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Describe Fabric Inspector Jobs Responsibility

Describe Fabric Inspection Responsibility

Fabric inspector jobs 

Fabric Inspector will randomly go and select 10% of the fabric rolls with respective supplier Lot wise and color wise.Before starting the inspection he will take approval from merchandiser for face side of fabric. Inspector will take the roll and start the fabric inspection Procedure. For Inspection he follows American 4 point system. In 4 point System normally 40 points per square yards are acceptable But for Better Quality Auto Fashions accepts only 19 points.1st step is that he will cut 7 inches full width of fabric roll and check for selvege- to – selvege and center to side shading. For beginning strip.He will mark “B”

  • In 1 yardage, max 4 points can be given but for fabric hole straight forwardly 4 points will be given
  • For Fabric defect identification he will put a red arrow sticker and also tag on the selvege of defect side.
  • He will cut one strip from center and end like beginning To check for selvege- to -selvege and end to center shading.
  • He will compile all data in fabric inspection report.
  • After making roll wise report. He will calculate the points with formula given and declare the auditing result.
  • He will submit the inspection report to lab incharge for further analysis.
  • If Inspection is passed fabric will proceed for cutting.
  • If Inspection is failed. Inspector will do another 10% inspection and submit the reports to lab section incharge.
  • He will keep all the head – ends and records with respective buyer wise. 
  • He will flow the guidelines for fabric inspection procedure 

 Process Flow Chart for Trims Inspection

 Process Flow Chart for Trims Inspection

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