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What is Lab Dips and Pantone Swatch and Shades of Light

What is lab dips and pantone swatch and shades of light Lab Dips and Pantone Swatch:

Swatch is part of cloth and lab dips are swatch of fabric test dyed by hitting a colour standard. Shade is color thickness of lap dip / swatch. Pantone swatch is a part of cloth. Pantone swatch is international standard. It has a book where collection of pantone swatch is kept. Pantone swatch is a list of color chart.

Laboratory Flow Chart of Lab Dip Making:

Laboratory Flow Chart of Lab Dip Making


                      Flow Chart of Lab Dp


Laboratory flow chart of lab dip making is given below shortly-
Buyer sends swatch/panton reference to buying house/merchandiser
Swatch/panton reference received by merchandiser
Entry in computer
First recipe is given by flowing swatch/panton number from spectrophotometer
First correction
Second correction
Third/forth/fifth/more correction if required
Lab dip dyeing
Grading of Lap dip(A,B,C,D)
Lap dip sends to buyer for approval
Lap dip /swatch approved by buyer
Order for bulk production
Production card with approved lap dip and recipe send to production section

Shades of Light for Colour Matching:

Shades of light varies depending on the light source under which sample is checked. For this, buyer/ customers give specific shades of light under which sample will be checked. For this the following equipment is used-Name: Verivide light box, Manufacturer: James H. Heal & Company Ltd, Origin: England.Light source: (1)D-65 (artificial day light), TL-84, F (filament light), (2)UV ( ultraviolet blue light)
Shades of Light for Colour Matching

                      Colour Matching


For shade matching or colour matching, it is very important to understand about the color tone and depth of shade.  It's also important to know about the color combination by shade of light  by which color will produce.
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