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A Standard Resume of Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager

Apparel / Garments Sewing Machines and plant engineering Maintenance and New Project / utility Mechanical / Electrical / Washing units / ETP Plant up to 11 KLD / Embroidery units / printing units / Spinning units / Knitting units / Dying units / All types of general Maintenance works.

In Brief:

Ø  Hands-on Technical expertise in Total maintenance and new projects for knitwear / Suits Ladies and Gents / Denims / Washing / ETP Plant / Dry processes and all types of woven / Denim and knitting Apparels (Garments) and Spinning / Knitting / Dyeing / Printing / Embroidery / Machinery’s.

Ø  Having good experience in India and abroad total 12 years.

Ø  Excellent understanding of machines maintenance and Mechanical, Civil work, Electrical HT and LT connections / Diesel Generators, Washing units, all types of boilers up to 6 ton / ETP plant / RO plant, centralized A/C units / Embroidery units / printing units and all types of special Sewing machineries / Knitting machines.
Ø  I was handled successfully Biological Effluent Treatment Plant up to 11 KLD, I was take caring entire operations and maintenance of the ETP Plant. 

Ø  Specially trained By Juki, Japan on special machines Technical, other than all basic machinery Past experience of handling New projects for machinery installation and making layout for complete factory as per the compliance and special training for total maintenance team.

Ø  Completely responsible for successful operation and maintenance of the plant / machineries and group.

Ø  Inventor of Pintable used for knits fabric to match linings CNC cutter and auto spreading machines.

Ø  My big challenge is maintaining the zero breakdowns and reducing the maintenance and projects cost minimum 30% what you are spending on now.

Ø  New projects handling CIVIL works and electrical work to complete installing the machines and up to getting out put as per the target.

Ø  I can handle up to 20000 sewing machines group with all utility / electrical / civil / spinning unit / knitting unit / Dying unit / Printing unit / Embroidery units Maintenance and projects.
Ø  ISO 9001 SA 8000 Core Team member to implementing ISO standard for Org.

Ø  Committed, young and technically sound professional with systematic approach to work.

Ø  Daily MIS reports for all the units’ total maintenance sending MR / cc to Directors and good communicating to all daily activities.

Ø  Setting up the ECO Green (LEED) factory starting from civil / electrical works to set up the factory.

Ø  Implementing the Maintenance System TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Ø  Setting up the SOP for total maintenance and projects

Ø  I taken best General Manager Maintenance award (certificate) from Mr. R.L. Toshiniwal (Chairman of Banswara Syntax LTD).

Ø  I taken best project manager certificates from Mr. Milton (Managing Director of Cotton Blossom

         (India) Pvt LTD).

Presently working since March 2011.


Position: Group Head Plant and Machineries Maintenance / Projects.

Responsibilities to handle two countries EGYPT and DUBAI all the 5 factories Plant and Machines Maintenance and all new Projects.

Setting up the new SEWING UNIT / GARMENTS DYEING UNIT / GARMENTS WASHING UNITS / DRY PROCESSES / ETP plant capacity 750 KLD / AUTO LASER UNITS / BOILER UP TO 12 TON / ALL UTILITYS, With all advance Technology machineries like GFK laser and Ozone / Tonello / Ramsons / Tolkar .


IMPLEMENTED: TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) and OEE (Over all Equipment Effectiveness) successfully.

Set up the Slandered SOP for entire maintenance (preventive maintenance) and set up the best spear parts inventory system.

Successfully budget implementations for Sewing Maintenance / Plant and all utility / general maintenance for quarterly and yearly (including man power). I saved yearly maintenance cost 20% on total budget.

 Entire group Machineries purchasing and Negotiating prices importing machines from direct manufacturing. 

Self confidence to work and successful and I always believe in team works and reporting CEO  / Chairman.

Worked from March 2009 TO March 2011 (2 Years Completed)
(ISO SA8000 ISO 14001 and ISO 9001)

Position: Group General Manager Maintenance and Projects.

