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Standard Operating Procedure for External Audit Process

External Audit Process
External Audit Process

For better understand, this external audit process has been divided into two parts. PART #1 before starting of finishing new style. PART # 2 - After starting of packing. If store section observe some discrepancy, lading should be stopped immediately and inform the FACTORY HEAD for the same. Re-loading will not start until and unless, factory head resolve the problem and give final approval to re-start the loading.

PART # 1

Before starting of new style, finishing section should have following documents………

a) Complete PO# sheet of style.

b) Approved packing sample.

c) Approved trims card from merchandiser i.e. color name, RATIO, details of price tickets, UPC code no., Bar-cord sticker placement details, Hang tag specification, etc.

d) All specification must be kept in file and also display on packing table for clear understanding for all packing section.

e) For special packing like catalog, E-commerce order etc. should have full details and PLACEMENT OF MEMORANDUM for each PO#

f) Finishing section will not start packing at any cost without afore said documents.

g) Any doubt or issues, immediately talk to merchandiser for clarification.

2) Before commencement of any new style packing, respective Asst. Quality Manager will pack and inspect one carton completely in front of merchandiser and then explain the details to the quality team members.

3) After receiving BULK cartons for packing, store will offer sample carton to merchant for marking, dimension, and quality, no. of ply, printing quality or any special requirement from buyers.

PART # 2


1) Each finishing section should make INTERNAL PACKING LIST for each style & PO#.

2) This packing list should have carton sequence with all details in which cartons are arranged considering color, size, assortment carton marking etc.

3) As per the Internal packing list, carton serial no. should be given in sequence.

4) Internal packing list should be handed over to commercial department in which they need to fill UCC serial no. against carton no. given in packing list.

5) Commercial department will also issue PACKING SUMMARY PLAN.

6) PACKING SUMMARY PLAN gives detail of….

a) Starting no. of UCC for each color.

b) Last no. of UCC for each color.

c) No. of cartons should be packed for each color.

d) Ratio details.

7) Finishing section will maintain same sequence of UCC no. against internal packing list, which are given by commercial department.

8) For example, Carton no. 1 should be match with UCC sticker no. 1. Carton no. 2 should be match UCC sticker no. 2 like this.

9) During inspection while buyer’s QA is performing In-line, Pre-final or final inspection, the carton opened during inspections must be closed at same time. And external team leader must check these cartons for packing accuracy.

10) After completion of inspection, packing supervisor will load the shipment along with store person as per packing list.

11) Before final loading, the store person will take the responsibility to check the mentioned sequence practically and then allow loading.


When final packing is being done, cartons go for internal audit & external audit process. Internal audit is being done to check over all quality of the garments in-side the cartons. Although, they will follow the buyer procedure i.e. 2.5 AQL but to give more focus on packing side, External audit concept has come into the place.

Details are given below:-
  • Team will check 100% cartons for all packing issues and tolerance level is 0%.
  • These cartons will be those cartons, which are cleared by INTERNAL CARTON AUDITORS.
  • Each External audit team allocated one Audit passed SEAL with respective no. i.e. team-1, team-2, team-3, team-4 & team-5.
  • External Audit passed cartons will be SEALED on top & bottom side on the carton
  • After seal, cartons will immediately move to CAGE.
  • Respective team will keep track of their daily audits and finding.
  • On the basis of team finding, respective GM will take corrective action and make sure for the provements.
  • On team finding, personnel section will do the counseling of workers about defects and explain them the seriousness of the negligence.
  • After counseling, still some workers do the mistakes, then issue them 1st warning letter, then 2nd and finally on 3rd mistake, terminate them.
  • Team leader will make daily external audit process report summary and handover to respective GM for corrective action plan. 

