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What Is a Compliance Manager Job Description

What Is a Compliance Manager Job Description

What Is a Compliance Manager

A compliance manager job description to handle Buyer and code of conduct audit independently. To prepare Corrective Action Plan (CAP) after completing of Compliance Audit   & keep all relevant documents. Ensure all compliance issues of a fully factory Ethical compliance on daily basis. Compliance policies execute for company. Managing & monitoring employee's health, safety & environmental issues in the entire factory premises. Managing Employee and Labor-Management Relations. Monitoring, follow up and supervise to compliance officer, welfare officer, doctor and medical stuff, Fire & health and safety staff.

Compliance Manager Job Description -1


  • Obtain and institute compliance manager standards and carryout regular assessment and gap analysis for individual buyers’ compliance requirements
  • Ensure implementation of the compliance manager by the Business Unit as per the compliance manuals.
  • Carry out regular compliance manager audit in the Business Unit and put up recommendations, follow-up for implementation and provide reports thereof.
  • Provide compliance training to the concern staff as and when needed.
  • Develop and maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills on compliance affairs in the buyers’ world.
  • Strive to achieve continuous improvement and adhere to the best practices of the world class apparels industries as regards to the compliance manager.
  • Prepare and update assessment of labour rules requirement from compliance point of view.
  • Help Business Unit HR Manager in implementing compliance manager related labour laws as practicable as possible.
  • Compliance Manager Ensure and maintain a clean and tidy site.
  • Carry out any other jobs as assigned from time to time.

Compliance Manager Job Description -2


·         Compliance manager job description are to facing Social Compliance Audit buyers, such as Best Seller, GAP, H&M, SOCAM, VF, SGS, and Mundial etc.
·         Taking preparation for visit buyers.
·         Conducting and making reports to the following internal audits in monthly basis

                                                                   I.            Social Welfare Compliance Audit (Day long program)
                                                                II.            Electrical Audit (Day long program)
                                                             III.            Technical Audit (Day long program)
                                                             IV.            Audit on Firer Equipments (Day long program)
                                                                V.            Audit on Salary Sheet (Day long program)
                                                             VI.            Audit on Time Section (Day long program)
                                                          VII.            Audit on House Keeping (Day long program)

And conducting the follow up audit of above mentioned audit.
  • Compliance Manager Printing, distributing the Pay Slips and Collecting them after Workers’ signature 
  • Lefty worker communication (Letter Issue).
  • Lefty & resigned File Maintain.
  • Unpaid Resigned worker communication (Letter Issue).
  • Making respective lefty worker list for Insurance and Buyer.
  • Preparing Earned Leave bill for resigned worker.
  •  Making Resignation Bill for resigned worker and giving them payment.
  • Making Full and Final Settlement bill for workers in special case.
  • Updating different types of Internal Policy.
  • Preparing CAP for different buyers.
  • Visiting Floors and check whether any Friday documents found in the floor. if found we aware those people and seize the documents.
  • 1Talk to workers to use PPE in everyday. Make them understand about the importance of using PPE.
  • Talk to the workers and find out their problems and tell about the problems to our reporting boss in regular basis.
  • To maintain all the license information and knock the responsible person to update them timely.
  • Compliance Manager Preparing Energy Consumption data sheet for H&M.
  • Forming different types of Committee.
  • Support Welfare team to form WPC, Grievance and EHS committee and some other activities.
  • Checking up Maternity files regularly.
  • Preparing and issuing Letter for Labor Court, Solidarity association and Industrial Police (Whenever needed).
  • Follow up and set up the Fire equipments, such as Smoke Detectors, Fire Extinguishers and others. To update the fire extinguisher database perpetually.
  • Maintaining workers leave forms for buyers.
  • Updating Fire Drill records and conducting Fire Drill regularly.
  • Checking the Actual OT Sheet randomly in every month.
  • Supervising the Day Care Section.
  • Making different types of format.
  • Preparing the Injury Analysis report and chart in every month.
  • Preparing the Accident Report in every month.
  • Compliance Manager Preparing Risk Analysis Hazardous report.
  • Forwarding Daily OT status to the Head Office.
  • Follow up the “Compliance Issue” register given to each line, in regular basis.
  • Doing investigation regarding different issues.
  • Preparing workers’ statement and different types of notices.
  • Look after and set up different signs and symbols.
  • Look after and reporting about the Drinking Water Filters.

