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Store Keeper Job Description

Store Keeper Job Description

Store Keeper Job

Store keeper job description is Maintaining the proper storage of yarn, dyes & chemical, spare parts, stationary and other materials. Prepare all stock report for stock control.ensures that delivery, transportation, handling and storage of all materials are properly managed. Maintains information on uses, storages and inventory of all production materials. Manages warehouse layout optimization, facilitating material and waste flow. Store keeper job description act as the co-ordinator among the different . Departments for ensuring continual production. Supporting the environmental management representatvie in providing resources adequate. To achieve environmental objectives and proper Implementation and maintenance of the Environmental management system.

Store Manager Job Description

  • Store manager job description to help the Dept. Head for planning of all monthly plans, rolling plan & daily plan
  • To help the Dept. Head for making various sort of comparison/variants analysis to achieve production targets.
  • To make note and keep a following up priorities & important tasks.
  • To co-operate the dept. head in making various reports.
  • Work Order Receiving for Merchandising Dept.
  • Work Order Distribution to all concern Dept.
  • Fabric Type Selection/Collection from Knit. Dept. Head
  • Batch Plan Making & Distribution (Dept. Wise)
  • Order wise Lab dip Listing, approval collecting and status making
  • Stock Report follows up (Yarn Stock, Dyes & Chem., Greige Fabric, Finish Fabric Stock, etc.)
  • Store manager job description to make correspondence with other dept. for pushing cyclic work of oduction
  • Different message from different area is to distribute getting from the Phone & E-mail.
  • To keep updates & exact status of material & production for fair feed back to production team & management.
  • To co-operate the Merchandising, Commercial, Audit & IT Dept. in various dealing.
  • Production summary report preparing (daily, monthly & yearly).
  • Work orders provide daily stock report collect and summarize. Time to time inform to the dept. for priorities & important tasks. Co-operate the dept. for various dealing.
  • To help all types of administrative job.

Job Responsibilities and Job Description of Ast. Store Manager:

  • Good knowledge about trims and fabrics. 
  • Coordinating with production, merchandising, accounts and logistics departments to ensure smooth functioning of all activities. 
  • Goods inward, Quality, Storage & out ward. 
  • Heading and organizing the store. 
  • Day-to-Day Stock Record and Control of Material. 
  • Day-to-Day Material Issue to Concern Person and keeping the record of the same. 
  • Responsible for material receipt (raw materials, packing material) received from vendor, Material inspection as per invoice. Making GRN. 
  • Co-ordination with manufacturing team. 
  • Follow-up with vender for material discrepancy.(for any damages / shortages). 
  • Inventory checking. 
  • Transporter bills checking. 
  • Dead stock disposal.

Job Responsibilities Of Cleaner

  • Maintain cleanliness of the work station.
  • Keep toilets clean and odor free.
  • Clean the factory premises before the production hour commences.
  • Clean factory premises before it closes down in the evening.
  • Always keep cleaning materials handy.
  • Responsible for health and hygiene.

Job Responsibilities Of House Keepping Supervisor

  • Supervise the cleanliness of inside factory & out side roads of the whole project.
  • Supervise that cleaners are working properly.
  • Supervise that cleaners are assigned with specific cleaning job.
  • Ensure that all the Toilet/Washroom of Factory Building are well clean and
  • Hygienic.
  • Ensure that all Machineries are cleaned on regular basis.
  • Supervise the cleanness of Floor, Store, Office room, Mosque and the premise of others area.
  • Look after cleanness of all drains/suarge line of the project.
  • Proper administration of the cleaners, cleaning checkers ensuring they are working properly.
  • To supervise all cleaners are on duty wearing their dresses.
  • Ensure proper cleaning of the factory, good housekeeping, report on cleaner’s administration, aintaining discipline.
  • He will be report to factory Admin head.

Job Responsibilities Of Peon

  • To carry files, dasks, official papers and books, etc. as and when required from office to residence office and vice versa of the officers to whom he is attached.
  • To attend to the office work (including carrying messages/orders) at the residence office of the officer to whom he is attached.
  • To attend to any other official duties which may be assigned by the officer to whom he is attached.
  • To return the signature pads after signature of the concerned officer to Issue Branch.
  • To attended to any other official calls of the officer he is attached to.

Job Responsibilities Of Driver

  • Regularly checking if the vehicle is fit & all license/permits are renewed & up dated properly.
  • To supervise activities of helpers for cover van
  • Ensuring all license, permits & NOC's are properly kept in the document box of the vehicle
  • To drive vehicle’s as per scheduled duty roaster
  • To ensure safety & security of the employees while in driving
  • To strictly follow the traffic rules & regulations and no violation is acceptable
  • To fasten the seat belt while in driving
  • To ensure regular servicing and proper maintenance of the vehicle
  • To report on any incidence/accident if happen in any time
  • To maintain log book as per given instruction
  • o ensure CNG /FUEL cost per unit within the acceptable costing range
  • To shoot day to day minor troubles of the concern vehicles
  • To ensure license, permits are renewed timely
  • He will be report to Admin head or assigned person.

Store Keeper Job Description

Maintain the store work proceedings.Receive items as per ‘Chalan’ before allowing goods inside the store. Ensure proper stacking of goods inside the store. Ensure all goods are preserved as per let down guidelines. Maintain all records pertaining to stores. Issue goods against proper demand slip. Goods issued out be subtracted from store balance. Ensure the store is not jam-packed. In case it gets out of its capacity, then the same should be brought to the notice of the factory manager. Ensure the store remains free from pests.

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