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General Manager Job Description Sample for Textile

general manager job description sample

General Manager Job Description

General manager job description is  to Hold regular Production Review Meetings with the department heads such as Store, Knitting, Batch Preparation, Dyeing and Finishing, Quality Control, Maintenance, etc. The agenda for such meetings should include review of actual performance versus plan, identification and resolution of co-ordination issues arising during the previous day by means of face to face discussion between the managers concerned, identification of potential problems which could lead to significant deviations from plan in the future and taking necessary steps for the resolution or avoidance of such problems.

General Manager Job Description – Knit Textile - 1

  • Review Planning and Production performance of the Factory Incharge on a regular basis.
  • See the PMC team in Formulating and maintaining a realistic Production Plan for bric Division
  • Maintain close liaison with the Marketing department and make sure that they are informed well in advance of all customer orders where there is a likelihood of the committed delivery date not being met, in order to enable them to negotiate fresh dates with the customer.
  • Review on a regular basis information relating to order acceptance received from the Marketing department, and provide necessary feedback from the production point of view, ie., where the acceptance of particular orders leads either to over-burdening of production capability or to a less than optimal use of the company’s facilities.
  • Review daily reports showing production performance for each area and compare actual performance with area goals.
  • Review on a daily basis reports relating to product quality and level of wastage and rejects. Inquire into the reasons for wastage and reject levels in excess of established norms and take remedial action where necessary.
  • Investigate the reasons for material deviations from production targets and take steps for the removal of bottlenecks and the solution of problems leading to sub-optimal performance.
  • Keep under constant review complaints received from customers relating to product quality, late deliveries, etc. Ensure that such complaints are attended to promptly and effectively. Maintain a close liaison with important customers with the objective of receiving feedback as to quality, service, etc.
  • Conduct ad hoc walkthroughs from time to time in the factory premises with a view to monitoring safety procedures, general housekeeping, and maintenance/repair work currently in progress and with the general objective of maintaining open the lines of communication between him and all levels of staff.
  • Review regularly reports relating to equipment availability and utilization. Take steps to remedy problems leading to low equipment availability or utilization.
  • Investigate incidences of plant stoppages caused due to equipment failure or non-availability of specific equipment due to other reasons. Take steps to ensure that the equipment in question is brought back on stream with the minimum of delay.
  • Occasionally review forecasted spare parts and consumables requirements of the maintenance department.
  • Keep under constant review the performance of all site facilities and utilities. Provide guidance to ensure the smooth and cost-effective functioning of all site facilities and utilities, eg., power generation and distribution, steam and compressed air generation, effluent water treatment. Help Identifying key performance criteria such as production, distribution and cost per unit as compared with plans and with generally accepted benchmarks, wherever applicable.
  • working closely with the Directors, establish key performance indicators to facilitate the monitoring of production performance for the areas under his control. Design and implement suitable management information reports, which show actual performance compared with plans and with generally accepted benchmarks, where applicable.
  • All departments at the factory for operational matters relating to the areas under his control ad for administrative and personnel-related matters.
  • Customers of the company for attending to inquiries regarding order progress and for attending to complaints regarding product quality.
  • Equipment suppliers for maintenance and enhancements of plant and equipment.
  • Relevant government agencies for matters relating to labor affairs, factory inspections, customs, etc.
  • Supervise to Managers of the all department head.
  • Indirect Supervision of the Staff of each Department.

General Manager Job Description – Knit Textile - 1

  • Act as the Chief Executive of the factory.
  • Responsible to ensure proper maintenance of accounts.
  • Ensure payment of wages of all personals of the factory.
  • Make sure the timely increment of the workers.
  • Monitor all the expenditures related to the factory.
  • Ensure that the factory remains operations and functional at all times.
  • Implement all the policies and guidelines of the management.
  • Maintain discipline of all members of the Factory.
  • Address grievance of all members of the Factory.
  • Regulate all kinds of leave of all Factory members.
  • Ensure all codes of social and ethical standard as specified under law and the company.
  • Recruit new workers as per Selection Procedure.
  • Maintain close liaison with Production Manager and other members of Factory Management.
  • Organize training for the workers.

Asst. General Manager Job Description - HR & Compliance (Apparel Industry)

    • Observance of day to day Compliance related activities in the Factory.
    • Train & supervise all Individuals in order to ensure day to day Compliance issues as per Bangladesh Labour Law.
    • Preparation of all kinds of documents for Audit as per the requirement of Buyers.
    • Conduct of all kinds of Audit with the guidance & advice of GM (HR & Admin).
    • Follow-up of post audit activities and take appropriate action by sending CAP (Corrective Action Plan) as per Buyer’s Requirement on behalf of GM (HR & Admin).
    • Organizing Workers Participation Committee (WPC) Meeting, Complete Minutes of Meeting and circulate it to all the members for further steps.
    • Closely Monitoring of Fire Protection matters for the prevention of unwanted incident.
    • Ensure & Advise Counselling/ Welfare Officer for the preparation & payment of Maternity Benefits within the scheduled time as per law.
    • Conduct Meeting with Health & Safety Committee and circulate the Minutes of Meeting.
    • Renewal of all License yearly and keep ready for Audit.
    • Handling of all Labour Court Activities as per Bangladesh Labour law.
    • Sending of all reports to BGMEA, Labour Ministry & other Labour Organizations.
    • Plan & Co-ordinate the Grievance Handling Procedure in accordance with GM (HR & Admin).
    • Brief GM (HR & Admin) about all kinds of Compliance Violation which may affect Buyer’s COC & Labour Law.

Job Specification of Asst. General Manager:

    • Must have Masters/Graduate from a reputed University of Bangladesh or Abroad. Individuals with MBA will be given priority.
    • Must have 4-6 Years Experience in any export oriented and reputed Manufacturing Company Specially in Garments Sector.
    • Must have sound knowledge on HR Policies, Buyer’s Compliance issues and Bangladesh Labour Law.
    • Should have excellent speaking and writing skill in English.
    • Must be proficient in handling of Computer.
    • Age limit is 30-40 years.


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