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How to do Garments Sub Contract Policy

Sub Contract Policy

This policy is applicable for the process of subcontracting. The objective of this policy is to ensure proper subcontracting is done with only those companies that have compliance approvals. There needs to be a policy to govern how a company can subcontract parts of its works to other factories, as the main company has the responsibility to ensure that all parts of the products are produced under compliant conditions


  • At first, the Board of Directors have to approve the need for subcontracting
  • The Compliance Department must audit the potential factories and eliminate those which do not meet compliance standards
  • The factory to be chosen is to be audited and approved by the buyer for where the sub-contracting is being done

Regulations & Procedures:

Regulations for sub contract decision –

  • Production Department will submit request to MD & board with justification, at least 1 month earlier; MD and board will ratify
  • Production Department will suggest companies to be used
  • MD will assign Compliance Department to choose and execute 
  • Garments products identification should be maintained by owner. 

Regulations and procedures for audit –

  • Company Compliance will audit all potential factories using criteria of the buyer for which the sub contract is to be done
  • Compliance Department will short list 1 to 2 factories and give them corrective action instructions and guide them
  • Compliance will do the last pre audit and then invite the buyers to conduct the final audit
  • Only approved factory will be used
  • Corrective actions indicated must be completed during duration of the sub contract

Responsible Parties:

Persons who are related with the subcontracting are responsible for implementing this policy.


There is no exception of this policy

Feedback & Control:

Top management will be involved at the initial level of decision making. Production Department will make sure that, chosen factories have the available and proper resources to carry out the required tasks. Compliance Department will make sure that, the factories do operate under compliance rules. There is no exception of this policy

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