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Action Plan for Finishing Department in Garment Industry

Finishing Department in Garment Industry

Finishing Department in Garment Industry

I am Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman  would like to express my pleasure as an in charge of finishing department of this company for the betterment and development of this unit. Recently on 10.08.05, I have joined with journey to reach the destination of this company mission & vision. Please let me discuss you a summary of my target and action plan for our Finishing department.

Action plan of Finishing Supervisor

In a word as a finishing supervisor I can say, I want to build up my Finishing department a Modern & Efficient finishing department according to Buyers requirement as well as to buildup the standard higher class. A summery of plan for my Finishing department is highlighted below-
  • To make the Finishing department Modern according to Buyers requirements.
  • To make the Finishing department more efficient considering the total manpower & standard minute value (SMV).
  • Implement the Standard operation procedure (SOP) of finishing department as a regular practice incorporating 5S & visual management system & management information system.
  • To make ensure that there will not be any cut to ship loss in office.
  • Strictly maintain the shipment schedule, shipment according to buyer’s requirements without any delay.
  • Build up a strong & proper supply chain, maintaining just in time (JIT) & cooperation with merchandising, commercial, QA, cutting & sewing department.
  • To build up moisture free zone by higher management support.
  • To increase the productivity & minimize the unnecessary cost & wastage.
  • Packing garments assembling & work modification, furnished by rake & goods self, color & size wise.
  • Leadership & team building by weekly & monthly review of finishing department according to merchandiser & company calendar.
  • To make & build up All manpower both quality & production.
  • Sewing (except button & hole) defect or alter rectification & adjustment from Finishing department.
  • To build up the Finishing department ethically strong as a finishing supervisor


Target Achieve by Finishing Supervisor:

Already I have taken some action plan & initiatives & achieved to develop our finishing department which are comparatively shown below-
  • Manpower reduce & making efficient: Earlier total finishing manpower were = 498 Manpower but after joining I have reduced (25 manpower) to 270(including all staff) manpower which has saved= 362000-/BDT per months.
  • Work study: Developing through SMV & productivity already increased 20-25%.
  • Backlog reduces: Earlier Finishing backlog were over 200000pcs but now its 45000pcs (cause of trims problem) & decreasing day by day.
  • House keeping: Assembling in a proper layout. Just have a look into current situation & feel the difference & it will be continue by modifying & furnishing.
  • Group modification: Placing the right finishing supervisor into right place.
  • Defect reduce: After iron defect garments were kept in box for a long time & needed re iron but now a days it just hanging on hanger after iron & no need re ironing( earlier all kind of alter was 28% but now this is under 25% means production increased at least 3000pcs)which saves minimum= 800000/- BDT per month.
  • Folding garments carrying & carton system is modified which saves damages of carton & extra use of carton which saves per day 24 carton= 1440/-BDT= 47440/-BDT month.
  • Ware house room & space allocation: I have modified ware house space which was uneven or unreasonable & now its capacity increased 500pcs carton from earlier.
  • Machines reduce: Already a thread sucker machine & a metal detector machine have reduced.
  • Staff reduces: I have already reduced 4 finishing supervisor which has saved 4×10000= 40000/-BDT per month.
  • Quality of running style has increased according to buyer standard & everyday counseling with all finishing staffs to give more attention to do their responsibility perfectly. After QC pass now goods are directly packing, no dumping, no delay & no hassle.
  • Previous finishing efficiency was on average of 35% & now current efficiency is 42 %.


Garment Finishing:

Finally I want to say already garment finishing department has saved 829440/-BDT per month & productivity increased up to 25-35%, No back log, no short shipment which you better know about this cost & there are more things have to say, to observe, to develop but as a finishing supervisor I want to show you by doing. Many thanks to all of you in advance for your nice cooperation so that dream comes true.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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