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What is Health and Safety Policy?

Health and Safety Policy?
Health and Safety

Health and Safety at factory means maintaining an environment at work place which does not affect health of the workers / employees and also arranging some measures to ensure safety of workers / employees at work.

Health & Safety Policy and Job

  • Act as face of Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) for the company. 
  • Responsible for senior level decision-making and both day-to-day management and strategic direction of the organization.
  • Develop and implement an annual agenda for Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) strategy in line with the business plan. Ensure Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) plans support the needs of the business but are also flexible enough to deal with changes in the organization, as and when the occur. 
  • Provide information and reports on data such as staff training regarding, reference etc. 
  • Conduct training needs analysis and designs and implement policy and monitor. 
  • Ensure all policies and procedure are up to date and legally compliant. 
  • Conduct Security, Occupational Safety Health and Environment Training class. 
  • Risk assessment. 
  • PPE assessment and survey. 
  • Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) Training, Counseling, Motivating and developing of Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) Issue, 
  • Liaising with company senior, arrange implementation of compliance requirements of NIKE Buyers. 
  • Maintain communication with the buyers and other Agencies. 
  • Arrange compliance of the country laws in respect of Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) . 
  • Follow-up Safety Security Health environment (SSHE) Committee Issue, Including ESH Committee Meeting. 
  • Internal audit completion and Prepared Corrective action plan (CAP). 
  • Prepared corrective action plan buyer audit.
  • Provide a hazards free, safe & healthy work environment for the employees.
  • Ensure proper house keeping, cleaning and maintenance of work place as well as the factory premises.
  • Ensure adequate availability of safety equipment, cleaning and maintenance materials, etc.
  • Provide adequate medical, hygiene and sanitation facilities to the employees.
  • Control the air & wastewater emission to ensure a pollution free environment. 


The objective of having a policy on Community Heath and Safety is to create a safe & healthy work environment in the factory in accordance with the Factories Act 1965, Guidelines provided by the World Bank and ILO Convention concerning the protection of workers against occupational hazards in the Working Environment.

Health & Safety Manual

This manual, upon approval of the authority will be known as “Health & Safety Manual. Comprises of all the textiles and garments industries of Auto Group. Some of the sections or sub-sections may not be applicable for all the units. Safety related issues are applied to different units based on their production process and waste characteristics.

This manual will be used as a reference document in order to execute the "Health & Safety Policy of AAL as laid down by the management authority of Auto Group.
Monitoring System

Health and Safety measures that are taken in pursuance to this policy shall be monitored and recorded regularly to ensure effective implementation of this policy.

Authority at Discretion

The Board of Directors may change, delete or add any clause of the manual according to the necessity at its discretion.

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