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Sample Corporate Governance Policy for Fashion Industry

Sample Corporate Governance Policy

Corporate Governance Policy:

This policy will govern the way the full group will design all its other policies, working principles and procedures. Thus this is applicable for the Board of Directors.  The management and all employees, every one of whom is expected to gear their activities in a way that they are aligned to these policies that set the foundation of governance philosophy of the company. Every company/ organization needs to have a set of principles which will provide the framework within which it will operate irrespective of what avenues of businesses that it may diversify into. These are the values of an organization. The following policies are needed to be created to reflect the corporate values.

Sample Corporate Governance Policy:

  • strive to achieve zero garments defects in production (adopt 6 sigma approach – i.e 1 in a million pieces)
  • that will attain process excellence in all the ways that it operates
  • become a company that is well respected and regarded not only within the sector, but by entrepreneurs and professionals of all other sectors in the country
  • be a company that will contribute significantly to the economy of the nation and provide employment and livelihood to many tens of thousands of people and subsequently households
  • be a company that is goal driven and target oriented, where good work is appropriately recognized
  • be a company with impeccable and accurate financial records, credibility and sustainability
  • be a company that is compliant with legal requirements of social and environmental compliance and which goes beyond that in its efforts to be compliant with global best practices
  • be a company that does not compromise in its ethics
  • be a company that recognizes long tenure of service and loyalty
  • be a company that recognizes talent and provides scopes for rapid career development
  • be a company that contributes effectively in CSR and to environmental and community development
  • be a company that provides a motivating and enjoyable work environment which instigates better performance

Regulations & Procedures:

These policies will be kept in mind in conducting business at all levels at all times.
All employees and management will be made to believe in these principles and adopt them to their work.
These principles will be kept in mind when delivering all other policies and standard operating procedures.

Responsible Parties:

Primarily – the company owners and Board of Directors
All senior management – for incorporating this spirit at all level
All employees – for following it

Feedback & Control for Corporate Governance Policy:

The policy will be communicated through –Meetings, Corporate policy mails and Policy publications. Contentious review of the work of all departments against these principles in quarterly performance reviews of corporate governance policy.

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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