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First Aid Policy and Procedures for Garments

First Aid Policy and Procedures

First Aid Policy for Garments:

This first aid policy is applicable for all the employees of Auto Group to get initial treatment in case of having any kind of injuries in the work place. This policy establishes guideline for the deployment of first aid kits and the administering of primary health care in case of accidental injuries or incidence of bad health; at Auto Group to enable the provision of medical first aid treatment and follow-up minor injuries at the work place. The goal is to provide supplies for appropriate care for minor injuries. Check and Read in Bengali Language 


The law requires every factory and office to maintain a supply of medicines and health care equipment to tackle emergencies that may occur. In addition there are potential hazards in factory work involving machines, chemicals, needle, and so on. So the company has to be equipped to face emergencies that may arise.

First Aid Policy:

  • Anyone who suffers from health problems or any injury is eligible to receive first aid policy.
  • All offices and factories of the Auto Group will maintain the number of first aid kits in the proportion of the number of the people, as stated in the law.
  • All offices and factories will have staff who are trained in providing first aid during emergencies and these people have to be identified and recognized by all.
  • The company will ensure replenishment of stock at all times.

First Aid Policy and Procedures:

  • To encourage and promote a safe work environment with manageable stress levels.
  • On the first aid box there are the names of the authorized persons who have proper security training to medicate someone when necessary.
  • The box should be kept locked to make sure that, none of the medicines and equipments are being misused or stolen.
  • The supplies for the first aid boxes will be regularly checked by the authorized persons to make sure that, sufficient supplies are there and those are not expired.
  • In case of any sort of severe injuries which can not be treated with the first aid supplies in that case the employee should be taken to in house doctor quickly, if not available then to  take to the nearest hospital.
  • The first aid box will be kept at the place where people of one specific floor can easily come and take the help of the authorized persons to treat the initial injuries.
  • Every week the authorized persons will scrutinize the first aid boxes to make sure the availability of the sufficient supplies and if required they will inform to the Welfare Department. Welfare Department will purchase the necessary supplies for the first aid boxes and maintain the first aid policy and procedures


First aider are not  legal medical practitioner. As per law no medicine of any sort that needs to be consumed or injected cannot be prescribed by any other person then a legal medical practitioner. First Aider is a person trained only on procedure where he uses method on injured person to stop deterioration of injury or to keep the person alive till medical help arrives. In this context AUTO GARMENTS (PVT.) LTD as a policy does not keep any sort of consumable medicine in our First Aid Box, Only consumable items available are :
-    Oral Saline
-    Antacid Tablets
Other consumable medicines are available in our Medical /Ambulance room that will ensure
first aid policy and procedures

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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