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HR Manager Job Description

HR Manager Job Description

HR Manager Job Description
HR manager job description s are implement and monitor the Auto group HR plan and policies in the factory and provide full and professional HR services to the factory. Prepare, plan and implement a recruitment and selection program in line with the Group’s policy and procedure. Advise and guide the other managers of the factory on organizational, employee relations, communication as well as grievance handling issues. Ensure congenial IR (industrial relations) environment in the factory and provide appropriate advices while dealing with workers' representatives. Develop and update compensation and benefits structure of the factory and undertake all related activities as per the Groups’ policy. Ensure maintenance of effective HR manager job description and information system in the factory. Take on proper leave management system in the factory. Maintain Organogram as per company policy.

HR Manager Job Description

  • Carry out performance management of employee.
  • Maintain proper disciplinary action as per law.
  • Implement and monitor factory’s admin, security and other policies as appropriate and develop those further.
  • HR manager job description to maintain close liaison with other Companies of the Group and exchange relevant information.
  • Maintain close liaison with all the relevant Govt. offices, Employers' Association and other National Trade Bodies.
  • Implement the compliance policy and procedures and sustain the code of ethics throughout the factory. Ensure safety and compliance activities in workplace.
  • To ensure and maintain a clean and tidy site.
  • Carry out any other jobs as assigned from time to time.
  • Supervise monitor activities of the dept.'s officers/ executive's on regular basis.
  • To supervise activities of the security section ensuring safety & security of the company.
  • Supervise activities of the cleaning section to find whether the factory inside & premises are properly cleaned
  • Supervise common facilities like wash room, transportation, dinning, PA systems are properly functioning.
  • Supervise local purchase, indent, requisition, wastage sales, construction & development works are smoothly running in the factory.
  • Supervise disciplinary state of the factory employees and take instant suitable action.
  • HR manager job description to recruitment & Selection of factory Manpower.
  • Sanctioning & approving leave to employees as per policy.
  • Termination, Discontinuation & Dismissal of accused employees.
  • Assign job to the officers/ executives in the department from time to time.
  • Signing bills, memo, quotations, advance, loans for approved works.
  • Overall responsibility of factory administration, human resource & compliance matter
  • To review performance of all staffs/workers from time to time and arrange salary enhancement, promotion, confirmation or discontinuation for suitable cases
  • To recruit required personnel in various designation as per approved manpower.
  • To ensure security matters are properly functioning in the factory
  • To act as management representative and liaison with different local & govt bodies  
  • To coordinate & ensure social compliance & employees welfare matters
  • To approve leave as per corporate leave policy
  • To maintain discipline in the factory, take appropriate action against undisciplined workers
  • Monitor, Supervise employee’s attendance (absent-present state)
  • Handing of conflict, grievance & take necessary action along with other dept. managers
  • Providing Indent, Requisition for goods/materials required for the project
  • HR manager job description to attend workers participation committee meeting effectively as per schedule on regular basis
  • Coordinate, recommend and approve payment/ advance/ loans for employees as per policy Arrangement of event management, annual program, festivals and ceremonies in the factory.  
  • To assist/ participate in designing / formulation of policy/ standing order procedure of Human Resource Management
  • To identify pilferage, security lapses and other irregularities and take disciplinary action
  • To supervise and monitor proximity attendance system of workers & staffs of the factory on regular basis and to ensure that there is no lapse
  • To monitor that all admin, hr & compliance related data, records, reports, formats, statement, rank and files, books & registers are properly prepared & maintained
  • HR manager job description to analyze training needs, develop & coordinate training, orientation scheme in the factory
  • To monitor that all appointment letters for new hires are properly made and issued
  • Together intelligence/information about workers/ staffs on any adverse attitude, morale, behavior, grievance, disputes on disagreement and adoption of SOP and coordinate action.
  • Provide them logistics support as required when & where necessary.  
  • Buyers are valuable. So, engage best level effort in satisfaction of the buyers. Ensure fantastic 33. Housekeeping & looking compliance issues  
  • Maintaining good relation with the local community. Work for social welfare and assisting development work for society.
  • HR manager job description to provide support to anybody who need help.  

HR Manager Job Description- Admin/Executive

  • Office Guest entertainment.
  • Arrange Tiffin for the workers.
  • Communicate with the Bus Suppliers and arrange Buses for the workers.
  • Arrangement of final settlement and the document properly.
  • Incentive, Conveyance, target and all kinds of monetary matters properly distribution received from Accounts Department and timely distribute to the Workers and staff.
  • Issuing Gate Pass.
  • Issuing Vehicle Pass.
  • Collect Leave Form.
  • Make all the workers Appointment letter (Bangla & English)
  •  Every month checked the salary sheet prepared by Accounts department.
  •  Maintain the CCTV of the factory.
  •  Every month maintain the payment of the resigned workers.
  •  Maintain resigned workers register.
  •  Prepare clearance form for the employee who is leaving.
  • To communicate with the new workers after interview and entry their name in the register.
  •  Cleanliness of the canteen.
  •  Arrangement of cleaning of overhead and underground water and safety tanks.
  •  Communicate with the production department about daily over time.
  • Communicate with the Bus suppliers and arrange Busses for the workers.
  •  Check the bus register and trip every day.
  •  Communicate with the workers personally regarding the welfare matters.
  •  Everyday check: I. Water supply of the factory, II. ETP, III. Bus timing,
  • Maintaining the cleanliness of the office, canteen and toilets.
  •  Properly file keeping.
  •  Look after and control the cleaner’s work.
  •  Every month check the salary sheet prepared by Accounts department.
  •  If any worker sick personally looks after those sick workers, take necessary steps and report that case to senior.
  •  Everyday 1-hour stays in the canteen to ensure the safety, security, hygiene, discipline.
  •  Leave register maintain (C/L, S/L, E/L, W.O.P., M/L. posting)
  • Write down the new workers name in to the register and put properly the card number.
  • Collect the list of the persons who is interested to be the member of Provident Found.
  • Preparation of all kinds of documents for the personal file.
  •  Fill up the Application Form of the workers.
  •  End of the year calculate the E/L of every worker.
  •  Maintain the Master Register of the worker
  • Maintain Security Supervisor Jobs  
  • Maintain the pending duty list.  
  • Maintain attendance Soft wear. 
  • Every month prepare the attendance sheet for workers salary. 
  • Preparation of Absent Report. 
  • Preparation of all kinds of ID cards. 
  • Arrange yearly assessment for the workers and send to related dept. 
  • After increment make increment letter for them. 
  • Arange increment statement for accounts dept. 
  • Preparation Filing and disposal of Increment Letter, Promotion Letter award letter etc. and sending to respective persons.

HR Keeper Job Description

  • Maintain daily attendance record in registers and time cards.
  • Ensure proper proximity cards punching during IN & OUT by standing near the proximity machines.
  • Check physical presence of present workers/staffs dept. wise by head counting.
  • Prepare absent list and serve/inform it to administration department.
  • Notify any kind of attendance related claim to Admin department and get it solved and keep record.
  • Helping in issuing new joined employee’s time card.
  • Calculate the working hours, OT hours showing accumulated balance
  • Maintaining keeping old reports & records that may be use in future
  • Preserve the old Time card for reference if needed in future.
  • Support in preparation of employees Salary & Overtime. Preserve the time cards in the Box. Ensure oper proximity card punching.
  • He will be report to factory HR head.

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