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Documents for Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Documents for Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Workers Compensation Appeals Board

Make sure that all papers are showing the Name: TITU as following the death certificate. Necessary documents for submitting death claim for workers compensation waiver for death purpose:
Genuine Death Certificate
  • Genuine Police Clearance Certificate
  • If any other verification or clearance documents/ certificate Genuine Copy
  • Workers Personal File
  • ID Card
  • Service Book
  • Attendance Register for Last 3 months
  • Time Card for Last 3 months
  • Salary sheet for Last 3 months
  • If any other payment documents for workers compensation appeals board  
  • Workers compensation waiver  after his/her death
Read All Compliance Writing in Bengali Language 

Worker Training Center

The ultimate goal of the training center is to increase worker skills, opening new field of work for workers, increase multi skilled operator, maximum utilization of human resource, reduce excess use of workers, increase workers productivity and efficiency and so on. Through training center Auto Group contributing and setting up an example to protect Bangladeshi garment sector and for their workers future safety. Every Month the training center released more than twenty skilled worker and they are working both this factory and outside. Already more than three hundred worker trained up from this training center. Workers are trained up about Machines Introduction, Threading the Machines, Cleaning Needles, Sewing Fabric for Controlling machines, machines control at maximum and minimum velocity, straight stitching for joining two small parts, straight top stitching, squire top stitching, fabric binding using folders, open and close binding, hemming small, medium and large parts, curve stitching for inseam and out seam, curve stitching for sleeve join, joining two large straight parts with point in between, joining two striped straight parts, machines cleaning system, machines maintenance, sewing defects, safety issues, cycle time reduction etc
Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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