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How to Write a Credit Rating Memorandum ?

Credit Rating Memorandum

The question for which the organization is set up are all or any of the accompanying gave that every one of the items will be actualized in the wake of getting essential authorization from the Government/Concerned Authority/Competent Authority before initiation of business.

1. To break down, assess and evaluate credit value, monetary and business soundness, past, present and future, of a scope of establishments, open or private, fused or not, in Bangladesh or abroad, non-benefit associations, service organizations, offices, organizations firms or individual units, social orders, trusts and different relationship of people or people.

2. To start such examination and assessment either at the demand of the associations concerned or at the demand of alternate associations, establishments, government or non-government bodies or affiliations, speculators, loan specialists or guarantors, brokers or other money related organizations.

3 To dissect and assess the trustee hazard, business and budgetary hazard, Currency chance and in addition nation and sovereign dangers and allot rating as indicated by free and target chance investigation.

4. To work intimately with Advisory Committees in regard of hazard evaluation of good money related instruments.

5. To rate the business papers , securities and debentures, inclination offers, value instruments to be issued at standard or at a premium or right issue by any establishment, open or private, fused or not, non benefit associations, offices, organization firms, social orders, trusts, relationship of people, keeping money, non-managing an account, monetary foundations or insurance agencies.

6. To characterize such bonds, business papers, securities, obligation instruments, inclination offers, value instruments as indicated by autonomous hazard discernment through a perceived and formal procedure of appointing rating to such commitments.

7. To gather, spread, group, give and distribute data and information identifying with business environment, speculation openings, development prospects of the economy, of particular areas of industry or geological territory.

8. To make accessible such data and information in an arranged, examined, deciphered or non-translated way to such establishments and associations as would profit by such explanatory data and knowledge either on installment or free of cost.

9. To attempt securities exchange explore and distribute announcements on composite estimation of stocks and its development.

10. To embrace, sort out, hold and encourage instructional classes, workshops, gatherings, courses and addresses as might be viewed as fitting.

10. To scatter data by undertaking and accommodating the productions of diaries, reports, flyers, examine papers and books on all matters considered vital.

11. To go about as experts and consultants to any managing an account, non-keeping money monetary establishments, insurance agencies or some other corporate or non-corporate bodies including those enrolled under the co-agent, social orders and trust represents rating their customers for some other reason as might be chosen by shared.

12. To go into joint wander or specialized help cooperation concurrence with neighborhood or outside FICO assessment offices and different organizations for actualizing the objects of the organization.

13. To plan attainability investigations of any new business, mechanical endeavors or non-modern undertakings or ventures in the money related part on business reason for the advantage of the organization.

14. To procure or converge with some other associations occupied with comparative or different business exercises.

15. To charge expenses, compensation benefit charge or claim repayment of costs in regard of administrations rendered in compatibility of the items for which the organization is set up and to get cash on store, as stipends or as a credit on such terms as the organization may affirm.

16. To oversee, offer and understand any property which may come in the ownership of the organization by method for procurement by buy, development or something else.

17. To open financial balances and get overdraft and money credit offices with the end goal of making resources or for overseeing everyday undertakings of the organization.

19. To give annuities, provident store and other money related advantages to the officers, ex-officers, representatives and ex-workers of the organization and for this reason get such commitments, month to month or something else, from them as might be chosen by the organization.

20. To select, draw in, utilize, keep up, accommodate and reject lawyers, specialists, administrators, engineers, experts, assistants, workers and hirelings in Bangladesh or somewhere else and to compensate such people at such rates and in such way as might be thought fit.

21. To go into a game plan with any administration, neighborhood or outside, city enterprises or city advancement prevailing voices in Bangladesh or somewhere else and to get such concessions and benefits as are viewed as conductive to the satisfaction of objects of the organization.

22. To review any organization, budgetary or something else, saving money, non-managing an account, insurance agency, corporate or non-corporate, society, trust or people or their customers for any reason as might be chosen by common assent or by a request of a power.

23. To advance or support auxiliary units or organizations as considered necessary for accomplishing the goals of the organization.

24. To do all or any of the matters and things said in the first sub–paragraphs in any part of the world and either as principals, specialists, trustees, contractual workers or generally and either alone or in conjunction with others and either by or through operators, sub-temporary workers, trustees or something else.

