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Narrate Friendship Day in a Textile Factory

Narrate Friendship Day in a Textile Factory
Narrate Friendship Day in a Textile Factory

I thought of writing about our friendship today, it’s really happy feel like festival or it’s more than a festival. We both met in a factory called Silktex where we were working 15years back and together worked for almost 2-3years. The day before we met, I have got a phone call from HR department, saying that you have got a guest who is going to stay with you, you need to guide him and brief him the things around you because he is new to this place. That day you are warred a swatter with scarf and innocent smiley face; it was a cool evening I took you to the quarters by walk. From our factory to quarters 2km distance approximately, quarters and the factory was in a out skirts of the city. Where we have stayed about almost 3 years, and our friendship began their onwards with sharing our experience and happiness and sorrow of our life. Helping and sharing each other ideas to solve the problems.
I still remember each time we visit hotel to eat a breakfast or snakes, you use to order first and when it comes to my time to order  you use to order and close I use to accept that and hotel person use to laugh each time. It was a fun time always; I can’t forget that in my life I am recalling it some time in our discussion whenever we are meeting.
The relation we have built each other was amazing, whenever I travelling native you use to feel loneliness, many times I have come back before the leave days complete, by shorting my leave days   because of you, this use to happen vice-versa.
Our parents know about our deep friend ship, when I was talking to your father he was explaining about our friendship. Silktex factory days together we use to go out in weekends enjoy our shopping watching movies, visiting temples. One interesting thing is I have introduced you almost all my best friends and they liked our friendship.
We use to plan our work in weekend before it comes, follow and execute the plan to complete our work as decided all our weekend use to happen the way it’s explained above. While doing shopping you use to bargain the price before that you use to analyze the product guess the correct value and the way you use to bargain with the shop keeper its fantastic because never I use to learn those days I was full depend on you to bargain I had some sort of feeling that if I bargain I will lose a money I may pay extra money by paying more. Later on I started learning and improved myself to bargain this was the fantastic thing I have learnt from you. Today if I am having a confident in bargaining it’s because of you my friend.
About your tactice and relation was something good, I found you are never had a fight with others and you use to keep good relation with all and use to guide me as well how to handle the people, situation and look for a solution, I took many of your practices dealing with others and utilized maximum in day to day activity of my life. Your analyzing person’s character was excellent. You use to analyze a conclude on spot, deal with them accordingly.
We use to discuss always about profession and personal life and growth and difficulties. We use to prepare ourselves what is right. This activity made me to find a good job in my own field and today whatever I am because of our good discussion about growth in personal and profession life. This discussion I am still continuing before I take a steps for growth we do this for our both life.
I have been to Kenya and china for good opportunity still I had a touch with you I use to call from there and discuss the difficulties and remedy for the same, this is something good that I am having a relation with you it’s only a belief that I will get good and healthier guidelines from you and I will follow it without any change.
When we travel to native we use to bring sweets without fail before we ask our parents to make a sweets you use to ask me what sweet you will like and use to get it done accordingly and bring and have it to ful fill our taste buds and enjoy.
We had a culture of less time going to hotels to eat and not to drinking water outside this is a something highgenic hobby we are using till today and extended to our families.
When we use to cook ourselves in the quarters we use to enjoy our cooking and eating after our every day dinner walk. Our quarter was in out skirts, full of trees more silence place after dark no one will be there then and there you will find people walking and factories vehicles are passing in front of our quarters totally it was a good climate.sommerdays we use to enjoy the climate since its outskirt and more it will be always cool than the city.
In festival time if we are in the quarters if not travelling natives, we use to perform all customs of the festivals. It includes visiting temples and gets a Prasadam till that our festival activity will not complete. This was our tradition on any festivals (21).
When I was in Kenya you have invited for me to your marriage well in advance I have decided and come for your marriage attended. I was thinking that how to come alone I will be bored if I am going alone for that you have planned one of your friend to accompanying me that was really good thing otherwise I will bored definatly to come all the way from Bangalore to Raighad which in Orissa, its almost one and half day journey in train. In your marriage party your hospitality was good.
There is lot to tell about our friendship since I need to complete in short I am completing it.
I feel that friendship is a belief that takes us to reach our targets and to lead good life without fear.

Thank you.

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