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Compliance Check List for Garments

In house Compliance Check List
Compliance Check List

Some In house Compliance Check List is described here.Some In house Compliance Check List is described here.

Compliance Checking List

01.       Machines Safety in Sewing & Bartack Section (Safety Guard)
02.       Cutter & Scissor Read More Check List in Bangla
03.       Checking of any Asst. / Helper not to allow operate any machine.
04.       Floor checking (cleaning, path way, Exit way must be keep free for easy move)
05.       Floor marling.
06.       Fire Extinguishers expiry dates.
07.       Water points (Drinking, cleaning, toilet, water filter)
08.       Spot removing area.
09.       Finishing Iron Area (Taflon shoes of Iron)
10.       Dress, Scurf & ID Cards.
11.       Boiler Room
12.       Bonded warehouse.
13.       Main Stairs, Emergency Stairs.
14.       Emergency lights.
15.       Lunch Area.
16.       Security Section (All Registers, Duty Roaster)
17.       Cutting Dept (Hand gloves, Cutting machines safety)
18.       Fire & First Aid team.
19.       Toilets ratio (Female & Male)
20.       Needle detector machine.
21.       Monthly Fire Drill / Combined Fire Drill
22.       First Aid Box at all section
23.       Doctors Room (Medicine Box, Materials etc)
24.       Workers / Staff leave register
25.       Maternity benefit register
26.       Maternity Leave & return record.
27.       Factory license
28.       Workers personnel file – 10 / 20
29.       Boiler Certificate
30.       Salary sheet – Last three months.
31.       Overtime sheet – Last three months.
32.       Time Card – Last three months.
33.       Workers handbook
34.       Wage slip
35.       Attendance register
36.       Register childcare
37.       Injury register
38.       Training record (Fire fighter/First aid/Job training)
39.       Recruitment policy
40.       Health and safety policy
41.       Broken needle register
42.       Doctors appointment letter
43.       Nurse qualification certificate
44.       Register for worker’s welfare committee
45.       Disciplinary action log.
46.       Grievances handling procedure
47.       Previous Audit Report
48.       Daily production record.
49.       List of Machinery
50.       DIT plan / any other approval from recognized authority.
51.       List of Chemicals + MSDS
52.       Boiler operator’s certificate.
53.       Personal file of Security guard.
54.       Group Insurance

Compliance Checking List and Preventive Action

Corrective/Preventive Action to be Taken

Complain Box
Complain box in the toilet but not labeled & not posted when it will open
Provided ID card
95% worker has Id card but not hung
Notice board
Notice board in the Floor but not  as per the law & not maintain properly
Policy board

Policy board here but not maintain properly & haven’t company policy & all approved buyer cod of construct
Child Labor

Child Working
Some worker looking child need to re check there personal file or physical  with nurse who is looking child
Environment , Health and Safety

Signing Board
Signing board in the floor but not available
Scissoring table is clean
Scissoring table not clean in the sewing section
Rent machine are labeled
Rent machine not labeled
Sufficient Light

Not sufficient light in the idle machine area. & maintenance section
Drinking water Available
Need water filter, need to provide halogen tablet in the water.

All Clean
No Clean toilet & not systematically  maintain
Floor are dry

 bad smell

 Sufficient Light
No sufficient light in the toilet
 Exhaust fans are working
Haven’t  Exhaust fan in the toilet
 Soap Available
No Soap
Water pot/Basin for washing
No water pot in the toilet
Towel Provided at washing Area
No Towel in the toilet
Personal Protective Equipment
Personal protective equipment are not available but they don’t use at present.
Needle guard is missing
Needle guard is missing in the sewing section
Needle guard use  properly
95 % worker not use needle guard properly
Eye Guard
Eye guard is missing in the sewing floor
Mask for over lock machine Operator
They are not using mask
Machinery Fitted with Safety Features

Machine oil container is labeled
Machine oil Container not labeled
Machine checking card is Properly maintain
Machine Checking card not maintain not properly
Fuse tube light in the production floor
 Have Pause tube light in idle machine area
Iron Machine water container is clean
Iron machine water container not clean
Machine paddle mat
Machine paddle mat is missing
Idle  Machine
Idle machine not marked & needle have in the idle machine
 machine safety cover
Machine safety cover is Missing & Some machine safety cover is broken
Machine Oil Label Standard & Clean
Some machine oil label is high & some is low & machine oil not Clean
Movement & Exit

 Machine Front box is available in the floor
 Fabric in the floor for machine front box shortage
Have   First Aid or , fire Fighter, WPC & Cleaner uniform
 Uniform here but not provided
Evacuation Plan posted
Evacuation plan is posted but  not as per the present floor setup
Aisles wide & Clearly marked
Arrow mark missing in the floor
Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher have  Warranty card
Fire extinguisher warranty have but some warranty card is corrupted
Fire alarm
Unnecessary fire alarm in front of canteen
Smoke detector  are ok
Some Smoke detector is missing
Fire Extinguisher & Fire Alarm Switch is blocked
In the sewing section inside of iron section blocked fire extinguisher & fire alarm switch.
Plastic mat missing under of electrical board
Plastic missing in the sewing floor
Hose reel
Hose reel here but not leveled
Fire Fighting Equipment are ok
Fire Fighting Equipment are available but not posted systematically
Emergency  lights are installed above exit and stair walls
Emergency light are installed above exit and stair walls but not mark
 iron have iron shoe
Some steam iron shoe missing
House Keeping

Shoes in the floor
Maximum section has shoes in the floor
Factory Floors / Surrounding area clean
Not clean
Wastage disposing regularly

All fans / exhaust and in working condition
One exhaust fan not working in the boiler room
Doctors room / Ambulance room

First Aid box available as per law
Fist aid box not available & present first aid box in the floor not clean
First Aid box  kits as per list
Some medicine missing in the first aid box

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