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QA QC Jobs in Garments and Textile

QA QC Jobs in Garments

QA QC Jobs

Qa qc jobs in garments are to Follow-up Fit/Size set/P.P/Green seal Sample Inspection/App & Buyer comments. Follow-up to internal size set Garments & make the comments for bulk cutting permission with pattern correction (if needed). Follow-up trims & accessories inspection as per the standard. Arrange the pre-production meeting & discuss critical/major issue with all responsible person & make a comments by the record. Follow-up Fabric inspection as per 4 point standard. Follow-up In-Line, Mid-Line & Final inspection as per the Buyer standard as like Follow-up/control & ensure the print, Embroidery & Washing Quality.The QA Manager is one of the most important personnel responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Quality of the output garments. QA Mgr has to ensure that all the systems for ensuring the quality standards are being followed properly.

QA QC Jobs in Garments for Manager

  • Analyze the daily quality reports from the quality control staff and take corrective measures if required.
  • Liaison with CCFEL for quality concern information
  • Implement corporate quality policies throughout the company
  • Discuss the daily quality reports and charts with the BOM and update him any corrective action taken and discuss the quality related problems.
  • Develop and implements new quality programs within the available resources.
  • Take the necessary actions on the feedback from the market and QASIS reports from CCFEL.
  • Make Summary of these samples reports send by CCFEL and presents to BOM.
  • Update the corrective actions plan which has been developed after conducting quality audit manually.
  • Make inspection of incoming raw material. In case of any dissatisfaction rise due to the quality matters pursue the suppliers if required.
  • Ensure the implementations of Coca-Cola quality system implants. (CCFEL).
  • Ensure the corrective actions plans are initiated
  • Check calibrations of gauges and equipment
  • Training of QC staff.

QA QC Jobs in Garments for Manager – 2

1) QC Allocation

a. QA Mgr has to allocate the Q/C’s in Cutting, Sewing as well as Finishing lines.

2) Reporting of all En-post, final and roving QC’s.

a. QA Mgr reviews the previous day’s reports prepared by En-post, Final and Roving Q/C’s.

b. QA Mgr also prepares the root cause analysis based on previous day’s report for the defects encountered and takes necessary steps to eliminate the source cause of the defect.

3) Close monitoring of line QC’s.

Quality Assurance Manager has to do close monitoring of line En-post and final

Checkers to track the defects very soon and take corrective action immediately.

4) Cutting Audit

a. The QA Mgr has to go through and review the previous day’s report. He goes through and reviews all the reports being filled up as well as cross checks physically with the running Laying, Cutting, Bundling, Numbering, Fusing, etc.

5) Sewing Cross Audit (10:00 AM)

a. This audit is done by the QA Mgr during presence of Technical Mgr and Production Mgr. He randomly inspects 32 Pcs from any of the two sewing lines. In case of defects encountered, the root cause of the defect is found and is solved in the line itself.

6) Quality Review (11:00 AM)

a. The QA Mgr attends the Quality review every morning at 11:00 AM, where he inspects garments from packed cartons to observe any issues regarding defects, shade variation and measurement issues. Any issues encountered are highlighted immediately and corrective action is taken.

7) Performance evaluation of all QC’s.

a. The QA manager has to go through the DHU reports prepared by the Q/C’s and cross check them to analyze the performance of the Q/C’s.

8) Sewing Random Audit (Morning & Evening)

a. The QA Mgr. has to conduct Random audit for every line. He checks 7 pcs randomly for defects. Any issues encountered needs to be rectified then and there itself.

9) Washing Audit

a. The QA Mgr goes to the washing section and checks garments randomly for Shade, Hand feel, Washing damages, Color bleeding. He conducts random audit for measurement also

10) Review and account of Killed Garments.

a. The Killed garments are observed by the QA Mgr. He maintains a record for total no. of killed garments and cross checks with the CCR and takes necessary steps to ensure that the no. of packed garments should be equal to the Order Quantity.

11) Finishing Pre Final Audit

a. The QA Mgr has to conduct an audit for the Pcs packed between 3:00 PM (previous day) to 3:00 PM (current day). First he has to conduct SKU Audit for checking the Packing accuracy based on AQL 2.5 standards.

b. The audit is done for garments packed in these cartons as per AQL 2.5 Standards. He has to select the garments randomly from selected carton. He has to check minimum 3 pcs from each size for measurement issues.

12) Daily counseling and training for QC’s.

a. The QA Mgr has to conduct counseling and training sessions for the Q/C’s to ensuring their level of understanding for identification of defects and motivation for their job responsibility.

13) Direct reporting of roving QC.

14) If any finishing row failed continuously, have to do the audits himself and observed the improvements.

QA QC Jobs in Garments for Asst. Manager

  • Develop & implement the new system & follow-up QMS, QSP, SOP & all kinds of management system for better Quality/productivity.
  • Quality planning, Controlling & communication with buyer.
  • Monitoring all section including print, Embroidery & Washing. Find out the Quality related problems & immediately solve that problems.
  • Control the minimum defect on finish Garments.
  • Responsible & ensure overall Quality standard of the factory as per Buyer requirement.
  • Work closely with buyers QC on Quality requirement & make arrangement with them when to conduct In-Line, Mid- Line & Final Inspection.
  • Daily defect summary report follow-up & discuss which production responsible.
  • Follow-up internal audit report & take necessary action plan.
  • Monthly defect summary report analysis & make corrective action plan.
  • Monthly FRI summary report analysis & make corrective action plan.
  • Monthly schedule basis awareness training & train up QC & QA people for better
  • Performance .
  • Maintain & storage necessary QC Jobs record/document by the customer.
  • Make preventive action plan for better Quality & productivity.
  • Make corrective action plan for Buyer visit & audit (if needed).
  • Mail communication with Buyer & Factory relevant people (if needed).
  • To follow-up Technical Audit & Buyer visit.
  • Follow-up QC Jobs schedule for regular shipment with Quality full garment’s as per Buyer
  • Requirents .Any kinds of Critical/Major issue communicate & discuss with management

