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Jobs Findings and Recommendations of a Garment Factory

Some Findings and Recommendations of a Garment Factory

Some Findings and Recommendations

For every organization’s job descriptions plays a vital role. It gives an overall scenario of the organization that helps an organization to take decision in future regarding compensation, Recruitment, Retirement and so on. On the other hand compensation or salary that is one of the most important issues related to employees and this factor allows an employee to give effort to achieve his or her organizational goal. So any organization from any industry must do job analysis & pay an overall good or healthy salary to their employee to get higher productivity from them.

Major Findings:

  • AUTO KNITEX LTD did not do job analysis in their organization.
  • Though it did not do job analysis but the immediate supervisor or immediate subordinates are defined well.
  • AUTO KNITEX LTD has a position of an Executive Director who acts as a supervisor of Accounts and Admin section. 
  • Managing Director of AUTO KNITEX LTD supervises only the production Section. Under his there is Production Manager, Under Production Manager there are Sewing & Dyeing Incharge, Sewing & Dyeing Supervisor and Sewing & Dyeing Operator. 
  • Job summary of every position has been well defined.
  • Like any other Garments AUTO KNITEX LTD has three positions for their Commercial Section and those are Commercial Manager, Commercial officer & Assistant Commercial Officer.
  • For the Top Level position’s salary they are following Lead Policy that means above the Market rate. 
  • For the Mid Level position’s salary some cases they are Following Match policy and in some cases they are following lag policy.
  • Another thing that has been noticed is that the market Rate salaries of the Sewing Supervisor & Dyeing Supervisor are same.
  • Sewing Operators get more salary than Dyeing Operators.
  • As like market Rate salaries of the Sewing Supervisor & Dyeing Supervisor, the market rate salaries of the Sewing In charge & Dyeing In charge are same.


  • AUTO KNITEX LTD should do job Analysis in their organization.
  • They need to keep the job description & job specification data that will help them to take decision in future regarding compensation, Recruitment, Retirement and so on.
  • According to the market rate Compliance Officer’s salary is not honorable. Compliance Officer has to maintain whole organization. So, his salary should not be less than the market rate. It should increase.
  • According to the market rate Asst. Commercial Officer Salary is not honorable.According to his responsibilities it is much less. Organization should increase salary or they can reduce his responsibilities.
  • According to the market rate Managing Director’s salary is too much. Though he has higher responsibilities than any others but his salary should match with the Market rate .Because, the AKL rate is lower from the market rate. They can be given extra allowances like transport allowances, launch allowances etc.
  • The salary of the Commercial Manager should increase & it should be equal to production Manager.


This was a great fortune for me to be an employee of a reputed garment in garments industry named AUTO KNITEX LTD. I got an opportunity to work at AUTO KNITEX LTD. for my internship as a part of my academic program. It indeed is a great fortune to work under the supervision of a compliance officer who has vast knowledge and experience. In this connection, I express sincere gratitude to him for his kind assistance and cooperation. I am also very grateful to the executives and the staffs of AUTO  KNITEX LTD. for giving me the opportunity to proceed on my internship and provide me with necessary information about their concerns. The report is based on my practical experience on AUTO KNITEX LTD. I have furnished all the things that I have learnt during the internship program at AUTO KNITEX LTD. Now I will try to share the things or activities that I have learned under the supervision of Mr.Saliam Hossain. Those are being listed below_

  • How to prepare overtime sheet.
  • How to prepare monthly salary sheet.
  • How to prepare bonus sheet.
  • How to handle or run overtime adjustment software.
  • How to handle or run monthly salary and bonus adjustment software.
  • How to calculate total salary of an employee.
  • Communication with the production manager.
  • Visiting the floor twice in week.
  • Punch-card preparing.
  • Writing leaves application.
  • Writing vacancy announcement letter.
  • Punch-card verification. 
  • Buying stamps for each employee for their salaries.
  • Setting fire extinguisher in each floor.
  • Site visiting.
  • Making list for women lactating payment.
  • Making list of worker for Quran class 
  • Giving announcement through micro phone. 
  • Xuying safety materials for the office. 
  • Allocate the safety materials in each floor.
  • Maintaining service book for each employee.
  • Report to Admin and Compliance officer.
  • Report to Executive Director.
  • Supervise official clerks, cleaners and timekeeper.
  • To assist the Admin & Compliance Officer.
  • To assist the management in the field of general administration and personnel management.
  • To assist in the field of appointment, transfer, promotion of staff and workers.
  • To supervise control of daily attendance.
  • Safety security and other welfare related activities.
  • Transport Controlling and care taking of the labors welfare.

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