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Cptat / C-Tpat Security Guidelines for Security Guards

Cptat  C-Tpat Security Guidelines for Security Guards

Cptat / C-Tpat Security Guidelines

The cptat security guard should report about cptat and hand over all lost employee’s badge or other personal Belongings they found during the patrol to chief security and record those findings. They should inform the GM & Administration Department simultaneously. In case of finding the working procedure of any department may cause instant security crisis, then the security guard should provide corrective recommendation to the related department and report to the chief security for record and file. Before/after working hours or after all the workers leave the factory, the security guard should conduct security inspection on all departments. He/she should inspect all the security devices and record the date and time of the inspection. All the security guards under cptat rules  especially the entrance guard, should always observe and identify the badge of the employees whether it is matched the employee’s identity in order to ensure that no intruder enters the factory.

  • Security Guards also have to follow point 1-9 in the “Code of Conduct for Employees”.

  • Always be punctual and keep as a good practice. Punctual to work and well prepare the task to Hand over to the Security Guards of next shift

  • Every day, before all the workers enter the factory, the cptat security guard should personally unlock the doors and carry out security and fire safety check in order to assure that all workers are working in a safe working environment.

  • Every patrol, the security guard should inspect all the monitoring TV are well function, and all the emergency exits and pathways are unblocked

  • Security Guard will conduct security inspection after all workers leave the factory, after the Inspection is finished; all the doors/exits should be locked up by the cptat security guard.
  • The security guard should always be alert and periodically trained so as to reinforce the security Consciousness. To know more about C-Tpat please visit this link C Tpat Audit Checklist 

C-Tpat - for Visitors and Employees

  1. All visitors should register with name, identity card number, company name and the visiting purpose
  2.  Issue a Visitor Badge to the visitor after his/her identification has been verified by the relevant department. All visitors are required to display the visitor badge in a visible position.
  3. The date and time of entry should be recorded. Before the visitor leaves the factory, the visitor’s badge should be collected and the time out should be recorded. All visitor records should be kept for at least 12 months.
  4. All employees should show their employee’s badge to the entrance guard when entering/leaving the factory to maintain c-tpat rules
  5. For employees who ask for leave and outgoing employee should present their approved ‘Leave Permit’ to the entrance guard for verification before leaving the factory.
  6. In case of any in-cooperative situations, the entrance guard should report to the Security Manager or relevant department immediately for assistant.

 C-Tpat Policy for Visitors, Delivery and Transportation Drivers

A separate register is maintained by security for the Visitors who come to the factory to meet different personnel. Their name, purpose of visit, person whom they want to meet, time of in and out, reasons are recorded in a register
The person of factory whom visitors want to meet should be informed by security. Then the person of factory whom visitors want to meet should give his/her consent whether to meet the visitor or not. Then the C-Tpat security will record the details and initiate the visit by issuing a temporary Visitors Card accordingly.

C-Tpat Procedures to notify customs and border protection in cases where anomalies or illegal activities are detected or suspected by the company

GARMENTSPEDIA is always having high regards regarding the law of the land and guideline provided by the valued customers. Due to some unavoidable circumstance such as dacoits, terrorist activities or unwanted incidences the relationship between Vendor and buyer may be affected badly. So GARMENTSPEDIA is very much alert and agile that if such things take place GARMENTSPEDIAis determined to report the same to law enforcement agency and customs department so that the actual course of action can be taken as per provision of law.

Any illegal activities are detected or suspected outside the premises regarding to shipment, GARMENTSPEDIA will inform Buyer’s forwarder and to Buyer as well if requires. GARMENTSPEDIA is determined to take help of the law enforcement agency as well.

Any illegal activities detected or suspected inside the premises in any form, Admin dept reports to top management accordingly and record such type of activities. GARMENTSPEDIA is determined to take help of the law enforcement agency as well.

Cptat Key Control Policy

  1. All keys when not used must be in possession of Duty Supervisor of cptat Security Section.

  1. When issued to any one and returned be recorded.

  1. At night after closing of factories and stores the keys be handed over to unit-I and be drawn back on following morning by Duty Supervisor.

  1. After closing and sealed of store /factories keys for any emergency purpose keys cannot be used without prior permission of chief of Security of GARMENTSPEDIAFashions Ltd unit -1/2.

  1. Loss of any must be informed immediately to Chief of Security. Duplicate key will be used to open the existing lock or broken and be replaced with a new lock.

C-Tpat Guidelines for Office

  1. All employees must wear employee badge in the office.
  2. Dept. managers are responsible for unlocking the door before work and locking the door after work.
  3. All documents should be filed into the file cabinets properly when it is not being used currently.
  4. All documents on the desks should be covered to avoid information disclosure.
  5. Non-departmental workers or visitors without accompany of workers must not be allowed to enter the dept. Contact with dept Manager and C-Tpat Security Officer if any suspect or stranger is found.
  6. Security guard must on duty at the office during lunch time to avoid criminals or suspects breaking into the office to place restricted objects or steal the property/information of the company.
  7. If any stranger inquires the information of the factory by telecommunication or e-mails etc., do not disclose any information, and report to the department manager and security officer immediately.
  8. The passwords of computer and access to network/system must be changed regularly.

C-Tpat Security Code of Conduct for Employee

  1. All employees must wear their own employee’s badge inside the factory premise and should be hung on the front chest to enable C-Tpat security guard to verify their identity easily.

  1. All employees are prohibited to carry any contraband goods into the factory. In case the Contraband goods are discovered, factory will report and hand-over the case to the Police.

  1. All employees have the responsibility to keep own employee’s badge and identity card properly. No employee is allowed to keep or safekeeping other employee’s employee badge or identity card.

  1. In case of damaging or losing the employee’s badge, the employee should report to the personal officer for record and reissue the employee’s badge immediately. Same procedure is applied to the employee who loses the identity card, report to the personal department. The personnel of the personal Department will accompany the employee to go to the Police Station for reporting loss of ID card and applying reissue the identity card.

  1. All personal belongings are prohibited to bring into the workplace. During working hours, all personal belongings should be locked in his/her own drawer or locker.
  2. In order to enable factory’s management to check the exact number of attendees, all employees must punch their time card when entering or leaving the factory. To punch the time card for other employee is not allowed.

  1. Either sick leave or annual leave, all employees should submit a leave application for the leave request. For sick leave, a doctor’s or hospital certificate is required.

  1. Even for the occasional leave, all employees have to submit a leave permit and must wait for the management approval before leaving the factory.

  1. All employees should always stay in his/her workplace during the working hours; should not go to other departments unless in emergency or special job duties. Otherwise, the employee will receive cptat security inquiries and need to explain the reason entering to other departments. All are very important policy for c-tpat systems

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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