QA QC Jobs in Garments for Controller

  • Control qa qc jobs in garments 
  • Check out if the products are in accordance to the buyers decision sheet.
  • Check if the products are in accordance to the Order Sheet.
  • Check if the products comply with the Measure Sheet and sample.
  • Ensure maintenance of quality at every level.
  • Make frequent visits across the floor and if any fault is revealed then the same must be pointed out immediately.
  • Inform the PM in writing if some fault is revealed during the production process.
  • Ensure that all uncut thread is properly trimmed in the finishing section.
  • Ensure that stickers are applied properly in the Polly.
  • Ensure proper ratio and assortment during packing.


Standard Operating Procedures of QA Manager for New Style

Roles and Responsibility of QA manager for A New Style

  • He collects the buyer approved Red tag sample along with measurement sheet and approved trim chart.
  • He collects Technical report for all the technical aspects of all the style which has to be followed during production
  • Meeting is called of his team like Roving QC, Cutting QC, Sewing QC. And he discusses all the Technical as well as critical aspects of garment.
  • Technical aspects like notch mark, fusing temperature & run time, any other special instructions.
  • Critical Aspects like Att waist band operation is critical and needs to be monitored regularly.
  • In this meeting he gives instructions and responsibility to QC.

Instructions given by QAM to Cutting QC.

  • Fabric Relaxation (fabric should be relaxed for 48hrs.)
  • Lay inspection
  • Marker Inspection
  • Cut panel and bundle audit
  • Fusing machine Temp and Run Time
  • Cleaning of fusing m/c

Instructions given by QAM to sewing QC

  • Assign QIN to all machines
  • Checking of trims and thread.
  • Checking of machine for oil stains.
  • Preparation of mock up for all critical operations.
  • Random inspection of operations.
  • Bundle control.
  • Uncleared Operator list.
  • Follow-up of uncleared operators.

QC Performance Report

QAM evaluates the QC and makes a QC performance Repot on basis of which QC’s are councelled and if required are sent for training.

Defect Reduction Drive

QAM is most important member of Quality Reduction Drive.On Basis of OQL report made by QC of the line maximum occurring defect is identified. And root cause is found. On this basis Root Cause Analysis Report is made and Necessary action like counseling or training is done for operators, machine adjustments and setting, solving of Technical issues are done.

Standard Operating Procedures of Roving QC

Whenever a new style starts in a line Factory QA Manager calls for a small meeting with The Roving QC, inline QC and end line QC. Where he discuss the style with buyer approved red tag sample. He identifies all the critical operations and allocate or assigns responsibility to roving qc and other qc accordingly. As the line layout is done for the new styles. Roving QC assigns a Quality identification number (QIN) to all the machines. He hangs a tag on machine with QIN written on it.

Checking of trims

Roving QC will visually display merchandiser approved trim chart in the line, Though Trims inspection is done by QC in stores but again he cross checks the trims with Trim chart. He also ensures that correct thread is used for the operation. As the input is taken and bulk production starts for the new style. They work accordingly to the responsibility assigned by the QA manager.

Roving QC Check Procedure
  • The roving QC follows the QIN and randomly selects a check position.
  • He takes the last completed bundle of that operator and randomly select 7 pcs from the bundle to check the quality for that particular operation.
  • He checks the pcs for :
  • SPI, Thread tension – checks the SPI and sees that it is locked
  • Sewing defects like puckering, uneven stitch, broken stitch etc.
  • Measurement checks are done as per the technical meeting report.
  • Technical report is made by the technical manager at pre production meeting.
  • Number mistakes – checks whether operator is following serial no. or not
  • Shading & Fabric Faults checks whether there is any fabric faults or parts shading.
  • If no defects are found he clears the operator and goes to the next random QIN and if any defect is found.
  • He calls the Line manager or Supervisor and hand over the bundle to him and then Hangs a Red color tag on machine with ‘UNCLEARED OPERATOR’ written on it.
  • He also issues 3 red color cards to the operator for 1st, 2nd & 3rd follow up
  • The Supervisor then along with the operator checks the bundle and get the defective garments repaired from the same operator the QC will recheck the garments and if found ok will do the follow up 3 times. 3 times he will come and check the bundles and will collect the red color follow up card which was earlier issued to the operator.
  • If all the 3 follow-ups are ok then only roving QC will remove the Red Tag from the machine and praise the operator for her good work. And moves to the next QIN for same procedure.
  • If it is not ok the same procedure is repeated again and If required the operator may be sent to the counselor who councils the operator.

Reports made by Roving QC
  • Random Number table record.
  • Random Inspection record.
  • No of uncleared operator.
  • Bundle Control Sheet


QA QC Jobs in Garments for Inspector

  • Collect Measurement Sheet from Quality Inspector prior to commencement of work of any particular style.
    In case of confusion or failing to understand the Measurement Sheet or design. Then the same should be clarified from the QC or PM. 
  • When a work of a new style begins, every process work will be checked. 
  • Check correctness of measurement during output checking.
  • Those process which undergoes many alterations, the operators will have to be briefed time and again. The QC and PM will have to be informed about the same.
  • In case some operator keeps on failing on some process causing many alterations, the same has to be reported to QC and PM.
  • Monitor the shading work.
  • Ensure proper marking and back stitch.
  • Maintain hourly output record for qa qc jobs in garments

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