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How to Write Import Container Indemnity Bond


Date: 18-05-99

Q.C. Shipping Ltd.

506-507, HH Mansion

Motijheel C/A.


Dear Sir,

Sub: Removal of Container No. XTR0266038790/174946602 1X 20' CY under B/L No. BShhN/DHK222990973 dated. 18.07.99 for ICD, Kamalapur to Mirpur, Auto Dresses Ltd. Plot-2228, Section-6, Mirpur, Dhaka.

In consideration of your permitting us to remove 1X20' containers arrived at Chittagong Port by Vessels- Seven seas beacon, V-91770S, Rot- area in Chittagong Port and ICD, Dhaka on dated as niminated by you and transportation thereof by the above mentioned consignee, to enable us to conveniently " Distuff" i.e. empty the same and receive cargo therein contained our above mentioned premises, for which we the consignee, M/S. Auto Dresses Ltd. Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh do hereby do expressly and undertake.

Write Import Container Indemnity Bond

1. To return to you or agents, the empty container after the same has been destuffed, as stated above, in good order and condition, within, (Number of days not to exceed (05) days from the date of its removal by us.

In the event of consignee's not being able to return the container to you or your agent within the period of 5 days, we shall be laible to pay you a compensation of according the rules for each extra day inclusive of the day froun of 1X120 container.

2. To remburse to you all costs, charges, taxes, duties, expenses which may accrue or become payable by reason of and/or arising out of, and/or in connection with and/or incidental to such removal of container and cargo, and return of container by the corsignee.

3. That the removal of the container as maintained here in above shall be entirely at our risk and expenses, and we hereby indemmgy and hold you harmless against any clean of whatsoever nature that may be made upon, by reason of and/or inconnection with whether direct or indirectly, for such removal of container and return of

4. To remove the container on receipt of your own or your agents notice authorising the consignee to remove the container and any loss/damage which may be noticed in respect of our cargo in the said container after the date of notice, shall be on our account. Furthermore any loss or damage to the container (and or its contents after its removal, till its re-delivery shall be on our account.

5. To arrange for customs clearance of the cargo and indemnify you and hold you harmless in aspect of any obligation and /or duty, and/or for which a show-cattse notice for non-accounting of the goods in the container against the above imposition issued by the customs authorities.

6. To pay all rents, rates, damages, that may become payable to the Chittagong Port Authority in connection with landing of the above mentioned container form the date of notice authorising the consignee for its removal.

7. To bear in the event of the container being disfigured/ damaged during the period it/they is/are in our possetion, all costs and expenses or relairs that may be effected by you or your agent in this regard

8. To indemnify you or your agent to a maximum of USD 907700 per 20' container/USD 30777000 per reefer container, plus any customs levity should the redelivery of the container be delayed beyond 05 days or removal form the chittagong Port.

9. To have our C&F Agent M/S. A. Akbggor Enterprise (PVT.) CO. Ltd., A. Akbor Enterprise (PVT) Co, Ltd. Aligarh House (1st Floor) 1456, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka Bangladesh counter guarantee this indemnity for a value of USD (Amount) TK.3,0780,000.00 for the removal of (Numbers) of your 1X270' dry/open-top/falt bed/reefer container as of date of this indemnity for a period of (Number)

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