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What is Non Conforming Material Report?

This is total garments solutions of non conforming material report and procedure.


Non conforming material report is shown here in detail. Any item, part or product with one or more characteristics which depart from the requirements in the specification ,safety ,legality, regularity & quality or other approved product description. Nonconformity refers to a failure to comply with requirement .A requirement is a need, expectation, or obligation; it can be stated or implied by an organization, its customer, or other interested parties. There are many types of requirement .some of these include quality requirement ,customer requirement ,management requirement ,product requirement and legal requirement .whenever any organization fails to meet one of these requirement ,nonconformity occurs.


1.      Strong controls of non - conforming materials reduce risk of receiving product that is not compliant or that does not meet quality expectation.
  1. It is the policy to ensure procedure are in place to identify: segregate and dispose of Non Conforming Material Report related to safety, legality or quality in a systematic manner and to establish corrective action with the goal of preventing future reoccurrence.
  2. The purpose of this procedure is to describe how Non -confirming material, components, partial assemblies & final product are controlled.


Every quality Assurance program addresses the non conforming material report system. This system prevents defective material from being processed, consumed or shipped. When documenting this system consider these processes.

1.      Receiving inspection

2.      Process Defects

3.      Product defect

4.      Finished goods containment

5.      Returned material

6.      In process product specific containment


Auto Garment (pvt) ltd verified documents of all incoming materials by conduction several in- house visual, manual inspections &tests with limited tools & aid to validate materials conformity per client's requirement of the quality standard & requirement of safety ,rules, bans & regulation & register the data.


Suspect product may be identified by anyone in the Auto Garment (pvt) ltd. during any stage in the process,

1.      Receiving good inspection
2.      In- process inspection.
3.      End line inspection process.
4.      Finishing inspection process.
5.      Ironing process.
6.      Pre final inspection process.
7.      Customer returns.


A.    HOLD TAG; For suspect, damage and nonconforming product and for waiting merchandiser approved.
B.     REJECTED TAG: for kill garment and nonconforming product, AUTHORITY AND PESPONSIBILITY
Management has nominated review team GMP/OAM/Head Of lE./, for inspect non conforming material report and product, the team only has the right to dispose the Non- confirming materials/products and this process must meet customer requirement.

All production O,C station such as fabric inspection .trims inspection ,cutting ,embroidery and printing inspection ,cut panel inspection, sewing in -line inspection production operator, finish product inside and outside inspection, finishing end line inspection, ironing process. And final inspection must have authority to identify product do not meet buyer quality expectation which is given by the management, (you can keep defect sample for ref,)


Management has been decided a place to keep the non conforming material report / products at department wise stores/Cutting/sewing/finishing with proper locked and record. All department box only can open as per OAM supervision. And make the record.

Trims inspection time found all reject item will keep in side read box with record style wise, the box will open one moth one time with quality manager, if necessary b/4 one month open box store manager must inform to QAM .and O, AM is the Authorize person open box. All reject item will return to supplier.


After check Fabric defects, cut panel defects, Embroidery defects will be separate and if can be rectify QAM is approved.
If not Fabric defect, cut panel defect and Embroidery printing defect will keep in this red box .will open one moth one time only. if necessary b/4 one month open read box cutting manager must inform to QAM .and QAM is the Authorize person open box. All reject panels will record and send to non conforming room,

Sewing line

In line process or end process if any defect found can rectify same time will highlight hanging over quality system with defect cord for operator ,operator will rectify and return to checker, if any kill garment will keep in red box with record, will open one moth one time only. If necessary any case QAM Authorize person open box. All reject garments will send to non conforming room.
Also non conforming material report label we have plastic container at respective work station, if any label found as reject operator must put in to plastic container and inform supervisor accordingly. Supervisor will be responsible for update his register and replace label through the store department.


In process and end process if any defect found if can rectify same time operator will rectify and if any kill garment will keep in the red box with record for GMP/QAM/FM/ review .whatever can repair will do and balance after record qty send to non conforming stores. This process we doing every day. And also same time GMP call a meeting for all

department in charge and managers discuss daily kill garment qty and %. and point out where having issue and how can control the issue,


The documentation is the first step for a later corrective action process. The first level of documentation is primary information gathered about the nonconformity. Customer's complaints are considered as nonconformities. The documenting shall include evidence of the result caused by nonconforming product-why and how does it fail to meet the requirements, du bellow detail ring documentation of the non-confirming product bellow detail are to be recorded.

