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What is Simple Dress Pattern and function of Vogue Patterns?

Simple Dress Pattern:

Simple Dress Pattern
When some part of component of garments is made by a hard paper which is similar to that component is called simple dress pattern. There are different simple dress pattern for different parts of garments.

Function of Vogue Patterns:

Function of vogue patterns are described here-
1.    Skill level of pattern maker
2.    Technological knowledge of pattern making
3.    Analysis of garments making to consider different allowances to different parts.

Types of Clothes Patterns:

There are two types of clothes patterns are made by garments factory
Types of Clothes Patterns

Types of Clothes Patterns

1.    Block pattern or basic pattern for making a garments
2.    Garments pattern or basic pattern.

Production Sample Submission Procedure

(Stage: 1)

1. Production sample 10 pieces select from bulk cutting production on 2nd days, and it s/be selection, correction, & final measurement by pattern master.

2. Different kinds of sticker S/be attach individually as per all cutting panel like collar, cuff, sleeve, upper & lower parts etc & bundling with a special bundle card.

3. All cutting parts must be checked piece to piece as per pattern by concern cutting in charge and he will assure all panel is perfect.

4. Cutting in charge will make sure to send all sample parts separately to the sewing in charge.

(Stage: 2)

5. Sewing in charge (QC) will take proper initiative to make the sample.

6. Nominated line QC supervisor will supervision process wise to make the production sample.

If any help needed to joint sensitive process than he will inform his in charge (QC)

7. After sample making, QC supervisor will have done all necessary process work like wash required, measuring, ironing, and trimming etc, later he will pass the production sample to his in charge within 3 days to go production in bulk.

8. Production sample must be checked by in charge QC and he will assure sample is ok as per buyer requirement and signed by named.

9. In charge QC will pass the production sample to the concern GPQ within 3 days to go production in bulk.

10. Concern GPQ will check the sample properly as per buyer requirement and show to the Manager (QC & QA).

11. Manager (QC & QA) will assure the production sample                                                                                  

How to Make a Dress Pattern:

Pattern making is a highly skilled method which calls for technical skill, and a sensitivity to interpret a design with a practical understanding of garment construction. For successful fashion garments designing patten making forms the fundamental step.
How to Make a Dress Pattern

How to Make a Dress Pattern

This function attaches design to production by producing paper patterns for all components such as cloth, hemming, fusible etc. which have to be cut for completing a exact garment.

 [1] Abrar Hosain, B.Sc. in Textile Engineering, PUB

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