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Policy of Jobs for Pregnant Woman

Policy of Jobs for Pregnant Woman

Jobs for Pregnant Woman

This policy of jobs for pregnant woman is applicable for all the female employees of Auto Group working either in the factories or in the offices. The Labor Law of Bangladesh, ILO and the rules and regulations of all the buyers require that, pregnant workers as well as employees should be given some special treatment with regard to their work, work time, their leave and their compensation. That’s why the policy of jobs for pregnant woman has been prepared through which we will be able to take care of this matter. The objective of this policy of jobs for pregnant woman is to have a clear guide line on how the company will treat the employees who are pregnant with regard to their compensation, benefit and work as well.

Policy of Jobs for Pregnant Woman

Policy for work type –

The company will not make any kind of discrimination against employees who are pregnant at the time of joining. Meaning that the company will not prevent such persons from joining the company who are otherwise qualified for a particular post or position, but who may be pregnant at the time of recruitment.

Those who are pregnant will be given relatively lighter work load compared to those employees who are not pregnant and they will not be required to work over time or do any kind of physically stressful works that may involve the lifting and movement of heavy objects. The company will also ensure that, their locations of work have proper ventilation and that they are not working in a place which is excessively hot and humid.

Policy regarding compensation and benefit –

Pregnant women will be granted a total maternity leave of 4 months or 16 weeks of which they will be given the opportunity to take 2 months before their date of delivery and 2 months after the date of delivery.

Sometimes if the doctors permit and the concerned employee wants in that case she can continue working up to 1 month before the date of delivery and 3 months of leave after the delivery. In either case the company will pay the employee the salary for these 4 months and this salary will be calculated as the average of the total remuneration that would be taken by the person in the immediate last three months inclusive of all the allowances and over time; of this total amount 50% is to be paid as per the law before an employee goes on the maternity leave and the remaining will be paid within 1 week of the rejoining from the leave.

The Welfare, Compliance Departments and Medical Team of the company will keep regular follow-up on the health condition of those employees who are identified as being pregnant.

Regulations and Procedures:


Procedures to ensure that, there is no discrimination done at the time of joining –

At the time of recruitment if HR Department (in the case of staff) and Medical Team (in the case of workers) if they have been able to identify a candidate for the staff or workers to be pregnant they will not ask any question about the pregnancy. Neither will they give any kind of excuse or other reasons to disqualify the person.

Procedure for work type/ nature –

Welfare Department will give the list of pregnant workers to the Compliance Department and the Compliance Department will coordinate with the Production Department to make sure that, the pregnant workers are relocated to better ergonomically suited work stations and will also discuss with the production management to make sure that, if they are willing they can be allowed to do maximum of 2 hours over time on the selected days (not on regular basis). compliance will make sure that, all the policies related with the pregnant employees are properly being followed.

Procedures for compensation –

Welfare Department will keep list on a regular basis of the workers and the possible date of the birth of their conceived child and will alert HR and Compliance Department regarding the people who need to go on leave on a particular month.

HR Department will then communicate with those persons and ask them if they are willing to go on leave on that particular month or one month later. Based upon the individual’s decision, HR Department will coordinate with the Accounts Department to prepare the maternity bill for that staff/ worker and this will be approved by the Compliance Director and then passed on to Accounts Department from where the disbursement will be done.

HR will maintain the record of the pregnant employees and will alert the respective department heads and also the head of HR Department that, certain people are expecting to go on maternity on that particular month and to prepare the necessary documents.

Responsible Parties:

The HR, Compliance and Welfare Department will be responsible for implementing this policy of jobs for pregnant woman and Accounts Department will be responsible for disbursing the relevant payments.

Communication & Implementation:

Policy of jobs for pregnant woman will be published in the policy book and circulated among all the department heads and section heads. Policy will be communicated thoroughly, to all the female staff by HR Department and by Welfare Committee to the female workers and also through training and various kinds of training materials. Policies will be written in worker hand book, which is provided. Regular counseling will also be done through microphone and policies may also be put up in different notice boards.


Maternity benefit payment will be made to only such people who are in service of the company beyond six months. The second part of the maternity benefit can be withheld from being paid to such person who does not come back at the stipulated time and who changes job or quit without proper notification. Such persons cannot claim this benefit after coming back to the company after some months have elapsed as this would be adjusted against the 2 months’ salary that the person is supposed to surrender if the person wants to leave immediately by law.


HR Department and Welfare Department will prepare report in parallel, which will help to identify if there is anyone missing. Compliance Department will make a tally of all the maternity bills, which it prepares against these lists to do farther verification of whether anybody missed out or not from receiving the benefit. This type of checking will also help us to make sure that, people are going to their maternity leave on time. Compliance Department will also verify the person who is applying for maternity benefit is eligible for the benefit or not based on the joining date. Policy of jobs for pregnant woman is very essential in garments industries.

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