Compliance Officer Job Description -3

  • Supervise health, environmental & safety job issues 
  • Supervise human rights as per companies and country's rules & regulations 
  • Supervise all license, permit and NOC's are up dated and properly filed 
  • Supervise all files; documents are regularly & properly updated 
  • To look after whether all license, permit, incorporation certificates are available. 
  • To ensure no child labour in the factory 
  • To look after workers working hours, OT hours, payments are arranged as per rules 
  • To ensure that fire fighting drill's are regularly arranged, fire equipments are very much available in sufficient numbers & fire exit's are clearly marked 
  • To see if the toilets are sufficient and separated marking "Male" & "Female"; whether the toilets are clean & Hygienic with sufficient towels 
  • To attend workers participation committee meeting on regular basis 
  • To ensure having personal safety equipments like mask, metal gloves, sye guard, needle guard, pulley cover, goggles, ear plug, gum boot, rubber apron, ear muff for workers are working in machines & chemical stores.   
  • Responsible and trained first aid team with easy identification sign at working places with sufficient first aid box & medicine 
  • To ensure whether all workers are getting ID cards, appointment letters & age verification certificates are given to the workers 
  • To ensure if water facility marked with "pure Drinking water" are available. 
  • To check whether proper ventilation and light at working places are sufficient 
  • To ensure that workers are paid as per the minimum wages rules & regulations 
  • ensure proper coordination with the various dept head for compliance issues. 
  • Ensure proper and environmental friendly wastage disposal. 
  • Organize training programs for the workers. 
  • Ensure Fire Fighting Drill is carried is carried out at least once in a month. 
  • Ensure the regular internal audit conduct and buyer audit face. 
  • Make sure that all personal records are maintained properly.
  • Ensure that all legal benefits as specified under law are provided to the workers.


What Does a Compliance Manager Do - On-Time Shipment 


  1. Clarification: need to query for all necessary issues with buyer like fabrication/embellishment /colour’s pantone or swatch/sample’s fit comments within 2 working days and have to give dead line to solve these issue within next three working days otherwise responsibility is for buyer’s for delay procedure

  1. Make CP base on FOB: need to provide critical path to buyer within 5 working days to mention fob date subject to solve all individual issues within mentioned (in CP) time frame to achieve on time shipment

  1. Spread sheet: need to update master spread/fabric spread/printing spread and individual spread sheet within 5-7 working days after order/qty confirmation and need to provide individual spread sheet to planning, ie, fabric, cutting, production, finishing & quality team and to continue follow up with them

  1. Knit Fabric booking & in housed: make sure correct fabric booking & closely follow up each week with them and make sure delivery/in housed minimum 2/3 days ahead from the pp meeting

  1. Trims booking & in house: need to make sure trims in housed minimum 2-4 days ahead from the pp meeting schedule

  1. Audit schedule & shipment follow up: need to provide audit schedules 3-5 days ahead from the goods ex-factory date and closely follow up with commercial team

  1. Follow up: need to closely follow up with concerned team once in a day/once in a week & once in a 15 days considering the type of issues. And this is helped to achieve the goal within time frame

What Does a Compliance Manager Do - Fabric booking with correct Consumption


  1. Clarify fabrication & colour: need to make sure fabrication & colour combination within 3 working days after confirmed the qty/orders and need to feed back within 3 days & if didn’t solve within mentioned time frame all responsibilities are for buyers

  1. Forward colour swatch: need to forward colour swatches or pantone or MSCI No to lab dept along with the fabric booking or can be sent before fabric booking to get buyer’s approval from their (lab) end

  1. Arrange/collect mini marker: collect mini marker from CAD as per spec/briefed pack within 3 working days after receiving fabrication/order confirmation and finally this has to be checked within 24 hours after receiving CS approval comments

  1. Up charges issue: if fabric consumption is increased due to spec amendment / change, notice buyer for up charge within two working days after amendment received

  1. Fabric consumption: need to consider below points for accurate consumption/booking.                                                                                                  1. Fabric gsm 2.finished type (normal finish or special finish like sueding etc) 3.finished dia 4.width open or tubeler

  1. Fabric booking: fabric booking within 2-3 working days after receiving mini-marker /cad con and here need to consider 4-5% extra fabric for basic garments without any embellishment & wash

  1. Consider additional fabric: need to add additional fabric wastage considering the different type of process:  1.print: 3-5% depending upon print type   2.embroidery: 1-3% depending upon emb type  3.wash: 2-4% depending upon wash type  4.overdyed: 7% extra
  2. 5. 10-15% extra fabric if have all over printing

What Does a Compliance Manager Do - Accessories Booking for Confirmed order Responsibility


A. Trims query: need to clear trims clarification within 2 days after receiving cms/trims details. And here also need to short it out the sourcing point means it is local or imported?

B. Trims booking: within 1-2 working days if it is imported and 3-5 days if it is local after cms or trims information approval. However booking time frame is depending with number of stroke, trims type, production & delivery lead time.

C. PI collect & l/C: need to collect PI from supplier within two working days and make sure l/C within next 2/3 working days from the PI receiving date and it is essential to receive trims delivery within time frame.

D. Trims in housed: need to make sure trims in housed 3 days ahead or minimum 24 hours ahead from the expecting pp meeting schedule.

E. Trims card approval: Compliance Manager need to arrange trims card approval from buyer/RO within 2-3 working days after receiving trims delivery

Safety & Compliance

Ensure safety & compliance met at work place by fulfilling all safety & compliance requirements. Compliance manager job description are to assist in disciplining employees as and when required. Maintain clean desk policy

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