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What is Garment Process Audit and Standard?

What is Garment Process Audit and Standard

What Is Standard?


Internal quality audit procedure Standard is to be approved by the internal customer. We all need to follow the standard at all the stages of production. In manufacturing at a time each dept. Plays a roll of customer and the supplier, as example when cutting dept takes  fabric from the stores at that time stores is the supplier and the cutting dept. plays the role  of customer .  But when cutting dept. Issues the cut s to the production at  that time cutting the supplier. For factory like stores , cutting ,sewing ,washing & finishing they need  standard that  standard can be copied from approved standard, but it s/b seal & sign by factory qc department.

For the buyer production all marking pattern to be withtin . Should be seal & sign by factory qc department. All  over lock machine to have proper Gauge. All sewing machine should have mock -up.  Mock – up  should have  style no-  process name – thread  color name – thread tex no,  s. P. I. &bthe guage of the needle

What Is Training?

  • Training means to improve the performance of the processes and person.
  • With proper training knowledge and skills can be improved.
  • We at buyer conduct our internal training for all of quality dep’t every week.
  • Training need identification
  • Scheduling training
  • Providing training
  • Evaluation training effectiveness

What Is Spat?



What Is Auditing Process?

Process means how we are run the set standard. There should be a well defined & trained process to deliver the standard. With right kind of process we can achieve desired quality production. Buyer quality department  follow bellow  process –
  • internal pp meeting
  • factory pp meeting
  • fabric inspection
  • accessories inspection
  • pilot  production
  • in-line inspection
  • pre-final inspection
  • final inspection for auditing process


What Is Audit?

There are two kinds of audits.
  1. process audit
  2. product audit


What Is Process Audit?

Process audit is basically auditing the already set processes. This is to establish that correct processes are being followed. During audit if any process is missing then corrective action plans need to be set for continues improvement.


What is Internal Quality Audit Procedure?

Quality audit has to be done on random selection bases.This is to establish that the production is matched as per approved standard by the customer. In buyer we do following quality audits:-
Pilot run inspection

Engr. Kh. Mashiur Rahman

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