1.      The nonconformity details in the documentation must including buyer name/style no/ date and quantity.
2.      Description of the nonconformity; need to mention the description of the nonconformance how and why they are non- conformity and the quality
3.      Labeling of the nonconformity: product defect .finished non conformity goods. And returned non conforming material need to be labeled as non conforming segregated away from the confirming material.
4.      Investigation: any non conformity must be followed with an investigation .the purpose of the investigation is to identify the root cause for the nonconformity; this is the essences of the corrective action.
5.      Documentation regarding status of the product is required as well.
1.      Repair or rework
2.      Acceptance or rejection,
3.      Corrective action required- the product must be submitted to corrective action process.

In every stage the non-confirming material/product must be documented and it is reviewed by the managements and related

department manages the inspection/defect report or record has to be keep for future reference and for supplier evaluation purpose.


Factory employee need to know the control of non conforming material report material and it's procedure so that they can implement in the factory. Management has taken idea to aware the employee about control of non - confirming material/product;
1.      Awareness to the employee through general meeting.
2.      Posted the main things of the non-confirming material/product in the floor and also each department,
3.      Training to the quality responsible person who maintaining non confirming materials/product record in the related area.
4.      Must need to provide the basic information about SOP of non confirming material.
5.      Inform the employee that management empowered them to identify the non confirming material/product. All the stage and area.
6.      Need training to the related person who they can understand the material is the nonconforming.


Below are the three stages to control non confirming materials, in process goods finish good;

1.      Identify
  1. Segregate
  2. Disposition


1.      All production QC station such as fabric inspection .trims inspection ,cutting ,embroidery and printing inspection ,cut panel inspection, sewing in -line inspection production operator, finish product inside and outside inspection, finishing end line inspection, ironing process. And final inspection have the authority to identify product which do not meet buyer quality expectation,
2.      Once these good are identified ,these should be clearly marked, separated and details has to be logging in the non conforming materials register.(12345) these good need to be keep in the department specific designated non conforming material box. Each department boxes are controlled by a designated responsible person.
3.      This should be reported to the department manager,


1.      Once such raw material, in process goods and finish good are identified which do not meet buyer quality expectation. These should be segregated from the ok goods right away and should be kept in a separate designated area non conforming materials.
2.      All concerned person/department should strictly follow and make sure these identified good not mix-up with ok good.
3.      One these non conforming material are full or after a specific time these non- conforming good along with report need to hand over to central non conforming material zone.

  1. This central non conforming material report zone is restricted area, a list of authorize person who are eligible to work in this room should have clearly mentioned.


1.      Factory will not rework any raw material (trims, accessories and fabric) which is identified defective, so there is no scope of raw material re- work. This has be clearly reported and inform to the merchandiser.
2.      This inspection defect report has to be kept for future reference and for supplier evaluation.
3.      Factory can re- work defective parts or garment ,in such case all these good has to be re inspection,
4.      After style finish reconciliation these identified raw-materials and finish goods.
5.      Will sand the sample of defect and Email to the -merchandiser for replacement,
6.      Finish good destroy these reject following buyer requirement and local law/environmental law.

Standard Operation Procedure for Customer Notification.

To avoid the issues regarding safety, regulatory and quality requirement of the product when changing the Material, Components, design or Manufacturing process.

Materials changing
Merchandiser must be closely work with sample department and R & D department to understand feasibility of producing garment with buyer approval materials.

If R & D department highlight issue’s of materials with proper evidence merchandiser will be responsible for update buyer accordingly. If buyer agreed to change materials with proper investigation as per the new materials merchandiser will be proceed the production materials accordingly.

This will be defend on production feasibility or achieve maximum required quality level. If original sample or sketch having any components which is not really helpful for production/quality after discussion with production! IE , sample department head will update merchandiser accordingly.

Merchandiser must me share these issue’s with buyer for further approval.


This also will defend on production feasibility or achieve maximum required quality level. Sample. department head! production head and lE will discuss together and will be finalizing best manufacturing process. Secondly sample head will make one Pcs mock sample with all changers which is discussed along with respective heads without changing buyer approval design. After completing of sample will be share with respective merchandiser for forward it to buyer with clear understanding. If buyer agreed with vender proposal after receiving of new design sample will proceed with changers.If not will follow previous original design given by buyer for non conforming material report

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