Responsibility to handling 11 factories total maintenance and technical setting new project from spinning / knitting / Dyeing unit with ETP plant up to 11 KLD / Garmenting / handling total 3900 sewing machines with all electrical / mechanical / civil works.

Purchasing new machines accordingly requirements and having good negotiating skill.
Always believe in team work and belting team to achieve the goals.

Training programs for all sewing machines mechanics and electricians / schedule for all machines / sewing / Utility / electrical / Spinning unit / Knitting unit / Dying unit / Printing unit / Embroidery unit entire maintenance team.

Having Special software to making the new projects layouts complete as per the factory compliance and as per buyers requirements.

Strongly coordinating with management and reporting to MD (Managing director).

I have set up the SOP for total maintenance dept including RND dept and CMD (Centralized maintenance dept).

Implemented TPM system successfully and maintaining zero breakdowns in all the units.  

Going abroad for sourcing the machines and garments accessories example China, Europe, Japan,

Implementing ISO9001 and SA8000 total group with DNV peoples.  

March-2007 to March 2009 (2 years)

Banswara Garments Limited (Daman & Diu)
(A group of Banswara syntax LTD-ISO-9001)

Position: General Manager Maintenance and Projects.

Responsibility to handling 3 factories total maintenance and Technical / New Projects setup the Formal trousers and Jackets and Suits units. Purchasing new machines accordingly styles and layouts setting new projects complete electrical and utility.

Making attachments in house and giving training to all mechanics to in special sewing machines like Pfaff and Duerkopp Adler Juki and utility like boiler compressor vacuum pumps and pressing unit like macpi, rotondi ramsons, veit, machines.

Maintaining spear parts stock accordingly nos of machines and doing proper maintenance in time to time all the machines. And utility / Electrical I have standard schedules SOP (Standard operating process)

Total Technical problems and how to use special attachments doing RND for reduces the man power in production floor and increase the productivity and qualities.

Implementing TPM system for all the units successfully.

Going abroad for sourcing the machines and garments accessories China (Shanghai), Europe.  

                May-2005 to March – 2007 (2 years)
                  (GRUP OF MUST GARMENTS CORP.LTD ISO-9001)

                  Position: Maintenance Manager and Projects

                                               Responsibility entire plant maintenance making and implementing the maintenance and technical systems. And machines spare parts inventory management and purchasing spare parts and Machine A' and B’ Check Service Plan (preventive maintenance) and advance making line wise machine plan and attachments, and also new projects planning.

Entire Production floor machines total no of machines 600 this range from JUKI
                          AUTO LOOP MOL-254-and APW-195 and APW 789

                          UTILTY, BOILRE / Air Compressor / ETP / Electrical HT and LT penal Servicing and doing complete preventive maintenance.

                         Handling Central- A/C UNITS
                         Handling Washing plant setting all automatic Nagai sing and Tunnelo, washing machines and handling ETP plant / RO plants.

                         Member of ISO team and also Implemented ISO-9001-14001.

            > September-2004 To October-2005 (Lee Excalibur and Tommy Denim plant 100% Denim) 1 year

                   (GROUP OF ARVIND MILLS)

                   Position: Maintenance Manager / Projects & Technical Inch   (RND).

                       Setting up the entire production floor machines total no of
                       Machine 2100 in numbers. These range from VI BE MACH SINGER
                       DERKOPP Adler.

    Responsible for machine maintenance and Washing ETP Plant / Utility / electrical / General Maintenance

o   Making & implementing maintenance plan and OPRETOR TRAINING for operation by operation take caring in entire production Technical problems.

o   Making Training Plan and training entire maintenance team reporting to me Sewing and washing Utility electrical.

o   Handling entire utility, electrical, mechanical, new projects works.

o   Making the new attachments and reducing the man power in the production floor.

o   Handling the entire washing units machines like Ramsons, Tonnelo, and Nagai sing. 

