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What is Concession Waiver Request and Approval?

What is Concession Waiver Request and Approval
Concessions & Waivers

Concession: A revision to the LS&Co. standard for a fabric, sundry item or garment finish that is applicable for the duration of the item. Concessions are determined & agreed upon prior to the start of production.

Waiver: A “one time only” agreement for the quantity specified in the purchase order or contract. Performance must be improved for the next shipment or within an agreed upon timeframe

Product components must be qualified, either individually or as part of a product, prior to first production

Development & production testing is performed in accordance with the test protocols defined by Product Integrity (PI)

Product Development & Sourcing (PDS) & Manufacturing Operations (MO) are responsible for ensuring that components are tested during development & are approved prior to issuing production

MO is responsible for ensuring that production testing is acceptable at time of shipping

Testing Failures

Testing lab will communicate results directly to the submitter – usually a PDS or MO representative

If a failure occurs, the submitter is responsible for working with the supplier, contractor and/or Technical Services to make the necessary improvements to meet the standards

The submitter is responsible for following the retest procedures & having additional samples tested, prior to making any requests for a concession

If the retest results in a failure, a concession or waiver to the standard may be requested

Concession / Waiver Request

PDS/MO requestor fully completes the Concession-Waiver Request Form and sends this with all applicable test reports & tested specimens (if needed) to the PI Quality Analyst for review

Incomplete information will delay the review process – all forms must be fully completed

The PI Analyst will review the information with the requestor & determine if a concession/waiver is feasible given the nature of the failure and the scope of the program

If the concession is feasible, the PI Analyst will assign a number & communicate the revised standard to the requestor

If the concession is not feasible, the PI Analyst will summarize the reasons why in the “Comments” section of the request form and return this to the requestor

In the event PI does not approve the concession, the concession request may be reconsidered for approval the Product Management Director & the Merchandising Director, in consultation from the Regional Product Integrity Leader

Requests for reconsideration must be forwarded to these 3 individuals and must include all of the previously submitted documents

Final approval for a concession/waiver is the responsibility of the Merchandising Director.

Note: Requests for concessions/waivers for Global Products may differ slightly in order to ensure implications for all markets are well understood. In these instances, contact the Regional Product Integrity Leader responsible for the Global Product for assistance.

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