks
  • In case of announced fire drill, the date and time will be announced to every one of the factory or office
  • When the alarm will be sounded the people will be guided by firefighting team members to follow the evacuation arrow sign and leave the premises through the stairs ways which is nearest to them
  • Workers on hearing the fire alarms will switch off their machines and will help other people who may be in distress or stuck to come out and also join the procession
  • The firefighting team will turn off the main electrical switch

Responsible Parties: HR, Compliance, Maintenance, Purchase, Admin, Operation Departments, floor management and also the upper level management will be responsible for implementing this policy

Communication & Implementation: Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members. Also will be explained by HR team members . Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference

Exceptions: For excessive work lead the fire drills can be postponed and shifted to the following month



Maintenance Department will check the status of the available firefighting equipment. Compliance Department will verify them in real and make list of required items those need to be taken acre. Purchase Department will ensure the purchase of the required items. HR Department will arrange firefighting training program in conjunction with Compliance and Admin Departments

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