Ø  September 2003 – Septem 2004 Completed (NEW PROJECT) 1 years
Surya Nepal Pvt Ltd [ITC Subsidiary in Nepal] – John Players and
 Wills, formals (100% Shirts and Trousers).
Position: Maintenance chief Engineer & Projects.
o   In charge of setting up the entire production floor machines of 9 varieties and total 1200 in numbers.  These range from Derkopp Adler 806 pocket Setter, Brother, Macpi, and Lectra-CNC Cutting. VECTOR 5000 all auto matted machines and complete utility, electrical / General Maintenance.

o   Responsible for machine maintenance and machine uptime of the entire unit.

o   Making & implementing maintenance plan and technical supports.

o   Making Training Plan and training entire maintenance and technical team reporting to me.

o   Handling entire utility and electrical and mechanical (boiler, Air compressor, Generators 500KVA.

o   Handling total maintenance / projects

Ø  November 2001 – August 2003 2 years ( 100% Formal Trousers Levies / Dockers)

BIRLA VXL Ltd Universal Clothing, Faridabad – LEVIS Dockers Formals

Position: Maintenance Incharge &Technical.

o     In charge of maintenance, reengineering, purchasing of entire variety of machines and total 350 machines unit.

o  These range from Derkopp Adler [Including Pocket welting m/c], Brother, and Macpi. Under the guidance of KSA TechnoPak re set the plant.

o     Additionally responsible for smooth running of Utilities as Boiler, DG Set, Vaccum Pump, Compressor & Steam Lines & Electrical with general maintenance.

Ø  November 2000 – October 2001 (Shirts and Trousers etc).

SHAHI Export House – Bangalore Unit 7 – GAP & WALMART knits / Denims
Position: Maintenance In charge and Technical.

o   As part of maintenance team I carried out maintenance as per need & schedule and complete cutting dept manager and Utility ETP plant for washing unit,

o   To maintain FK sytema Italy in CNC cutting [3 in number].

o   Hands on maintenance of JUKI, BROTHER, Pegasus, yamato Kenningleiser & RAMSON washing unit for a 1500 sewing machine unit.

Ø  December  March 2000 – Oct0ber 2000
GURUDUTT Garments – Pune
Position: Plant Maintenance Inchare. 

o   Carried out efficient maintenance as part of Technical Team for a 115 machine unit which consists of JUKI, Kansai Special and Union Special and utility.

           ¬ Special Training
              JUKI Technical Training attend in JAPAN Tokyo all special sewing
                 Machines- Mar-2006,

                  *   Derkopp Adler by German Technician
                  *   FK System CNC Cutting by Italy Technician
                  *   Brother by Japanese Technician in Electronics PCB
                  *   Other Machine learnt on the Job
                       Macpi press

             ¬ Additional Achievements

                All types folders and attachments developing in house.
                Projects / Maintenance cost reducing and on time completing.
                Creating work shop in-house for developing the machines parts.
                Have special software for making the layouts and electrical plans for
                Complete Projects.

           ¬ Education

B.E. Mechanical Engineering from Visvesvarya Technological University, Belgaum (Karnataka State) year of passing in 2000.

Diploma in for sewing machines and TPM / OEE from JUKI JAPAN Tokyo. Year 2006.

  • Windows XP 2000 / windows 7 and MS Office and internet excel ms world Etc.
  • Maintenance Store machine spare parts inventory managements for special software AMS / FIT.

Date of Birth


Fathers Name
Sh. Kashipathi
Marital Status

Languages Known

English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil & Marathi, Bengali, Arabic.

Permanent Address

No.207 Jai Maruthi Nagar,
Nandini layout, Bangalore – 96.

Passport Number

Place : Bangalore (India)



References: 1) Mr. Shaleen Thoshiniwal (Director of Banswara Syntex LTD)

                       2) Mr. Harinder Lamba (Director of Must Garments Corp LTD)

                                                      I ALWAYS BELIVE in GROTH IS LIFE

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