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C Tpat Checklist & C Tpat Training For Garments Procedures

C Tpat Checklist & C Tpat Training

C Tpat Checklist

Detailed c tpat checklist and c tpat training program on each process of operation in each working area / department is listed in this security plan as part of standard operation procedure. Such procedure shall clearly define what an employee in different working capacity should do to achieve the objective of security. All employees, including management and workers, are expected to have a thorough understanding of the security plan, familiar with the operation procedure. Education on awareness and training on practices on supply chain security issues are conducted in the following manner. Small group meetings will be held periodically to permanent employees as refresher on Supply Chain Security. Managers are responsible to ensure all criteria listed in this plan are properly carried out.

C Tpat Training:

Orientation and familiarization of the security plan will be conducted to every employee and in case of new employee, on first day reported to duty.


Security Officers nominated is responsible to carry out inspection on all security devices and implementation of the system.

Periodical Review:

Periodical review on employee’s knowledge and application of this security plan will be conducted.

Policy for handling of suspected or illegal activities

PROJECT STITCH is very much aware and conscious to tackle any kinds of destructive situation as well as illegal activities. Naturally, PROJECT STITCH remains more cautious to overcome any unexpected situation. Therefore following procedure regarding suspected and illegal activities are to be followed:

1.      All the security posts to remain alert round the clock for inside and perimeter security so that they can identify any suspected person or movement.

2.      Nobody is allowed to get inside without proper identification.

3.      It has been instructed to all workers regarding quick information to the admin dept. or security for any suspected incident or suspicious person.

4.      If any suspected person is found inside the factory,

                                               i.      He will interrogated by company security guard and administration department. Unauthorized persons will be detained for further action.
                                             ii.      Unauthorized person shall be handed over to the DEPZ security or police with valid reason.
                                           iii.       A general dairy to be entry in local police station.

5.      If any suspected materials is detected
                                               i.       Initially those materials will be cordoned by own security force till any competent representative of DEPZ or local police authority come. So that nobody can come across.
                                             ii.      As soon as possible DEPZ security and local police station should be informed.
                                           iii.      All employees to be removed from that particular place to the safe area.
                                           iv.      Materials to be handed over to the local police in presence of DEPZ authority.
                                             v.      A general dairy to be entry in local police station.

Procedure for Surprise check/unannounced audit

The factory authority adopts appropriate measures to ensure a good standard security in all the vulnerable places in the factory. To ascertain the adopted measures the responsible persons of administration and personnel dept with the instruction from higher authority undertakes the activities mentioned below:

                                        i.             A surprise security is found to undertake spot checks suspecting any activities against the security of any area of the factory. It includes the identity checking in different workplaces, stair and gate.
                                          ii.         Checking any section for the authorized persons are working or not.
                                        iii.         Checking for whether any person is disappeared without permission for considerable time.
                                        iv.         Observe closely the interaction and discussion not concern to the production.
                                          v.         Checking for the ID card for any unauthorized persons.
                                        vi.         In a certain day 5 to 10 workers/employees are picked up while entering or leaving the factory to check whether anybody is carrying any harmful thing.
                                      vii.         In a certain day one of the stair is cordoned to check for any unauthorized persons.

2.       The surprise checking team with the involvement of the packing In-charge opens few cartons in random basis to check for any harmful teams.

3.      The team checks suddenly while containers are being loaded or unloaded. It checks whether the cartons are intact.

4.      The team surprise checks the lock and seal of the containers while loaded or unloaded.

5.      For any discrepancy regarding the said matters the administration with help from personnel department take corrective and legal action as per the decision of the higher authority.

Procedures for Imports:

Incoming shipments containers should be opened in front of C & F agent, Commercial person and Security and Store person. Any Incoming shipments should be checked and confirmed with Import Invoice before taking inventory by store team. After unloading any shipment, it should be counted by store team and should be checked, compared and confirmed with Import invoice. After confirming, a Challan should be made and should be signed by store person, security and commercial person for confirmation. If any shortages/Overages will be there in shipment, Store team should inform Commercial, Import Department, Production GM and to Merch dept immediately and it should be recorded style wise, Invoice wise.

Procedures for Exports:

Any shipment is to be exported should be checked and confirmed with Commercial invoice before loading by store team. Shipments should be counted at Cover Van while loading and it should be recorded style wise, truck wise. After completing loading, a delivery Challan should be made and it should be signed by store person, commercial person, security and Truck driver for confirmation. If any shortages/ Overages will be there in shipment, Store team should inform to Production GM and to Commercial dept immediately.

C Tpat Checklist on Materials and Information Flow

  • According to the container loading of Ctpat security guideline, all the workers and security guard should comply with the ruling in order to assure that the security system can execute effectively.

  • When all goods and materials (including raw materials, mechanic equipments, stationery, commodities, etc.) enter the factory/warehouse, it should be security checked and verified. All the related documents should be kept for tracing.

  • All workers have the obligation to assure that no unauthorized people or unidentified/illegal materials enter to the factory’s province.

  • In case of finding some unidentified/illegal materials enter the factory; the worker has to report to the nearest security guard or security supervisor immediately.

  • Since all the departments have their own necessities, so in order to have a clear stock list, the supervisor or the top management should approve and record down all the details before extracting or written off the materials.

  • Should not expose factory’s documentary to third party unless having a mutual understanding/agreement with the buyer. Otherwise, all unauthorized people are not allowed to call out any documentary from the factory.

C Tpat Checklist Notice Specimen for all Departments

1. HR & Administration Department
3. Security Department
4. Entrance Guard
5. Reception / Mailing Room
6. Office
7. Production Workshop
8. Packaging Department                               
10. Cargo Loading
11. Raw Materials Warehouse                                   
12. Finished Goods / Storage Warehouse
13. Parking

C Tpat Training

  1. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the security plan, all the doors, pathways, workplaces and warehouse are suggested to add in the video camera to monitor the activities in the factory. This set up is only for security purposes instead of affecting worker’s activities.

  1. In order to ensure that all the workers understand the whole security plan, factory should provide some training courses to the worker annually (suggest to be on the quarter of each year). For all new corners, the security guideline of the related department, the administrative officer has to explain clearly the whole factory’s security plan to the new corner. The training should include:

a)      The method to handle unauthorized person access to secure area.
b)      Educate the employees to suspicious cargo, people, situations and anomalies.
c)      Encourage, recognize and report suspicious cargo, people, situations and anomalies.

  1.  Specific training should be provided to the employees on

    1. Who handling incoming mails and parcels
    2. How to identity & and report on the overage, shortage or un-manifest cargo

  1. The security chief officer should establish and maintain a threat awareness program so as to educate and update the employee periodically the smuggling trends, seizures and information on terrorist threats.

  1. The Security Compliance audit or drill should be carried out annually. All the workers, including the supervisor and top management, should participate in this Security Compliance audit or drill. All Security Compliance audit or drill should be recorded and kept for at least 12 months.

  1. In order to enhance the security plan continuously, all workers are encouraged to express their opinions or suggestions on the security plan. He/she is free to bring out their suggestions to their department supervisor, the chief security or the top management by all means.

C Tpat Training Process

A competent member of garmentspedia conducts the training workshop on Cptat quarterly for every level of employees. Facilitator explains the purpose of security system and provides necessary guidelines to follow and ensure secured work environment. The facilitator also explains about the procedural security system. The workers are also given tips on what to do in case of an emergency.

C Tpat Training Program

C tpat training program includes the following:
• General Security System,
• Procedural Security,
• Crisis Management,
• 1-landling of Security Equipment
            • First Aid Treatment.
• Key Contacts
• Emergency evacuation plan

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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