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Define Occupational Health and Safety Jobs Responsibility

Health and Safety Jobs Job Responsibilities

I would like to inform you according to the Management discussion and decision. Management decided to re-Assignment your duties & occupational health and safety jobs responsibilities. Your present re-assignment is Officer occupational health and safety jobs & partially maintains HR related Activities. Under mention your job responsibilities. You must follow under mention these areas & time to time you must update information to the management. Health & Safety Executive must be conducting the fire fighting training program for the members of fire fighting team. He will be checking the entire instrument to the security section. We should flow health and safety policy. To check up all the instrument of fire extinguisher, hose reel, etc. Maintain the entire fire fighting instrument such as fire extinguisher matter, etc.

Health and Safety Jobs Responsibilities

  • Must follow & update health & Safety Committee.
  • Must check health & safety training & awareness register.
  • PPE ( Musk, Scissor, Cutter, knife, Vomor, Eye Safety Glass, Hand Gloves, Metal hand Gloves, Goggles, Ear Muff.
  • Apron.
  • Broken Needle & Broken Needle Register.
  • Exhaust Fan ( Ventilation)
  • Needle Guard
  • Toilet & Toilet Check List ( Soap, Towel)
  • Neat & Cleanliness
  • Paddle Rubber Mat.
  • Rubber Mat ( Iron man)
  • DB Board-(Ebonite Sheet, Rubber Mat)
  • Pure Drinking Water
  • Spot Removing Room ( Exhaust Fan, PPE, MSDS-833/ Action Instruction, Eye wash Station)
  • Machine Hazard.
  • Workers Work Station blocks.
  • Garments, fabric, Finished Carton, accessories in the floor.
  • General Safety Instruction.
  • First Aid Box.
  • Loose cable.
  • Steam Line.
  • Electrical wiring covers of iron.
  • Work Station Marking/sign Attach.
  • Safety Height Limit.
  • Production Floor Temperature.
  • Emergency Exit.
  • User Identification in tag Gun.
  • Spittoon.
  • Floor & Wall Painting.
  • Pest control Register.
  • Pulley Guard Needle Guard
  • Follow H&S Related new issues.
  • Work station developed according the buyer requirement above H&S issues.
  • Existing HR & Compliance Activities.

Occupational Health and Safety Jobs Responsibility - 2

  • To check up cleanliness of all the machine of sewing, knitting, dyeing and finishing Section.
  • To check the overall cleaning aspect of the factory premises.
  • To check up the security discipline, standard of fire drill and safety.
  • To take up theoretical and practical classes time to time on fire drill and fire training
  • To check up the first aid treatment procedures, first aid box and medicine.
  • To check up the personal safety as per buyer instruction safety shoes, goggles, mask, helmet, ear plug, hand gloves, accordingly any problem or indiscipline case check them.
  • To carry the patient to the hospital in case of emergency.
  • To take care about the medicine stock.
  • To carry out any duties assigned by the management
  • Fire and safety Executive will report to Manager-Compliance for his all duty and responsibility.
Note: Need any Emergency, management can change your position, work location & may get bigger occupational health and safety jobs responsibilities.

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