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Security Supervisor Job Description

Security Supervisor Job Description

Security Supervisor Job Description

Security supervisor job description is to monitoring the Security Guard are well uniformed or not. Monitor and supervise whether the efficient Guards are being posted in important post/area or not. Supervise the Guarding staff joining in their duty in timely or not. Redistribute the duty of the guarding staff in anybody absent or on leave. Inspect frequently the important duty posts. Timely inform to Admin department or Factory head if any foreign buyer/visitor comes. Assist Security Inspector to Preserve and examine security related documents. Coordinate to put into effect of any order related to Security from Higher Authority. Monitoring whether the Gate person and Gate article Register are properly maintained or not. Protect strictly the prohibited articles in the project area.

Security Supervisor Job Description - Incharge

  • Sincerely perform while assigned to sub-contract and lounload of fabrics.
  • Help to Sale, Registration or Buy land or related management.
  • Follow the direction of HR & Admin.
  • To ensure security measure.
  • He will be report to factory Admin head.

Security Guard Job Description

  • Ensuring safety & security of the project
  • Ensure the safety and security of any kind of wealth and property of the entire project.
  • To resist any unauthorized people to come inside the factory.
  • To check workers/staff/visitors body/language while coming on duty as per given guidelines from the admin.
  • Maintain register khata, files and documents, recording daily activities
  • To inform admin about presence of buyers/sr. Management staffs/ GM /Director/MD/ Merchandising  in the gate.
  • Security supervisor job description for ensuring workers/staffs movement with valid ID cards and gate pass approve by the admin
  • Checking the I.D Cards of workers/staff and ensure that no workers/staff entered in the factory without I.D card.
  • Provide support to the salary/wage/OT payment, carrying of goods, purchasing fuels etc as advised by the admin department.
  • Ensure to lock the main gate & always prevent entrance of unauthorized person
  • Protect strictly to have/taking Drug, Betel leaf or Cigarette in the project area.
  • Sincerely perform while assigned to sub-contract and load/unload of fabrics.
  • Help to Sale, Registration or Buy land or related management.
  • Follow the direction of HR & Admin. to ensure security measure.
  • Security guard will be report to Security incharge /officer.

Manager and Security Guards

In order to assure the effectiveness of the factory’s security plan, the commission of all the security chief manager/officer/security guard should meet the following recruitment requirements:

Factory has to verify the background/past history of the security candidates
  • No criminal records Good physique
  • Holder of Security Guard Permit/Qualification.
  • Passed the professional training for security guard.
  • Employed by professional security companies or troops.
  • Periodical on job training to strengthen the security awareness

Security awareness and CTPAT Training program for the employees

  • To give a general idea regarding what is CTPAT? Why CTPAT is so important for us?
  • What is security threat? What are the activities which will help us to work safely?
  • If anyone discover any suspicious activities taking place whom they should inform immediately.
  • General Counseling regarding wearing ID card and uniform.

Security awareness and CTPAT Training program for the Security Guards

  • To guard the insertion of illegal / unauthorized materials/ product tampering into the factory.
  • To guard against the unauthorized entry of any person.
  • To handle recognition? Reporting to suspected illegal conducts activities by any employee.
  • To give a general idea regarding what is CTPAT?
  • Why this is so important for us.
  • Frisking and checking of ID card of each and every employee.

Policy for 7 Point Checking

All shipment must document their preloading, 7 Point container inspection program including visual inspection of container wall, floor, ceiling and door for any signs of tempering or malfunction prior to loading. All security guards would be trained on 7 point checking.

Procedure for Challenging unauthorized I Unidentified

The security Personnel will be very alert to identify any unauthorized persons entering the factory. The unauthorized person would be stopped in the main entrance and ask the purpose of the visit. His ID card would be checked for proper verification. If the verification is correct he would be directed to the appropriate person/department after proper documentation of his personal details in the register kept in the main gate. If his identification can not be verified then GM (Security and Admin) would investigate his identity. Under no circumstance any one would be allowed to enter in the factory without proper identification. If any illegal person is identified then he would be handed over to the law enforcement agency for proper investigation and necessary action.

Security Supervisor Job Description - Inspector

  • Plan, monitor & supervise total Security system of project.
  • Put into effect of any order related to security from the factory administration.
  • To inform/explain new policies, rules and office orders to security guards working under him to follow accordingly.
  • Ensuring that the security InCharges/Commanders/Guards/ are doing their duty sincerely and according to the guidelines given by the admin.
  • Regular supervision of all posts are properly functioning & guards are present on the duty post in all the 03-shift.
  • Supervise if there is any security leakage & solve them in discussion to the admin.
  • Maintain security related, documents, files, registers and examine the security related documents on regular basis.
  • Ensuring that all security staffs know how to use fire protective equipments & arrange fire drills on regular basis for the s/guards
  • To ensure proper care to the Buyers/ V.I.P Guests/Visitor/community people as per the admin guidelines.
  • To investigate, gather intelligence on in disciplinary issues & inform to admin to take necessary action.
  • Allocate/relocate security staffs duty post & change responsibility from time to time as per security policy.
  • To ensure factory law & order situation, discipline among the workers are peaceful in association with the admin dept.
  • Provide supportive role in salary/OT payment, event management, buyers/guest visit, emergency subcontract, fuel taking etc as required by the admin.
  • Working as a supportive section of the dept of administration. Provide security support when & where necessary as per requirement & instructed by the Manager HR & Administration (project).
  • Provide security support when & where necessary as per requirement & that is accepted by the admin guide lines.
  • Maintain Good relationship with local people for better coexistence.
  • Security supervisor job description to provide necessary support to the suppliers/ subcontract parties.
  • He will be report to security incharge/officer.

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