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Instructions for Fashion Wash Shirts For Buying House

Fashion Wash Shirts Instruction 

This is the standard of finish to be applied to all buyer casual shirts until further notice.

  • Non- Fuse interlining only 
  • No Fusing in pocket flaps (if applicable) 
  • 20/2 thread for needle 
  • 20/2 for bobbin only where underside can be seen, i.e. collars, cuffs, collar band, pocket flaps, see Make Sheet 1 for instructions. 
  • 10 spi everywhere 
  • Delivered to wash house with fronts tacked and cuffs (if L/S) tacked to hem. 
  • 50° wash for 20mins 
  • Silicon Softener 
  • 80% Steam Dry 
  • 20% Cool Dry 
  • Garments to be laid in pack of qty 5 then sleeves folded in and pack folded in half only for delivery from wash house to factory. 
  • DO NOT STACK LARGE QUANTITIES OF SHIRTS after wash in Wash House or during finishing in factory.( to avoid micro creasing which can not be removed because these shirts will not be pressed) 
  • Care must be taken in Factory finishing not to add further creasing to garments. 
  • Centre front hem must be level, (a) pattern to be adjusted before wash (b) Button attachment 
  • Bottom Button to be attached first to make sure hem is level
  • The collar and top button to make sure the neck area is presentable
  • Finally all other buttons are attached spreading the excess under placket between them. 
  • ONLY the collar to be VERY LIGHTLY Steamed – NO CONTACT of Iron - to lightly reshape collar. 
  • Check hem presentation (may require dry press over a cotton cover – if required) 
  • If the style is S/S with turned back cuff then the cuff needs to be touched with the Iron on the INSIDE to crease the seam so it stays folded back. The iron should only be touched at the back of the arm and front of the arm. Do not iron all the way round. 
  • Ensure cuffs are touch pressed on the break line not above. 
  • LIGHTLY press panels (front and back). DO NOT PRESS ANY SEAMS. The panels should not be pressed smooth; the customer does still want some surface detail visible. 
  • Any questions contact Andrew immediately. 
    Instructions for Fashion Wash Shirts For Buying House
    Shirt Instructions

Regarding the below issue about that fabric with not basic colour, all colour with mix.

Then Acid wash with PP(Potassium permanganate) weaker colour going to be colour less & basic colour stay on the fabric.

Here green is a mixed colour of blue & yellow.Blue is much weaker then yellow.

So blue is going during PP. That’s why yellow is more visible.

What we’ve to do for minimize the defect wash time & PP % should be reduce, then wash appearances will be change.

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