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What’s are The Fabric Cutter Jobs Description?

Fabric Cutter Jobs Description

Fabric Cutter Jobs Description

  • Cutter jobs In time 7.50 Am.
  • Achieve target by 8.00 pm.
  • Defect unit per hour.
  • Housekeeping.
  • Safety issue (hands gloves).
  • Help to place actual marker selvedge to selvedge.
  • RQS Procedure maintain.
  • Kaizen.
  • Efficiency in fabric cutter jobs
  • Oiling & cleaning cutting machine, checking sharpness of cutting blades.
  • Help to write down size ratios and bundle management.
  • Cutting fabric according to marker and to short out reject parts & panels to rectify.

Job Responsibility of a Cutting Manager:

The daily job responsibility of garments cutting manager is listed here.
At first cutting manager entrance in factory 7.30-7.45 Am.
Follow the all manpower present condition.
Follow input status Ready input for supply to sewing line.
Check the line input status.
Check to schedule & priority schedule.
Check to textile fabric RFD condition.
As per fabric & schedule planning to daily cutting plan.
Print & Embroidery status & plan to Print & Embroidery priority required.
Communicated to merchandiser production section, Textile and Washing.
Weekly meeting with Marketing, Textile & Factory.
Control the all section Administrator.
Arrange to training for awareness production compliance.
Information shearing to (fabric & cutting related)  sewing, finishing,   Quality section.
Communicated to factory manager for all issue/schedule Administrator & technical issue extra & sometime local buying Qc.
Total manpower 220 person all work responsible & in utilities.
Cutting manager Attend to monthly co-ordination meeting for development process 

Job Responsibility of a Asst. Cutting Manager

  • Responsible for understanding the fabric, pattern, fabric defects and all pre - cutting activities.
  • Effectively and efficiently monitor the entire activities of the Cutting Department.
  • Responsible for fabric consumption.
  • Responsible for bulk cutting and necessary pattern changes if required.
  • Cutting production planning, scheduling, balancing, bottleneck management 
  • Meeting production targets and delivery deadlines 
  • Training and development of staff, multi-skilling, motivation 
  • Quality garment cutting to specifications and standards
  • Responsible for spreading process, fabrics, cutting internal control.

Job Responsibility of a Jr. Cutting Manager:

To prepare detailed production schedule.
To liaise between top management / buyers and the middle management.
To feed sewing sections smoothly with regular inputs.
Guide sewing sections by providing them with prior knowledge of the fabric/ cutting defects.
Train and guide subordinates for maximum efficiency and minimum cutting losses.
Prepare various reports for top management.
Responsible for over all discipline and order of the cutting  department.   
Liable for failing cutting schedule.
Responsible for any kind of mistakes regarding cutting.
Liable for cutting wastages higher than acceptable limit.
Training of the cutting staff for improved performances.
Responsible for any loss or damage of the material, machinery, equipment etc. Of the cutting department. 

Job Responsibilities and Job Description of Cutting QC:

  • Quality control workers test, weigh, measure and inspect raw materials, parts, products or processes for defects and deviations from stated specifications.
  • They often use measuring instruments and create records of their findings. 
  • Quality control employees also analyze data and make computations to determine test results.
  • Quality control workers label, segregate, discard or reject items that fail to meet specifications in accordance with their firm's procedures. 
  • They notify supervisors or other personnel of product and production problems and help with solving them.

Organogram and Steps of Employee’s Promotion (Cutting Section)

Cutting Manager Organogram

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