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Apparel Finishing Manager Jobs Responsibility and Training

Finishing Manager Jobs Responsibility and Training

Finishing Job

Finishing job Make good leadership for smooth running of production. Co-ordination between different departments, like knitting, store, batch, laboratory, dyeing, finishing, quality control, aintenance etc. To run operation smoothly as well as with merchandising of factory. Make every day dyeing plan for every machine as per shipment schedule. To make necessary action for any production fault of the fabric. To give the direction for the betterment of different departments like lab, batch, dyeing, finishing job etc.

Finishing Manager Jobs Responsibility

  • To act as the coordinator among the different departments for ensuring continual production.
  • Act as a team leader for betterment of product, process, resources as well as environment.
  • Act as environment chemical responsible for h & m
  • Accountability : accountable for overall fabric production, Maintaining desired quality level, mooth & timely Delivery of orders as well as smooth running of factory.
  • Make a good plan to finish the dyed fabric by considering urgency, smooth running of production line as well as fabric nature discussing with senior production manager.
  • Drive the subordinate to implement that plan.
  • Take preventive action for making nonconformance product.
  • Take corrective action for nonconformance product.
  • Set the parameter of different finishing machine as per senior production manager/ general manager’s instruction.
  • Accountability : he is acconutable to senior production manager in all respects of finishing like shrinkage, spirality, width, gsm etc.

Finishing Manager Jobs Responsibility – Jr. Manager

  • Finishing of fabric according to plan.
  • Overall follow up of finishing, whether the machine is running according to instructed parameter or not?
  • Drive the subordinate to implement that plan.
  • Take care of unloading trolley, so that dyeing can unload fabric without any delay.
  • Coordination bet quality control section and finishing section for any kind of fault is generating during processing.
  • Set the parameter of different finishing machine as per senior production manager/ general manager’s instruction.
  • Accountability : he is acconutable to senior production manager/ dy.manager in all respects of finishing.

Standard Operating Procedure for Training in Finishing Section

Objective: To educate & training program fir finishing section bottom level i.e. thread trimmers, In-side QC, ironing, final qc, packing and folding sections.

Also to do a complete analysis of their working and sort out action plan how to improve productivity and quality.

Process:- 4 members team allocated for this training & education program. This team will cover two rows each day and goal will be……
  • Performance analysis of each section
  • After evaluation, decide about training, education or replacement.
  • Analysis of bottle neck
  • Corrective action of bottle neck and increase the productivity.
Step – 1: Given below is the allocated area for each team member…….
  • Personnel section team member: Thread trimming & Ironing.
  • Floor manager In-side qc.
  • QA Manager or team leader Final QC.
  • Finishing In-charge/manager Folding & packing
Thread trimming section: As per new allocation, each row will have 6 (one loop cutting helper) thread trimmers. This section will evaluate by Personnel section team member. That means, he will have total 10 thread trimmers to cover in a day.He will select one by one thread trimmers and spend half hour along with them.During this time, he will re-view….
  • Trimming process,
  • Efficiency of trimmer
  • How to increase trimmer capacity and quality
He will take one thread trimmer and spend half hour with her. After complete analysis, he will take next trimmer and continue like this.Team member has to ensure that trimmer will give the target along with quality.

In-side QC process: For this work, floor Sr. Auditor has been allocated. His main assignment will be….
  • In-side qc evaluation.
  • Sequence checking
  • Major issues, which creating bottle neck for productivity.
In this process, he will study the whole procedure and try to expediate the checking process to increase the productivity along with quality. He has to cover two rows that means 4 in-side qc each day.

Ironing section: Each finishing job row has been allocated 4 iron men. This evaluation will also done by personnel section team member. He has to cover 6 iron men on daily basis. His main area will focus will be….
  • Iron quality
  • Iron men efficiency
  • Method study of ironing to increase productivity.
With his finding, he will discuss with TEAM LEADER and take his advise for the same.

Final QC: This area is being specifically given to TEAM LEADER or QA Manager. This is the last checkpoint to catch the defects before sending the shipment to buyer. So, team leader will focus to make sure that QC are being trained properly and quality will improve. He will give training to 4 FINAL QC everyday. His main assignment will be….
  • For qc evaluation.
  • Checking method.
  • Style quality evaluation.
  • Alteration will clear hand to mouth.
  • Cross check of In-side, thread trimming and ironing.
Team leader will ensure that line quality is ok and carton audit is also getting passed with 0% DEFECTS.


Finishing Manager Jobs have been allocated for folding and packing area. Finishing job by Manager will ensure that what ever goods are going to cartons, are as per specification and EXTERNAL AUDIT is getting passed without any problem.

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