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Social Welfare Officer Job Description

Social Welfare Officer Job Description

Social Welfare Officer Job Description 

Social welfare officer job description  To establish contacts & hold consultations with a view to maintaining harmonious relations between the management of the office & the garments workers. To study & underst& the point of view of the garments workers & to help the management & the garments workers to resolve their different in the spirit of underst&ing & cooperation. To deal with wages & employment matters by joint consultation with the management & the garments workers representative body. To discuss & negotiate with the top management in the preparation & implementation of different policies as require by the local low of the country & buyers COC such as Organaisation Procedure or garments workers h& books, Leave application Procedure, Maternity benefit, Disciplinary procedure, Grievance procedure.  Social Welfare officer should be recruit by Worker Welfare Board

Social Welfare Officer Job Description - 1:

  • Strong follow up all compliance related matters independently;
  • Arrange routine welfare meetings and Training, such as : WPC, Grievance, EHS,  NOW,  etc;
  • Encourage to workers to put up their grievance freely;
  • Act as a bridge between the management and the workers;
  • Aware the workers of their legal rights and others privileges;
  • Carryout AIDS Awareness Programs;
  • Maintain close coordination with the Compliance Officer;
  • Child care and Dinning / canteen room monitoring and follow-up
  • Absent workers counseling and data base maintaining;
  • Salary & wages safety & Security Procedure, Health Procedure, Accident Procedure, Training Procedure & plant. 
  • To develop & conduct the new employees orientation.
  • To update the training Schedules as per TNA (Buyer's code & low of the country) Orientation schedules as for new employees as per ISO requirements.
  • H&le the office grievance procedure as per the low of the organaisation.

Social Welfare Officer Job Description -2 :
  • Look after all welfare matters.
  • Arrange routine welfare meetings.
  • Encourage workers to put up their grievance freely.
  • Act as a bridge between the management and the workers.
  • Aware the workers of their legal rights and others privileges.
  • Ensure that the sick and ill workers receive proper medical care.
  • Carryout AIDS Awareness Programs.
  • Maintain close coordination with the Compliance Officer.

Social Welfare Officer Job Description -3 :

  • To Counsel the workers on general issues like company rules, regulations, policies, procedures and discipline.
  • To counsel the absentee workers as referred by HR department, in view to reduce absenteeism and turn-over.
  • To counsel the workers who seems inefficient and efficient workers are lagging behind efficient as referred by factory production management.
  • To counsel the workers getting responsible for quality inspection failure.
  • To counsel the listed machine operator who are responsible for alteration/repair.
  • To counsel the workers in group wise on general issues.
  • To find aggrieved workers and counsel them in view to resolved their grievance related with their ages-allowance-benefits and facilities.
  • To counsel the workers on disciplinary issues.
  • To counsel the workers on safety-health & hygiene issues.
  • To make them aware in relation to their rights and privilege, employment rules, terms and conditions.
  • To make them aware on productivity consciousness.
  • To make them aware on quality assurance improvement.
  • To maintain all training related register and documents.
  • To maintain corresponding data-records/log/registers for different areas of counseling as up to date and submit to the manager (HR & Compliance)

 Educational Requirements for Social Welfare Officer:

Graduate / Masters

Experience Requirements :

  • 1 to 3 year(s)
  • The applicants should have experience in the following business area(s):
    Garments (Woven/Apparel/Knitting/ Textiles)

Additional Job Requirements for Social Welfare Officer:

  • Age 22 to 35 year(s)
  • Only females are allowed to apply.
  • Must have good knowledge on compliance related all field such as social compliance, Technical compliance, BSCI, WRAP, GSV, etc.
  • Must have good knowledge on Audit Company ITS, BV, STR, SGS
·         Must have good knowledge about Labor Law

More Activities of Social Welfare Officer: 

In light of the devastating flood condition in Bangladesh, Auto Group has taken up various action programs to come in aid to the flood effected victims. From the management to the workers, individuals has contributed in various ways to assist those under severe condition. The compliance department from Auto has visited the major flood effected areas where the workers are residing mainly affected areas, taking photographs and video clips, creating awareness to the entire team at Auto
To tackle the situation, Auto has formed an “Welfare Team,” with members from the Workers Welfare Committee, Senor Production Staffs, Administration and Board of Directors.
The team has identified nearly 400 people, with the list being updated on a regular basis, individuals who are directly effected in the flood, who are homeless or have no means to the ever day necessities.
The company has allocated exhaustive funds to tackle the situation on a long term for both the prevailing situation and the post flood crisis.
Among the various schemes taken, Dry Food, water purification tablets, saline are being distributed to those identified effected workers. This is being distributed on a regular basis. 
Free lunch is also being provided to workers in more severe conditions. Around 800 people are being served free lunch since the last few days. These workers have lost their place of residence and belongings and are living in destitute.
In addition 35% of operator’s under welfare officer salaries will be paid in advance to help the situation.
The Office Staffs at Auto are also actively taking part in this Action Program. All Staffs have volunteered to donate one day’s salary to bear additional aid resources. Auto as a Company will double the total amount collected on this effrt to increase the volume of aid.
There is also active persuasion with local government bureaus to find suitable camps to place the workers without accommodation.
Even though the resources in hand are not enough the to cope with the magnitude of the devastation, it is an effort to assist those in immediate crisis. The helping gesture of our staffs or even the general workers coming in assistance hand by hand has helped to bring up the spirit of those effected. The team at Auto is aware of the social responsibilities that it adheres to, and will strive to contribute within its capacity to assist those in crisis. 

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