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Garment Classification. Types of Banded Collar Shirts

Garment Classification

Garment are two kinds:- First one is knit and second one is  woven. Note:- shirt, pant, sweater, jacket etc are elements of woven Garment. Kinds of collar shirts. Mainly collar shirts are two kinds:- basic shirts and classic shirts. Again classic shirts are two kinds:- pilot shirts and semi- pilot shirts.


Types of Banded Collar Shirts

There are three types of collar:-

  • One piece banded collar shirts
  • Two piece banded collar shirts
  • Open / Round collar  

There are four kinds of banded collar shirts:-

  • Classic collar
  • Cut way collar
  •  B/D collar
  • B/D loop collar

Classification of flap, cuff

These are four types:-

  • square
  • round
  • mitread
  • pointed
  • bone  (cuff is not bone)

Classification Of Front Placket

There are three kinds of front placket:-

  • welted kansai
  • plain placket
  • hidden placket

Classification Of Bottom Hem

There are three kinds of bottom hem

  • tail
  • straight
  • round

Accessories And Classification

 List of Accessories. Usually below accessories are used before completing cartoon at poly table:-

  • poly
  • collar insert
  • neck board
  • butter fly
  • collar bone
  • clip
  • hang tag
  • back board
  • pin
  • tie bed
  • paper band
  • sticker
  • tissue
  • button card
  • slim fit / regular fit
  • reference number
  • cartoon sticker

Classification of Poly

There are five kinds of poly
  • Pilo poly
  • Gusset poly
  • Plain poly
  • Blister poly / master poly
  • Hanger poly

Back Board Classification

There are four types of back board
  • T – shape
  • Plain board
  • Window shape board
  • I shape Board

Classification of Sticker

There are seven kind of sticker
  • Poly sticker
  • Price sticker
  • Hanger sticker (seizer sticker) 
  • Button sticker
  • Cartoon Sticker
  • Reference sticker 

Classification Of Clip

There are two types of clip:-
  • metal clip
  • plastic clip
Plastic clip are two types:-
  • flat clip
  • teeth clip

Folding Classification

Folding are three kinds:-
  • standard fold
  • flat fold
  • flat half fold / dead man fold
  • semi standard fold
  • roll fold


Heat iron is used for hard iron. Steam iron is used for light and medium iron on Garment. Iron can be divided into three parts:-
  • Hard iron
  • Light iron
  • Medium iron

Types Of Pockets

There are eight types of pockets
  • round
  • pointed types of pockets
  • square
  • mitread 
  • bone
  • round & pointed
  • harmonium
  • inverted types of pockets

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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