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In Line Inspection Report for Garments Divisions

In Line Inspection:

In Line Inspection Report for Garments Divisions
Approved P.P sample, P.P comments, approved Embroidery/Print strike off (Grading and artwork, color), Trims card, Approved washing standard, the latest size spec and updated Tech pack are the standard for the Inline Inspection. Number of Inline is depends on the color wise order qty.The problem is from Pattern, cutting, sewing, finishing or mechanical.


No of In Line Inspection:

  • 02 In Line Inspection for 1000 pcs.
  • 1000 pcs to 3000 pcs 03 In-Line.
  • 3000 pcs to 5000 pcs 05 Inline
  • Additional every 5000 pcs need to add 02 more Inline Inspections.
  • In Line has to be covered packed garments as well.
  • In Line Inspection must be covered all colours & sizes


Pattern Section:

  • Need to check:-
    Pattern grain line is correct or not. 
  • Pattern adjust as per shrinkage or not.
  • Pattern adjust as per size set adjustment or not
  • Marker is made to avoid fabric color shading or not (if required).
  • Marker checked with hard pattern 100%, before issue to cutting section or not.
In Line Approve PP Sample
Approve PP Sample


Cutting section:

  • Please make sure fabric get proper relaxation.
  • Fabric inspection done or not.
  • Before cutting pls make shade plan (country/p.o wise).
  • Fabric laying should be proper way & lay height should not be more than 3 Inc. (depend on the fabric type)
  • Marker & fabric width is ok or not.
  • 100% cut panel is checked or not.
  • Print/Embroidery part should be 100% checked.
  • Numbering properly done or not.
  • Part replacing properly done or not.


Machine check:

  • Process related correct machine used or not.
  • Machines are properly cleaned or not.
  • Correct folder & needle is used or not.
  • Gauge is used all over lock machine or not.
  • Correct stitching tension, S.P.I, Pressure adjustment is there or not.
  • Correct Mould is used or not.


Sewing section:

  • Machine lay-out & cleanliness properly done or not
  • Finished pattern is correct or not.
  • Styling is correct or not.
  • Measurement check twice in a day not.
  • All trims is as per require or not.
  • Trims placement is ok or not.
  • S.P.I is as per required or not.
  • Bundling system is followed or not.
  • Number matching is properly done or not.
  • 7/0 system & mock-up system is properly followed or not.
  • 100% front & back part check or not.
  • 100% line out put garments checking in side and top side properly or not.
  • 100% complete garments auditing properly or not.
Inline inspection Embroidery Approval
Sewing Embroidery Approval


Finishing section:

  • Need to check: Approved wash standard and packing standard is there or not.
  • During receiving from washing gmts are compared with standard or not.
  • Pressing and Steam as per the standard or not.
  • Critical measurement points are 100% checked or not.
  • Pull test done properly or not.
  • Needle detection done or not (when required).
  • Finishing process is following properly or not.
  • Proper auditing system is there or not.
  • Proper shade plan is there or not.



  • Poly bag size & printing ok or not.
  • Finishing trims are as per standard or not.
  • Folding method ok or not.
  • Folding size ok or not.
  • Carton size and marking ok or not.
  • Packed ctns weight as per the standard or not.
Printing Approval
Printing Approval


For excessive problem:

  • If number of problem is exceeded the points then we have to trouble shooting in the process.
  • First of all we should identify the problems and then go to the process.
  • Process related people & department head should be present during trouble shooting for Inline inspection .
  • If needed we should go for the counseling of In Line Inspection
inline inspection Approved Trims
Approved Trims

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