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How to Write a Letter to Bank for Clearing of Goods

Write a Letter to Bank for Clearing of Goods

Date : 08-06-2012.

The Manager

PM Bank Ltd.

Motijheel Branch


Sub : Clearing of goods .................................... Under L/C No. ......................................

dated .................... for US$ ..................... BL/RR No. .................dated ..................

Dear Sir,

I / We request you to instruct anyone of M/s Auto Garments Ltd Clearing and Forwarding Agents or any other Clearing and Forwarding Agents on your approved list (hereinafter referred to as the said clearing agents), to clear the goods covered by the above documents on my/our account and on my/our behalf and to store and insure the same.

In consideration of your agreeing to arrange for the clearance of the goods covered by the above documents at my/our request and as per my/our instructions here in above, I/ We hereby agree and undertake to indemnify you and to keep you harmless.

I/ We further agree, undertake and confirm as under:

1. That the said Clearing and Forwarding Agents shall be deemed to be nominated by us and hereby undertake to keep you indemnified and harmless against all claims, demands, damages, suits and proceedings and the costs, charges and expenses arising or resulting from your acting upon my/our clearing forwarding agents as if they were appointed by me/us directly and you shall not be liable or responsible for any negligence or default of the said clearing agents.

2. That you will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for the contents or conditions of the packages or consignments, shortages, if any, and demurrage incurred in clearance of the goods, damage caused to goods in clearance or storage whether in the godowns of the said clearing agents or in the godowns of your bank or any other person.

3. That you shall be entitled, without being bound to do so, to pay customs duty, sales tax and all other taxes, dues and duties or levies and / or penalties, clearing and storage charges of the said clearing agents, demurrage and / or any other costs or expenses incurred by the said clearing agents without making any reference to me / us and you shall be entitled to debit such payments, charges or expenses to my / our account with any branch of your Bank. If the balance in my/our account be not sufficient to cover such payments, cost or expenses incurred by you, I / We undertake to reimburse the same to you / or to adjust the debit balance in my / our account on demand.

4. That documents mentioned above and / or goods covered by the above mentioned documents, shall at all stages, remain under your lien and / or pledge for any payments made by you or any cost, charges and expenses incurred by you or the said clearing agents and reimbursed by you to them and / or for any amount that may be owing to you either in connection with the import of the said goods on my / or any other banking facility allowed by you to me/us.

5. That the Bank shall not be responsible for any delay in clearance of the goods whether due to any default or negligence of the said clearing and forwarding agents or otherwise or for any loss or damage which may be caused to me/us by such delay or otherwise and or by any variation in the Tariff rates, duties or taxes or by imposition of any penalty, rates, taxes or duties which may directly or indirectly affect the goods covered by the above documents, due to any reasons whatsoever.

6. As regards railment of consignment to ..........................................( place of

destination) we take the responsibility to procure the wagon, in case wagon is not allotted or procured. We shall hold neither the bank nor the clearing agents responsible for any damage whatsoever caused in storing the consignment in Chittagong by your agents.

7. Clearance of our above consignment includes both clearance from Chittagong / ....................... through the above clearing agents and also clearance from Railway Wagons at Dhaka and our above Guarantee, Indemnity and undertaking apply to the latter as to the former.

8. We further undertake to delivery of the goods so cleared against full payment of your all charges within ........... days, failing which the bank is at liberty to dispose off the goods in auction or by private negotiation at any price they deem fit without any reference to me / us whatsoever and for the shortfall we shall be solely responsible to make good of the same with or without demand by the Bank.

Duty, VAT and other charges to be paid by us at Chittagong.

Yours faithfully,


Auto Textiles Ltd.

CA - 11070904

Letter to Bank for Clearing of Goods

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