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Brief Description About Intersport AB

Intersport AB

INTERSPORT AB is announcing that the label distribution has shifted from BEAB etikett & system AB to the new company BOXON Systems AB. This is not affecting anything in the Baghera labeling process, aside from the new e-mail address to helpdesk:
Intersport AB

INTERSPORT AB is now expanding the cooperation with BOXON and are implementing a new feature for the multipacks of ”solid size” = Solid size package label.

Criteria – solid size package label:

· more than 1 pcs

· in same color and same size

· packed in one polybag/box

· delivery to DC – Intersport AB

The call off functionality of “Solid size” is activated after the 26-05-2014 and will include not only the price sticker, also the box label Solid size.

· Todays labelling demands:

All suppliers should label all products, meaning all items, with a hangtag or sticker.

Label-types and measurement:

Shoe: 51 x 71 mm

Glue: 42 x 32 mm

Hangtag: 43 x 70 mm

· Becoming labelling demand:

All suppliers should from now on also label the picking unit ”Solid size” with the corresponding label. This label gives at hand the content and the quantity of single units in one polybag/box.

Measurement of label: 74 x 38 mm

1. Pack EACH product in individual polybags/boxes
Seal the polybag/box

2. Make sure that you have a correct label to place on the polybag/box

3. Place a solid size label on the polybag/box (in the center of the bag acc below template)

4. Place the polybags/boxes in an outer carton, the polybags/boxes shall be packed with the labeled side up

Labelling will be conducted at the supplier. Receipt control will be conducted at INTERSPORT’s DC. Unmarked products or packages may only occur upon agreement with purchase dep.
INTERSPORT AB will hold the supplier responsible for any deviations according to above and will invoice supplier SEK 1500 as fixed and also add any extra costs due to the error according to the DC deviation report and pricelist.

Process - Price stickers and Solid size labels:

Present labelling process (Price stickers) is unchanged, meaning INTERSPORT AB sends the labelorder to the Baghera system after that the order-confirmation has been received from supplier. The ID is then Intersport´s purchase orderno. Labelorder rests in the Baghera system until Call off is made or automatically the “push” order makes it to the printshop. Lead time in printshop: 5 working days.

Solid size labels will be included in above mentioned process. This package label will be sent in the same delivery as the rest of the labels.

Two labelflow functions:

CALL-OFF: Supplier is responsible for making the Call off in the Baghera Web based system. Supplier is responsible for making the call off with the correct amount of extra labels, in good time before delivery to the right address. Earliest 12 weeks before ETD / departure. (This workflow is recommended by INTERSPORT)

Each supplier gets a login account from Baghera helpdesk for Call off and statistics.

PUSH: label orders are sent automatically to the Baghera system 12 weeks ahead planed shipping date. Printed and sent in time before shipment from closest printshop.

Labeltype is decided by purchaser at INTERSPORT AB.

INTERSPORT AB pays for all costs around the label itself, printing and freight according to Incoterms 2010 DAP, Delivered at place.

Reprint is possible but if the error is made at the supplier side, this cost will be charged to the supplier.

Baghera has local printshops close to the manufacturing and the labelorders are sent to the closest one based on the receiving address. Therefore it´s important that the supplier fills out the correct address in the attached document and send this to the Baghera helpdesk. Any changes needs to be sent to the helpdesk immediately.

Mandatory information in the document:

· Supplier no = supplier no at INTERSPORT AB

Exact delivery address (one supplier could have more than one receiver, controlled via the Factorycode field at Call off). All addresses should be noted in the document.

Supplier is responsible for any delays and extra costs that arises due to suppliers unclear information or delay to the Baghera helpdesk.
Any questions should be placed to:

Enclosed documents:

Adress collecting document: supplier must complete this doc with correct information reg Address of labels consignee. Important, all information must be filled in and also in local language.

Call off labels instruction: instruction how to call off labels to INTERSPORT AB. Please contact and you will receive username and password to baghera. Labels for your order is waiting to be called off.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman Email:

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