Standard Operating Procedures for Hourly Auditor

He has to ensure and keep ready the below mentioned documents before taking the Finishing input for new style: Tech Pack containing all construction and measurement details. Approval Sample / Red Tag Sample. Approved Trim Chart with signature of respective merchandiser. Approved Shade-Band. Iron Approval Sample. Pinch Setting Report for Metal Trins (Snaps/ Rivets)
  • To conduct initial Meeting with Q/C’s and demonstrate them the sequential manner to check the respective Style” and major areas of focus (sewing/ washing/ Fabric/ Embroidery/ Printing) based on the construction and technicality of the style.
  • To conduct meeting with the Thread Trimming Helpers and explain them the sequential process of trimming and major areas of focus for the respective style.
  • To conduct meeting with the Iron operators and demonstrate the step by step procedure of ironing for the respective style. The Iron approved sample is also checked and kept in line for reference.
  • To conduct meeting with the Shade segrigation helpers and explain them that no shade is acceptable beyond the merchant approved Shadeband . The approved shadeband is fixed on the table for reference.
  • To explain the Button Marking and Attaching operators regarding the Correct Placement of Button/ Rivet in the garment.
  • To demonstrate the Folding/ Packing helpers the Correct Method of Folding and Packing the garment. The merchant approved packing sample is kept for reference.
  • Every Hour he has to select 3 cartons randomly from the actual output (carton) for that particular hour. He has to check the SKU/ Ratio/ Shade for all three cartons. After this, he has to randomly pick 20 garments from these 3 cartons and check for Quality related. Defects. Out of these 20 garments, he has to randomly select 2 garments and check for measurement. If the audit is passed, he puts a stamp on the carton stating “Q/C Passed”. If the audit is failed, he calls all the Q/C’s and shows them the defects which they have passed. The Q/C pass sticker is checked and the respective Q/C is called and councelled by the Finishing Manager and Quality Manager and her signature is taken on the Hourly Auditor’s report.
  • All the Audit passed cartons are offered for checking by the Internal Auditor.
  • If any internal audit is failed, carton is sent back to the respective finishing line for rechecking and the procedure mentioned above is repeated again.
  • He has to prepare and maintain the Q/C Performance Report. Based on this report, monthly councelling for Q/C’s is done according to performance.
  • He has to submit the Report to the respective QA Manager everyday.
  • He has to submit Q/C Summary Report to the QA Department everyday.
  • If the same Q/C’s passed pcs fail 3 times continuously, the respective QC has to be sent to Personnel department, where a written warning letter is issued. If the pcs fail continuously for 5 times, the QC has to be resent to the Training Centre where it is decided whether the respective QC is fit for the job or not and action is taken accordingly.
  • If the same Hourly Auditor’s passed cartons fail 3 times continuously (During Internal Audit), the respective Hourly Auditor has to be sent to Personnel department, where a written warning letter is issued. If the passed cartons fail continuously for 5 times, action has to be taken against the Hourly Auditor based on his previous performance.

Standard Operating Procedures for Internal Auditor

He has to ensure and keep ready the below mentioned documents before taking the Finishing input for new style: Tech Pack containing all construction and measurement details. Approval Sample / Red Tag Sample. Contract Sheet. Approved Shade-Band
  • To conduct initial Meeting and brief the Hourly Auditors regarding the construction and important areas of focus for new style.
  • To conduct audit for Hourly Auditor passed cartons, based on AQL 2.5 level of sampling. This audit is done two times a day for each Finishing Line.
  • If the audit is passed, the Internal auditor provides seal “Internal Audit Passed” and carton is sent for External Audit.
  • If the audit is failed. The carton is sent back to the respective line for recheck and whole procedure is repeated again. Subsequently, the Fail report is shown to the respective GM along with the defective garment. The respective Hourly auditor is councelled by the GM and Quality Assurance Manager.
  • He has to prepare and maintain the reports for quality and measurement issues style wise.
  • Internal Auditor Passed Cartons are offered for Pre Final Inspection.
  • If the Internal Audit goods fail in Pre Final Inspection, the respective Internal Auditor is councelled by GM Quality Assurance and GM Production. If the same is repeated for three consecutive inspections action has to be taken against the Internal Auditor based on his previous performance.

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