25. To pay for all costs accidental to the development or advancement of this or some other organization and to compensate any individual or organization for administrations rendered or to be rendered in setting or helping or ensuring the putting of any of the shares in or debentures or different securities of the organization or in or about the advancement, arrangement of the matter of the organization or of some other organization advanced completely or to some extent by this organization.

26. To designate or utilize, incidentally or for all time or on nomination or under get, any individual or people required with the end goal of the organization and to pay for the administrations.

27. To recognize chiefs, promoters, officers, workers and hirelings of the organization against procedures, costs, harms, claims and requests in regard of anything done in light of a legitimate concern for the organization.

28. To convey any of the properties of the organization to its individuals in specie or kind subject to arrangements of the Companies Act 1994 in case of twisting up.

29 To contribute any cash of the organization not promptly required in shares, Securities, settled stores or in whatever other way as might be chosen by the Company.

30. To participate in the arrangement, administration, supervision or operations of any organization or undertaking having comparative or practically equivalent to objects.

31. To go about as trustees of any debentures, bonds, securities, business papers or some other commitments and to practice the forces of agent, director, collector, treasurer, overseer in regard of such obligations and securities.

32. To prepare in Bangladesh or abroad any worker of the organization or sort out preparing programs in regard of workers of organizations other than its own.

33. To get endowments, gifts, gifts or grants from any source in Bangladesh or abroad to play out an endeavor exercises relating to giving on contract or contract buy, warehousing, figuring, reducing and related fields.

34. To carry on to business to purchase, guarantee, put resources into and secure and hold offers, stocks, debentures, debenture-stocks, securities, shared assets, units.

35. To build up and open workplaces and branches to bear on all or any of the above business abroad and inside the nation.

36. Generally to start, attempt, oversee and bear on all such different things as are accidental to or associated with any of the above items or conductive to the accomplishment thereof or generally likely in any regard to be beneficial to the organization.


01. The business of the company shall include the several objects expressed in the Memorandam of Association or

06. Shares may be registered in the name of any person or persons, limited Company or other corporate body but not in the name of a firm, minor or in-sane person.

02. The shares shall be under the control of the Directors who may, subject to the provisions of Article 3, allot for cash or in consideration other than cash or otherwise dispose of the same to such persons in such manner and on such terms and conditions as the Directors think fit.

03. Subject to the provisions of these Articles, the issue of shares shall be made by the Directors on such terms and conditions as they think fit and if so authorised by the Company in the general meeting either at par or at a premium or for such consideration as the Directors think fit provided always that in the matters of allotment of shares, the decision of the Directors shall be final.

04. Nothing contained in the Act shall prevent the Directors from issuing fully paid up shares either on payment of entire nominal value thereof in cash or for consideration other than cash.

06. The Joint holders of shares shall be severally as well as jointly liable for the payment of all installments and calls due in respect of such shares.

07. The Company shall treat the registered holder of shares as absolute owner thereof.


Whenever the capital of the Company is divided into classes of share the special rights and privileges attached to or belonging any class of shares may subject to the provision of the Act, be modified, computed, affected or abrogated by agreement between the Company and any person authorized to contract on behalf of that class, provided such agreement is ratified in writing by the holders of at least three-fourth in nominal value of issued shares of that class or is confirmed by the special resolution passed at separate General Meeting shall mutatis mutandis apply to every such meeting, but so that the quorum thereof shall be five or persons holding or representing by proxy two-fifth of the nominal amount of the issued shares of the class.


The company may at any time pay a commission to any person for subscribing or agreeing to subscribe whether absolutely or conditionally for any shares debentures or debenture stocks of the Company or procuring or agreeing to procure subscription whether absolute or conditional for any shares debentures or debenture stocks of the company and the amount or rate of initial underwriting commission shall not exceed 5.5% of the price at which the shares, debentures or debenture stocks are issued or sold. The Company may also pay an additional or extra commission 5.5% on the nominal amount of share, debentures or debenture stocks actually taken up or required to be taken up by the underwriters. The Company may also pay brokerage not exceeding 1% of the price of share, debenture or debenture stock actually sold through brokers. The commission on brokerage may be paid or satisfied subject to the provision of the Act, either fully or partly in cash ort in shares, debentures or debenture stocks of the Company.

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