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Several Types of Color Fastness Test In Garments Industry

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Color fastness Tests In Garments Industry

Faded colors never appeal eyes. In fact, they repel the attention of a customer who is in the search for the best product for his big day, be it is wedding event, a birthday party, bridal shower, or any meet-up plan with his old buddies. The hue of the garments speaks a lot about the interests of the person wearing it. The brighter yet elegant colors speak about the decency of the costumer and his choices. The choices about the clothes portray your whole image to the audience because it is the first thing that draws the attention of the person you are addressing to.

Similarly, the color combination of colors shows the person is too much considerate about his attire but is senseless about the color he has put on. To ensure that the end-product is liked by the costumes and to make the long-term relations with consumers, you need to deliver something to your potential customer. In case of garments, you ensure this practice by making the durable clothes which have perfect color combination, and it doesn’t lose its natural over the time.

Importance of Colorfastness for businesses

However, if a piece of textile fades away with the first wash, the customer is no longer going to buy anything from you in future, and you’ll lose costumers one-by-one. Thus, It is highly important to ensure that textile doesn’t fade away with wash and what more important is the fact how to guarantee that textile will remain natural with multiple a. With the advancements in the science and technology which is not confined only to the electronic gadgets, now the textile industry has also advanced a lot regarding technology. Numerous devices and machines have been devised to check the quality of the textile, the fiber of the textile, its strength and durability, adhesive nature of its color and many other aspects of textile quality.

Testex is a big name in the garment testing equipment market. The instruments and machines that can be put to use for garment testing are one of their in hot water products. These machines support the textile industry in maintaining the standards and quaity

Color Fastness Test 

Testex has developed different machines to test colorfastness of the textile. These machines assess the textile based on the above test and give the results which are then machinery against a set of standards.

Rubbing color fastness Test

It is one of the important tests for assessing the quality of textile. Rubbing color fastness refers to the ability to sustain the color over the long use. It refers to rubbing the textile to test how long it will machinery its color. Rubbing the textile with a white cloth which contains 95 – 105 % water content and stains on white cloth is matched with sample cards. It is a test of friction which is caused due to rubbing, and this makes the dye fall off the textile. These dye stains are compared with the samples. Testex has developed a machine for this test named IULTCS Rubbing Fastness Tester[A1] . Dry and wet rubbing tests are evaluated by Electronic Crockmeter[A2] which tests the piece of cloth for rubbing conditions. These conditions are the worst for fabric to lose its hue, so it is one of the important tests to be conducted.

IULTCS Rubbing Fastness Tester
IULTCS Rubbing Fastness Tester

Electronic Crockmeter
Electronic Crockmeter

Sublimation Test

It is another parameter to assess the quality of textile. Textile is subjected to hot/cold conditions andbased on the process of sublimation, the durability and strength of hue are standardized. Scorch Tester is a device that tests textile under different conditions to assess the strength of color and to ensure the fact that textile does not change its color when it is being ironed or washed in hot water.
Scorch Tester
Scorch Tester

Water Colour Fastness Test

Another principle to test colorfastness of the textile is subjecting the piece of cloth to water. The durability of the color and the time to which it retains the natural color determines the adhesiveness of the color. It is then assessed by the staining to other fabric and based on it certain parameters are calculated, and evaluations are made. We have seen a couple of places to not wash clothes with water rather use dry cleaning process to get rid of the stains. The dry cleaning process can also affect the natural textile color, and it is important to test cloth for dry cleaning process as well. Otherwise, if a piece of cloth loses its color, then it will have no meaning for the user. Laundreometer[A3] is another device made specifically for this purpose by Testex. It tests the textile under conditions of washing and dry cleaning so that it can be tested for all possible temperature a piece of cloth might be subjected to. This device tests the article with the standards of top-notch apparel brands. One such example is Marks and Spencers.


Weather Fastness Test

It has been seen that cloth if subjected to intense light lose their natural color because of the intensity of the energy that is being imparted to the textile particles. It is a common experience that during summers, exposing clothes to sunlight for long hours to dry them is avoided so that clothes may not lose their natural color. To cater for this condition, Testex has developed Water cooled Light and Weather Fastness Tester which assesses the piece of cloth for extreme conditions like rain, sunlight and other unfavorable weather conditions to determine colorfastness.

Durability Test

The durability of the garments is one of the important aspects of any textile industry. To ensure durability, certain tests must be conducted on the textile before it is sent to market. Garment & Printed Fabric Durability Tester[A4] is the device designed especially for the purpose. It tests the garments for durability, print durability, flock retention, creeks and collar and cuff pilling.

Garment & Printed Fabric Durability Tester
Garment & Printed Fabric Durability Tester

Taking into consideration the above and other machines that have been developed by Testex to facilitate the testing processes of textile. No consumer wants to buy a product which loses its natural appearance only after using it for a couple of days. Similarly, no manufacturer will take the risk of putting his clientele at stake by sending rough products in the market. These machines developed with high-end development techniques provide with the effective results and customer satisfaction as well. End of Color Fastness Test

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