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Confirmation Transfer Separation & Redundancy Policy

Confirmation Transfer Separation & Redundancy Policy

Confirmation Transfer Separation & Redundancy Policy:

These policies are applicable for all the employees of AUTO GROUP. To closely monitor the performance of new employees and take developmental /corrective action at the initial stages itself. Also to govern the ways by employees get confirmed and how steps can be taken for their separation and redundancy when needed, in a manner that is consistent for all.To fulfill the requirements of the different business units and to train up the existing work force, sometimes organization require transferring employees to other business units. Besides this, also it is required to follow a clear guideline regarding confirmation separation and redundancy; that is why this policy has been formulated. 



Employees will be on an “Introductory Period” of 3 months, from the date of their appointment within the organization or as mentioned in their Appointment Letters.
However for higher level positions, direct confirmed employment may be considered as well, if management chooses.
If the management considers it necessary, the “Introductory Period” can be extended by 3 months followed by 3 months more and if the employee’s performance is still not found satisfactory, the services of the employee would be discontinued.
An employee on “Introductory period” may be terminated from service for consistently poor performance or may resign from the Company with only 1 month notice period either way, in lieu of which, each party would compensate the other with 1 month’s full gross pay on pro-rata basis.


Regulations & Procedures:

Procedures for confirmation
  • The employee will be informed of his/her introductory period through the appointment letter.
  • His/ her performance shall be closely monitored by his/her department head/ reporting supervisor.
  • An employee on completion of “Introductory Period” will be evaluated by his/her reporting supervisor through a formal “Confirmation Appraisal Review Form” within the last 15 days of the introductory period. The Head of the Department who would be responsible for the appraisal would forward it to the Human Resources Department for the final approval. HR will also generate a reminder to the respective Head of Department to complete the evaluation within the deadline.
  • The aim of the monitoring and appraisal is to ensure that, there is regular feedback to the employee about his/her performance.
  • An employee on Introductory Period will be kept informed of the evaluation and counseled to improve his/her performance through a formal feedback session within one week of the evaluation, by concerned department head.
  • Casual Leave can be taken from the first month of the employment with adequate proof. Other Leaves can be availed through taking permission of the upper management.
  • Calculation of PF and Gratuity will be started from the date of joining, but the PF deduction will be made from date of confirmation of service.
  • All employees will receive a minimum 5% increment in gross salary on confirmation automatically, unless there is a specific clause in the appointment letter stating a higher/lesser/ 0 percentage.
Procedures for Transfer                                 
  • Employees can be transferred from one department to another if the management prefers so, with the consent of the employee.
  • Conversely, if an employee wishes to work in some other department other than the one in which he/she is currently working, then in that case, he/she may apply to his/her current reporting supervisor requesting the change, and also inform HR Manager of HR Department of the desire.
  • HR Department would then coordinate with the Head of the Department to which the employee wants to be transferred to, to see if there is any need for any additional staff there,
  • If a requirement is found to exist, and if the employee’s qualifications and skills matches the requirement, and if the Department where the employee is currently working is willing to let him/her go, then only can the transfer take place.
  • Normally, the transfers will be lateral moves maintaining the same designation, and once the employee proves his/her capacity at the new job role, in 6 months’ time, the person‘s position may be reviewed and uplifted.
  • Without fully transferring an employee to a new department, additional work load can be added on to an employee if he/she is deemed capable of taking that load and skilled for that task. If such happens, then, management may consider enhancing the person’s remuneration or providing some other kind of financial incentive, even if that be from somewhere between appraisal cycles.
  • This additional financial incentive will only be a token enhancement, and will be provided as a psychological booster. If the employee can prove him / herself, then he/she will be rewarded in the next appraisal in the due way with promotions if applicable and financial enhancements commensurate with the appraisal score as given in the appraisal policy stated later.
Switching between companies within Auto Group
  • A person can be transferred by the group from one of its companies to another by official decision issued by mail and by transfer of file and signed authorization of Director HR, and the Director responsible for the factory from where the person is being transferred out and also approval of the director responsible for the factory being transferred to.
  • However, no employee can quit working at one unit of the group, and then go and join in another unit, unless 6 months have gone by (in case of workers), and 1 year, in case of a staff.
  • The persons who have been dismissed on disciplinary ground cannot be taken on board any of the other units unless with the written permission of the MD for staff, and Director of the unit from where the person had been dismissed.
  • The persons who have been terminated on medical grounds can be taken by another unit following the 6 month and 1 year rule.
  • The persons who were terminated for behavioral issues can only be taken back after permission from Director HR.
  • Any persons working in one unit who joined without disclosure of previous work at any other unit of the group can be dismissed immediately on grounds of concealment of information and deception.


Responsibilities Parties:

HR Department and respective department of the employee will responsible for implementing this policy


Communication & Implementation:

  • Policy will be communicated through mail notifications to all and subsequent explanation by department heads to team members
  • Also will be explained by HR team members
  • Policy book will be provided to all department heads for reference



HR Department will make monthly report on employee join, transfer, separation and so on and keep records in the personal files of the individuals. Based on upper management decision there can be some exception of this policy.

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