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Weft Knitted Structures of Knitted Fabric. Knit-ted Online

 Weft Knitted Structures

There are several types of knitted fabrics produced by dissimilar weft knitted structures. According to the arrangement of loops in their course and wales, there are 4 basic groups of weft knitted structures. All types of knitted fabrics are resulting from that basic weft knitted structures.
Types of Weft Knitted Structures:

    Plain knit structure
    Rib knit structure
    Purl knit structure
    Interlock knit structure

Plain Knit Structure:

Plain knit structures are used for basic T-shirt  under garments, men's vest, ladies hosiery and for fully fashioned knit wear.

*  *  *  *

*  *  *  *

*  *  *  *

*  *  *  *

Face loop

0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0

0  0  0  0

Back loop
Rib Knit Structure:

Generally rib knit structure are used for socks, cuffs, waistbands, collars, men's outerwear, knitwear and under wear.

*  0  *  0

*  0  *  0

*  0  *  0

                   1*1 Rib knit structure
Purl Knit Structure:

The purl structures are uses for children's clothing, knitwear, thick and heavy  and outerwear.

0    0     0

*  *  *

0     0     0

                   1*1 purl knit structure
Interlock Knit Structure:

The interlock knit structure are used  for underwear, shirts, suits, trouser suits, sportswear and dresses.

*  0  *  0

0  *  0  *

         Interlock knit structure

Knit-ted Online:

Knit-ted online system can be applied for knitting  and crochet stitches to monitor each machine continuously. After installing knit-ted online system knitting projects performance will significantly enhanced. Generally data is collected from each machine and customized report can be generate

Advantages of Knit-ted Online System:

    Generate Graphical Reports of knitting stitches, knitted fabric  and arts by knit-ted online
    Generate score board for knitting patterns and design
    Report need to convert into Excel file system by knit-ted online
    Machine Terminal comes with an in-built micro controller fo knitting machine
    Generate line graph, bar graph, scattered graph etc.
    Integrated information solutions and answers for knitting machines


Mainly we can classify any kinds of knitting structure of knitted fabric by appearance. Here I only given some basic knowledge about weft knit structure and free crochet patterns thant we can generally identify different types of weft knitted fabric.

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