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Legal Compliance Services for Garments Workers

Legal Compliance Services for Garments Workers

Legal Compliance Services

Excessive working and Overtime hour is strictly being monitored by a Team under the supervision of Mr. Md. Khondakar Mashiur Rahman, General Manager, of this Unit. Planning department plans as per production capacity. Everyday the team member identify the highest OT taker and report to Team head, who fixes the OT hour of that worker  for the upcoming days/weeks following a chart. So Excessive working and Overtime hour already started lessening.

6S Scoring:

  • Through 6S Legal Compliance Services  issues are scored in daily basis and the floor achieves the highest score a reward is given to the responsible person.
  • It helps to improve and develop Legal Compliance Services  issues.
  • It helps to fix any problem immediately after being noticed.

Fog Light & CCTV:

  • We set up a light above all exit doors which will help to get emergency exit way even though in case of heavy smoke.
  • To make the facility more secure and keep it free from intruders/outsiders we set up 58 CCTV in different places.

Standard Fire Alarm Switch:

We have reorganized fire alarm switch and made it more standardize. A system of “breaking glass” central controlling.

File Completion in Day One:

  • From July 2012 we have started completing workers’ personal file at the first day of their joining.
  • Without the completion of personal file, id card and contract letter receiving and finally the related PPEs workers are not allowed to go to their working place.

Non-Conformities Observed by Next:

  • It was noted that some workers need to arrange the cutters by their own cost for trimming the threads from the garments.
  • We will ensure to provide all the tools to the workers free of cost.

Current Status:

  • We have developed a policy regarding the distribution of Cutter – Scissors where we have assigned some personnel to work on that policy.
  • Compliance and Welfare Team have started repeated awareness training to all workers to not to buy cutter-scissors by their own rather to urge the responsible person whenever they needed cutter-scissors. 
  • For last few months new workers have been provided Cutter-scissors at the time of their recruitment.
  • For existing workers, they are supposed to submit their old cutter-scissors to get a new one. In case of lose or damage workers must report to immediate supervisor. 

Working Conditions:

  • It was observed that the seating arrangement in the lunch room was not adequate as per the legal requirement. Follow up audit (9th January 2012) - Pending. Situation did not improve.
  • Summary Type
  • Poor hygiene conditions in toilet /canteen.

Current Status:

  • Factory management has already shifted two sewing lines from 6thFloor to 3rd Floor. As a result there remains adequate vacant place and more than 30% workers can seat together. Besides the canteen is now well equipped and decorated.
  • Hygiene conditions in toilet /canteen improved much as well as we have provided covered wastage box in Female toilet. The house keeping people are continuously working to keep both places neat and clean.

Non-Conformities Observed by Next:

It was observed that the management did not allow workers to wear shoes inside the production floors awhile as all the supervisors and senior management is allowed to wear the shoes; it is very difficult to work without shoes during the winter season, and the factory did not provide any alternatives like foot-mats for the workers working inside the floors especially for the standing workers (QC, helpers etc).

Current Status: In Progress…

  • Compliance and welfare team collectively providing awareness training to all workers regarding the procedure of getting leaves, how to apply for leave in advance, provided a contact number to urge for emergency leave.
  • We strongly discourage workers to not to absent in any case and tell Welfare>Compliance>HR team if they need leave.
  • Above all Welfare team doing inquiry on absenteeism in daily basis where if any worker found remained absent in the earlier day/s and can have a valid reason his/her leaves get approved for Legal Compliance Services  

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