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Children Nightwear Safety Regulations and Policy

Children Nightwear 

New regulations concerning the flammability of Children Nightwear affects the way that Nightwear style are designed, manufactured and tested

Main points are as follows:

· The regulations are intended for products from 6mths to 14 yrs,

· Baby products for 6mths and under do not need to comply.

· The standard covers ALL fabrics / fibre compositions.

· All products will need to be tested to and comply with this standard.

· All appropriate products will also still need to be tested to and comply

· Flame retardant fabrics are not to be used in Auto Children’s products.

· Risk assessment must be carried out on ALL Children Nightwear products at the development stage to assess potential flammability issues.


· Cotton Bath Robes (not previously required to comply with flammability requirements)

· Dressing Gowns

· Night Shirt / Dress

· Sleepsuits /Pyjamas 1& 2pc or more, with or without feet – not previously required to comply with flammability requirements.)


· All sewing threads to be Polyester and not Cellulosic.

· For PJ Tops the lower hem width to be equal to or less than the hip with a plus of 20% max.

· For PJ Tops hem to finish no lower the 10cm below the crotch.

· For PJ Bottoms the leg hem should not be wider than the knee (no flairs/bootleg ends)

· For ALL Nightwear styles, if the sleeves finish below the elbow the hem circ. of the sleeve should not exceed 40cm, and the sleeve width at any point should not exceed 50cm.

· Where possible garments should be deigned to be close fitting.

· Long, loose sleeves should be avoided.

· ‘Full Skirt’ designs are to be avoided since they can contribute to the ‘chimney effect’ increasing the potential burns area.


Children’s Nightwear & Nightwear under class ‘A’ & ‘B’ must comply with the flammability

This following must appear on the garment label in the following format.

Night Dresses, Dressing Gowns, Bath Robes (not cotton terry Toweling) and similar . All Low flammability to(in BOLD black letters). KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE, (BOLD red 10 point upper case). Also to appear in Spanish

Bath Robes made of cotton terry toweling only , Pyjamas/Sleepsuits - All garments must have printed on the care label at the prescribed location in red 10 point (upper case) the following wording…KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE. Also to appear in Spanish


· All products that are currently included in BS5756622 will require testing to this standard, but will also require testing to EN 14878 (as this also asks for Surface Flash)

· All products NOT included in BS575622 will require testing to EN 1456878 (Cotton Terry Robes & Pyjamas.

· BS57565622 – product is tested as a full garment before and after wash.

· EN 148565678 – product is tested unwashed, in the form it take before make up, i.e. Fabric, printed, appliqu├ęd, layered, but not including makeup threads & seams for Children Nightwear

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